6 Ways To Tell The Loveliest Signs Of Love At First Sight

Find out if it was love at first sight with these signs

By Anastasia K
6 Ways To Tell The Loveliest Signs Of Love At First Sight

What does love at first sight feels like?

Love, at first sight, is undoubtedly one of the most confusing feelings. You are not sure whether it is lust or love that makes you feel the way you do. However, the feeling of love at first sight that leads to a longtime relationship is almost common to most people.

So, how do you tell that it is love at first sight? Knowing how it feels like will definitely guide you to figuring out whether you are falling in love with someone you just met or saw. Here's how to tell.

1. Butterflies in your stomach

The body has a unique way of reacting to events. In this case, when you see or meet a person for the first time and you immediately feel butterflies in your stomach, that is a sign you are attracted to them and might have fallen for them instantly.

It could be because of how they look, how they talk or even present themselves. It only takes a slight detail of the other person to blow your mind and steal your heart immediately.

2. You feel an instant connection

When it is love at first sight, you feel a deep connection with the person. It feels as if you have known each other for a long time.

The instant connection happens even before you start talking with each other. The moment you initiate some communication, you realize that the person is so natural to talk to.

3. You feel excited each time your eyes meet

Meeting someone for the first time and all of a sudden you are stealing glances and blushing each time your eyes lock? That is a sign of love at first sight.

You feel the overwhelming urge to constantly look in their direction and each time you lock eyes, you find yourself smiling widely. That feeling of happiness could be a new adventure to explore in your love life.

4. Strong urge to be close to them

Love is a strange feeling which makes us do things we never thought we would. The moment you fall in love for the first time, you try everything to be near that person.

You keep approaching them even if they don't talk much or at all to you, you feel contented with being nearer to them.

5. Jealousy starts to creep in

In your mind, this person is your soon-to-be-lover, and seeing them getting entertained by someone else, can literally make you see red. This is because you keep feeling that your crush should only talk to you and no one else.

While this feeling of insecurity and jealousy is not justified, you will tend to feel hurt all the same, because you feel like you have found love.

Is there mutual love at first sight?

Loving someone, and they do not return the same feeling is painful. Even with love, at first sight, you expect to receive a mutual feeling from the person that has caught your eye.

So, how exactly can you tell that the feeling is mutual so as to know whether or not you stand a chance with them? Here's how:

1. Can't stop laughing with each other

When you are conversing with a stranger, there is little to tell. The conversation is usually dry and uncomfortable especially if you aren't interested in conversing with them and you do not know the intentions of the said stranger.

However, if you meet a person with whom you are instantly attracted to, you will realize it is different. There is a lot to tell within a short time. Everything the two of you talk about seems interesting and hilarious.

A lot of laughter and happiness follows as you communicate. The topics flow, and there is not a single second that isn't entertaining for you.

2. More smiling than usual

Everything suddenly turns beautiful. It does not matter how many times that other person keeps repeating the behaviors you don't like.

You both keep smiling at each other even if one makes a mistake followed by an "it's okay". It is because you do not want that other person to leave soon, and you just met.

3. Nobody is willing to leave

You prefer to spend most of your time together and even more so, both of you find it difficult to leave. You know you have to go back to your place, but you keep bringing something up just to prolong their company.

This is the time you start realizing the star galaxies, remember an old story or something. You even begin preferring a walk home even if it is a distance away to make sure you maximize every minute.

Sometimes, it is strange, but that is the power of love at first sight.

4. You call and text each other a lot

It only happens when you are lucky enough to exchange contacts after bumping into each other. You will always want to call or text each other even if you have nothing to say.

Some even experience moments when they call, greet the person and then hang up. It is not because they want to be a nuisance, but because they want to hear their voices to feel happy.

You also make texting each other a habit that a day cannot end without chatting with each other a lot.

Love at First Sight Signs from a Guy

Whether you are looking for your perfect guy or you are just hanging out, you can spot a guy who has fallen for you at first sight. So, how do you identify the signs? Here is how:

1. He seems to act weird and cute

Weirdness is a common characteristic for a guy when he falls in love at first sight. It is not because he is a weirdo, but because he is unable to control his feelings.

He starts doing things which he would not do in his normal state. He also starts to do cute things like blushing and stealing glances at you or making facial gestures to get your attention and make you laugh.

2. He is very cautious

You will realize the selection of his words is precise. He will choose words that are not going to annoy or hurt you.

His actions also tend to be very generous and courteous. At this time, the guy is always willing to exceed your expectations.

3. He is shy

Usually happens when you are having a conversation for the first time. If he has fallen for you, he will keep avoiding eye contact or feel shy to ask you some questions.

A guy is shy mainly because he can't believe that he is talking with you. It could be because of your adorable beauty or character, which attracted him at first made him feel shy.

Body Language to Tell if its Love at First Sight

There are several ways of expressing how we feel about the other person. One of those ways is through our body language. You can tell if a person has fallen for you at first sight through the following observable body languages:

4. Prolonged stares

A person will have fallen for you if they keep giving you prolonged stares. Sometimes it can freak you since you do not know the intention of the staring person. Usually, it is because you have captured their attention, and all they can see at the moment is you.

5. Frequent touching

It is another common body language for people who fall in love at first sight. If you are having a conversation with them, you will notice their tendency to touch you at the slightest chance they have.

The touches can be, at times, prolonged, followed by some deep silence and breathing.

6. Leaning a lot towards you

You will realize several leanings before you part with the person. They want to get close to you as if they are mastering how you smell or still like they can't hear a thing you say.

Their leaning is usually a result of a warm feeling because they are around you. They want to keep the feeling, thus they keeping leaning to get closer.

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Different people have different views about love at first sight. To some, it is impossible, while some have found their life lovers through this approach.

Love, at first sight, can be confusing, and we can only rely on time. Once you feel like you have fallen in love with that person, always make sure you have allowed yourself some time to know if it is real or just a fantasy as most would call it. 

Besides, there is nothing wrong with trying and believing in something.


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