Dinner Foreplay: 6 Ways To Turn On A Guy On When Eating!

How to eat sexy even when you have pasta sauce on your mouth

By Aey
Dinner Foreplay: 6 Ways To Turn On A Guy On When Eating!

Food and sex are man’s most primal needs - they are sensual, nourishing and you can get really creative with them - so once combined, can lead to the most mind-boggling, shudder-inducing, astronomically pleasurable sex imaginable. “Food-play” is a tried and tested category of foreplay that is sure to give you a win in the bedroom. Food play is great because it is fundamental, it doesn’t take some intensely racy kink maniac to eat! The key is to learn how to use this simple, seemingly ordinary human activity to heat your partner up to the temperature you want them at. It’s easier than you would think!
Women are often shy to eat in front of their partners, but little do they know when done right, eating itself can be an intensely sexually arousing experience. The key is self-confidence. You have to take yourself seriously before anyone else ever will and if you are out there feeling yourself, pasta sauce dripping down your cheek can also get your partner hard. So, without further ado, let us get into it!

Isn't Foreplaying During Dinner Just Rubbing His Feet?

Feet rubs are yummy and often a nice little segue into sexy time with your partner especially if you are long term and home from a tiring day! - but there is so much to do with food and during a meal that is worth exploring. There is food that helps in arousal, food that can be incorporated into foreplay and just the act of eating itself can be tantalizingly inviting when done right. 

6 Ways To Turn On A Guy When Eating

1. Eat Phallic Food Slowly

Probably the oldest trick in the book, phallic-shaped foods are a great way to get your partner’s libido fired up. A few suggestions are sausages, cucumbers, carrots, popsicles and, of course, the favorite, bananas. You can get really creative and naughty with this, whether it is the tantalizingly subtle lick, surrounded by company, to arouse your partner via the forbidden nature of your enticement or a much more conspicuous display put on in privacy – it is sure to work. The secret ingredient to this recipe of sexual eating is eye contact. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to both take your time and maintain eye contact. Men are visual creatures, give them a view but make them very aware that they are being watched and that is a recipe for guaranteed arousal. 

2. Play with his legs under the table

So, when we said foot rubs weren’t the only way, we did not mean to insinuate that they weren’t a good way to arouse a partner during a meal. High heels are great for this but not a necessity! Run the side of your foot up and down their calf and remember to make that eye contact! Try stroking him on the outer side of his leg and then the inner side and let your movement be slow and sensual. After warming him up, toss the heels to aside and let your bare feet take over. Controlled and targeted skin to skin contact is a great way to build up your partner. If you have a little privacy, put your bare feet on his lap and he is sure to not be able to stand up for at least a while if you know what we mean! This little trick works even better when you have company because the physical tension heightens and what mortal from among us doesn’t relish the forbidden fruit!

3. Make Exaggerated Sounds

Eating food and having sex are both pleasurable activities and the intimacy of sharing a meal with someone should not be lost on anyone. That is why dinner dates are the default way to meet people. It’s an activity heavily involving our hands and mouths as we lick, bite and moan about how good our food tastes; the same dopamine is being released in our bodies in both activities, so do not be afraid to exaggerate and sexualize the eating process. Let the juice flow, make generous eye contact and be loud about how much you like that food even if it is just a slice of greasy pizza. Men love audiovisual sensations; most men report they love it when their partner makes a lot of sound in bed and you can be sure that they like the same during foreplay and if the food you are eating is just that good, it is time to get indulgent!

4. Lick your Fingers a lot

A neat little trick to warm your partner up is to lick and suck on his fingers. It is such a visually arousing sensation that your partner is going to be aroused beyond his wildest imagination as he sees you show him what you plan to do in the nether regions later on – a little teaser to the main event! Now when you are eating, you should lick and suck on your fingers a lot and maybe even reach out and lick some food off his fingers, it is sure as hell going to turn him on. Guaranteed kill! Your tongue is a weapon, lick your lips a lot. We guarantee he is spending a lot of time staring at your mouth and if you want him steamed up for some mind-blowing sex, give him a show!

5. Cook together

There is nothing sexier than cooking a meal with a lover. Pop open a bottle of wine and cook a meal for yourselves together. The collaboration, the sensuality, the conversation but also the hot steamy sex that cooking dates always entail is something to look forward to. It’s a neat trick that will always work. The sexual tension builds up, as your bodies twirl and brush past each other and is sure to drive you and your partner off the edge and onto the kitchen island for some hot steamy sex.

6. Use Aphrodisiacs

A bit of a no-brainer but using foods known to be aphrodisiacs and have a meal loaded in foods that heighten sexual desire. To name a few, oysters, sushi, watermelon, celery, chocolate, asparagus, and chili peppers are all known aphrodisiacs. This is an easy way to facilitate the process of turning your partner on and setting a romantic and sensual mood for your dinner date. Music can also function as an aphrodisiac and really set the mood. Remember to engage all the senses for heightened sexual pleasure and performance. Foreplay sets the stage and is a complex and beautiful process and the more you experiment with the possibilities the better the results. 

How to Recover Sexily From An Awkward Dinner Moment

We will be honest! Sometimes attempts at being sexy outside of the norm can be a bit, well, full of unexpected surprises and you might find yourself in an awkward funny moment but there are lots of ways to deal with this situation that are great opportunities to both bond and get that sexual energy flowing again. Try to salvage a muck up, if you were lapping up that popsicle for him and it falls apart, hold it in the palms of your hands and let it get messy. If the situation becomes downright comical, laugh about it! Have a sense of humor about it and your partner will have a great time regardless. A sexy way to turn an awkward situation the right side up is to clean each other up. Maybe draw a bath straight after or maybe eat that fallout, off of each other. 

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There is virtually no limit to the kind of amazing options available to keep the passion in the bedroom alive and to spice up your sex life in a long-term relationship or just to push the limits of sexual pleasure with your lover; all it needs is a willing partner and the courage to let your creative juices flow and food play is something you can get very creative with. Foreplay involving food, is a tried and tested, and commonly practiced sexual act and is sure to guarantee a very fun time for you and your partner. Definitely experimenting with the above-states tips and tricks and get creative with others. After all, making love is no less than an art form.



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