How To Talk Dirty To A Man And Make Him WANT You

10 tried and test ways to make him want you desperately

By Madiha
How To Talk Dirty To A Man And Make Him WANT You

Is Talking Dirty To A Man Difficult For You?

Has your significant other ever asked you to talk dirty to him? Because whether you are ready for it or not, a time may come when his sexual fantasies will demand dirty talking from you. This can either happen in the initial phase of the relationship or can take years to pop but once it does, you need to be ready. Dirty talking becomes necessary to reignite the dying spark in the relationship or taking it up to a whole different level. The physical relationship needs dirty talk as a romantic kick to go in the full-throttle mode.  
Not everyone can talk dirty. It is an art that you have to learn and the more frequently you talk dirty the more fluent you get. You can feel awkward in the beginning but once you get hold of it, life becomes fun. 
Many women feel embarrassed, awkward and uneasy when it comes to dirty talking especially in the initial phases of the relationship. It is completely normal to feel the way but since it is about satisfying your partner and getting an equal level of satisfaction in return; you can’t escape but fulfill your partner’s desire. 

How To Start Initiating A Dirty Talk Seamlessly

They say, “All is well if end’s well” but in this case “if it starts well it will definitely end well”. Initiating a dirty talk can be overwhelming for beginners. Here are a few tips to initiate dirty talk seamlessly:

Start Small

There is no need to jump to heavy statements and complicated dialogues. Starting simple is the smartest option when it comes to dirty talking. “Oh that felt good” or “I am amazed by your creativity” is a good start. Practice simple statements first and then jump on to whatever makes you and your partner turn on.

Start it through a text message

Something that you are not comfortable doing face to face can be done through a text message. To avoid embarrassment, you can think thoroughly about what to say and how to say it for a greater impact.  

•    Watch a dirty movie together

Take up the dialogues and start a conversation afterward. If you are feeling nervous, you can simply start by quoting the actors. Add your own emotions to the dialogues for genuine expression. 

Prepare for It

If you are getting signals from your partner about having a dirty talk before, during or after sex, you need to get ready and get ahead of him. Start preparing in advance and surprise him with some spontaneous dirty remarks. You can even rehearse your dialogues for more fluency while you are having the conversation.

Say what you feel at the moment

It is easier to say what you feel right now than what you felt or will feel. It is easier to describe current emotions seamlessly. Convey your true emotions to your partner about how you feel at the moment.      

10 Tried And Tested Ways To Make Him Want You Desperately

Whether you are in a long term relationship or just get involved with someone, it is very significant to feel loved and wanted. They may sound the same but need to be loved and wanted are two different things. A person can love and may not want you and a person can want you but may not love you. In rare cases, you get both. If you think your partner still loves you but for one reason or another has stopped wanting you or he does want you but you want him to do more, here are 10 tried and tested ways to make him want you desperately. 

1. Be Different, Be You

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”
-Coco Chanel
For a man to want you desperately, you need to be uniquely you. Men like all women but they want only those who are different. If you behave and sound like any other woman, he will surely lose interest in you in no time. 

2. Be Innovative 

Getting into bed with a man is easy but it is difficult to get in his heart and mind at the same time. If you are at these three places at the same time, the man is truly yours. To do so, innovation and creativity come in handy. Come up with unique ideas to please and surprise him. It can be a surprise birthday, vacation trip or something erotic in the bed. Be creative, be crazy and full of fun and he will go crazy for you.

3. Be Confident 

Men crave for confident, smart and intelligent women. Being confident is considered sexy by most men and an attractive trait of a woman. Lack of confidence not only shatters the self-image but also destroys the relationship. Whether it is about taking an important decision in life or trying a new pose for sex, be a diva.

4. Be Your Own Lover

To be loved and wanted by someone, you need to love yourself first. Pamper yourself. Take care of your health and external appearance. Be happy as it shows on your face in the form of youthful and healthy skin. Get rid of negative emotions and people. Surround yourself with positivity and joy. The halo thus created around you will attract every man and will sweep them off their feet. 

5. Be Open and Expressive

To be wanted desperately by a man, you need to be open about your view, likes, dislikes, opinions, what makes you feel comfortable and what does not. Express openly if you liked his comments, time in bed or his actions towards you or others. If a man feels that you are not opening up and are being secretive, he might lose interest in you. Express your ideas interestingly and engagingly. He should always look forward to having a conversation with you.

6. Be His Admirer

Who doesn’t like nice compliments? Make a habit of admiring him for littlest of things and he will never stop wanting you. Hearing compliments is like an addiction, once you get used to it you crave for more. For a man to want you, you want to make him feel special in a way no one else can or does.  

7. Be Flirty

If you are in a long term relationship, being flirty will help reignite the spark that has faded over time. Being flirty in a dirty way is what most men fantasize about and require women. Make him remember how it first felt to be in love when even the simplest of things turned him on. Being flirty is a great way to grab the attention of your better half and he would surely want more of it if you being sexy and creative.

8. Leave Him Wanting for More

The more you make yourself available for him the more he will take you for granted.  If he is getting whatever he wants easily and without asking, he will lose interest in you without you even realizing it. Whatever you are ready to give, don’t give all at once. Be available but just enough that leaves him craving and wanting for more. 

9. Be Understanding

A woman who is self-absorbed and thinks only about her own desires and wishes won’t be able to get a man in a relationship that lasts long. The key to success is understanding the needs of your partner. This shows your genuine interest and thoughtfulness. It does not mean to forget about you. A successful woman will keep her personality intact while taking care of the needs of her partner. Be a woman who understands him to the core and knows how to handle his different moods.

10. Be Versatile

Be whatever he wants or needs you to be. Be a caring friend when he needs one, a lover in the bed, a shoulder to cry on, a responsible adult when he needs advice and a caretaker when he is not well. He should always look up to you for anything he needs or wants.

Learn these Phases 

For a man to want you desperately, he has to go through several phases. The phases are different for men and women as they behave and react differently. Here are a few phases a man goes through to finally want you:

1. Physical Attraction

The first thing a man finds himself doing is physically attracted to a woman. He would fall for beauty without even knowing about her personality and character.

2. Physical Chemistry

Once he has started seeing a woman, he would be interested in knowing how well he is physically aligned with the woman. Is she compatible and ready to meet his sexual desires or not?

3. Trust

If the man finds you meeting the first two requirements then he will move on to the trust phase. He would be interested in knowing whether he can trust you or not? He would like to know about your past relationships and men in your life.

4. Long Term Relationship

A man only gets into a relationship if he finds the woman compatible in every sense. Her beliefs, values, lifestyle, interests, and hobbies are completely synchronized with his own, then and only then will he commit for a long term relationship.

5. Want Phase

This phase comes in the life of a very few women. It’s either a man loves them or wants them but hardly in few cases both at once. When this phase comes, there is no turning back or regretting as he makes peace with everything. Once he finds out that you are the perfect woman for him in every respect, he will crave for your more with each passing day.

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There are many ways of turning your girl on. One of the ways to turn your girlfriend on is when you talk dirty to her. If you do it right, she'll love you more.


Finding the way to a man’s heart is like finding a way out of a maze. With so many options and dead ends, the only way is through the door of love. If you love him, you will surely find a way to fulfill his desire of talking dirty to him no matter how nervous and awkward you feel. Start slow and gear up on the way!  



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