Learn From Your Man How To Give Him An Amazing Handjob

Who else better to learn than the person who does it for himself?

By Sophia R
Learn From Your Man How To Give Him An Amazing Handjob

A handjob, or caressing and stimulating the penis to orgasm, is one of the most complicated acts a woman encounters. How to know if you are masturbating him well? In which position will you be more comfortable? Where should you look while doing it? And what happens if your wrist gets tired?

After all, handjobs are an activity that goes hand in hand with sex, see the word play there, since The beginning of times, and that nobody has ever been taught how to do well step by step.

The truth is that mastering the masturbatory arts can contribute to the increase of your partner's happiness (because not everything in life is penetration), and because a quick morning handjob is a relief before going to work, don’t even try to deny it. With handjobs, your partner will have a good time, and so will you, don’t doubt that. It is no secret to anyone that producing pleasure is one of the best ways to feel pleasure, and also because for a man to feel that someone else masturbates him is much more erotic than doing it alone in front of the cell phone or computer.

Doing it right is something that scores high, regardless of the culture in which it is done. For example, in Japan, the culture of the handjob is so widespread that there are already television programs where people give you handjobs while you sing in a karaoke. Crazy, right?

Now, who has the secret for a good handjob? Who can help you with such an important task? I know you surely are worrying.

You don’t have to worry, as the answer is actually way closer to you than you think. Where? In him! He has the answer! How so? Well, because he has done it to himself at least a million times, so he knows exactly what he likes or doesn’t like. Yes, we know it can be kind of awkward to ask him to teach you directly, but we are going to show you the right way to get this information from him without making the situation weird or anything. Keep reading and become an expert thanks to him!

5 Tips On Giving An Amazing Handjob

As we have already said, you should stop looking for advice or tips on handjobs and how to be a pro at them or places or people other than the man you will be giving it to. Now that you know where to get the best handjob instructions from, we are going to give you the best tips on how to apply these “lessons” by yourself, and how to get him to show you or teach you in a not embarrassing or awkward way. Take note and keep them in your mind when you are about to give a handjob! Here they go:

1. Learn The Advance Art Of An Amazing Handjob From Your Man

As we have already said, what better teacher than the masters themselves? Yes, men are masters at masturbation as they have done it millions of times since they were teens, some even before. They know exactly what they like, how they like it, and when they like it. How could you not take the chance to learn from the pro? Yes, I know, it’d be silly if you didn’t. So take advantage of that and become a handjob master too.

2. Suggest to watch him masturbate

Now that you know that you can learn best from him, it’s time to actually do it, see him masturbating.

But it is not as easy as it sounds, am I right? I am sure you are wondering how to actually get him to do it in front of you. You think it could be embarrassing to ask him, and you might be scared he will freak out. But let me tell you: you are so wrong! It is probably something he has wanted to do anyways but has never got the courage to do because he might be scared of your reaction. See how not communicating makes you miss amazing experiences?

That is why what you need to do exactly is tell him that you want to see him masturbate. Straight to his face. There are many ways you can do so: you can tell him during foreplay, as you are about to do it, or you can talk about it in a nonsexual situation. It is up to you. Just don’t be scared and don’t hold back because of fear.

3. Ask him the level of pressure he enjoys

As we have already said before today, and in basically every article about relationships and sex, communication is key to an amazingly fulfilling experience. So put it to work! How so? Well, you will see right now:

As you are giving him the actual handjob, ask him about everything you are doing; if the pressure is too much, too little, or enough, if you are being too gentle, if he would like for you to go faster, if you are doing okay, everything you are doubting yourself about. Don’t go overboard and ask him every single detail, it will just kill the mood, but be chill about it and ask him for advice. I mean, what is a better source to tell you what you are or not doing eight than the person you are doing it to?

4. Get him to be your practice guinea pig

It may sound funny, but getting him to be your practice guinea pig will be extremely helpful for you to learn how to give him the best hand job of his life. For this, you will also need to talk to him about it. But this time it will be a little different.

You can choose an specific night to practice different and new thing in the handjob department with him. But first, tell him about it. You could go and tell him that you want to experiment and try different things with him, so it won’t be weird or awkard if something doesn’t end up felling that great. You know, it will just be a day to experiment and who knows, you could find out something that he loves that both of you did not even know you could do.

5. Watch out for his reactions

How he reacts to everything you do during the handjob will be the best and easiest hint to take. Just watch out for his breathing, facial expression, body movements, and you will know exactly what makes him explode in pleasure and what not so much. 

For example, if his breath starts becoming heavier and louder, it is a good sign. Or if he starts being unable to hold his moans in, you are doing great, If his penis starts contracting in your hand, it means he is almost there.  On the contrary, if he is furrowing his eyebrows in a bad way, or if he has a painful expression, it means you are probably being too harsh and hurting him. Or if he seems not to be enjoying or feeling anything at all, you might be being too gentle.

Basically,  as these reactions are normal from the body when it is feeling pleasure, or indeed it is not, you won't be able to ignore these hints or not to get them unless he fakes it, but that is not very common in men, so do not worry about that much. Again, his reactions will give him away. You just watch out for them.

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Alright. Now you literally have got everything you need in order to become a real expert on handjobs. It is now time to put this nex technique o work: learning how to master handjobs from no one else than your man. If you do actually follow our tips and put them to work, you will notice that you will start to please him more and more each time. Again, lose all fear or shame, do not think it will be embarrassing, and let him know that you want him to teach you. He will love and appreciate it, as we have already said. Good luck, and you are welcome, in advance!


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