10 Tips on How To Give Your Men The Best Handjob Ever

Step by step guide with techniques for the best handjob ever

By Sophia R
10 Tips on How To Give Your Men The Best Handjob Ever

Preparation for a Handjob

There are many theories about what men like in bed, but there is something clear, and that is that masturbation is always one of the most effective and pleasant techniques. If you've ever wondered how to masturbate a man to enjoy like never before, we make it easy for you ... Take note!

If a few years ago sex was basically limited to the missionary and kisses, today there are countless ways to enjoy and make your boy enjoy. One of them is male masturbation, a practice older than fire (probably) but it is hard for women to take it easy for basically anatomical reasons. That is why we are going to give you 10 infallible tips when it comes to masturbating a man. The writing may seem theoretical and not very sensual, but in practice success is assured ...

Techniques That You Should Practice Beforehand

There aren’t many techniques that you can actually practice before giving a handjob. Maybe you could practice with a banana or cucumber, but it will not even be close to what it really is like. What you can actually do which will be quite helpful for you is to watch some porn. Watch videos in which there are handjobs involved and that’s it. After all, the best way to learn how to do something is to watch it happen.

Step by Step Guide for the Mindblown Handjob

1. Posture

Kamasutra does not help much when it comes to masturbation techniques. However, a correct posture will mark the difference between a clumsy handjob and an experience that will lead him to the height of ecstasy. You can try different positions and then ask which one he liked best. The first thing you should make sure is if you like more standing or sitting. That is something he must decide, or leave it in the hands of the situation in which you find yourself.

Next, you must be clear at what point you are. Don't be afraid, try different variants first. Do not hesitate to change position to find which one works best, his breathing and his face will give you the best clue. The best thing about masturbation is precisely that sense of dominance that you have over it: you will be the active part. You decide what will happen and how it will happen, and you will love that!

Another thing you can do is grab it from behind. This way you will let your imagination and fantasy fly and, as you decide how far to go, you will have it delivered to you. In addition, if during the act you squeeze it hard you will create a more intimate and sensual experience. Be careful, yes, with squeezing too much or squeezing the testicles, you only have to do it if he asks you to.

2. Spontaneity

The best thing about handjobs is that it is easy to carry out at any time and place. That is why it makes it the perfect technique in situations where a quick response is necessary. That is, in those in which you want to pamper your partner giving instant pleasure. You can do it anywhere: at home, in the elevator, in a parking lot ... But if you give free rein to passion, make sure nobody sees you!

You can also grab him affectionately in the shower. Get in with him, hold him from behind and, with a little foam on his hands, gently massage him.

Spontaneity is very sexy, so don't be afraid to surprise your partner whenever you want. To find out if you feel like it at that time, start with a game. Slightly caress your thighs. Gradually open the zipper of your pants. If he does nothing to stop you, it means he is wanting it, so give it to him.

3. Use your whole hand

You are already in position. Now is the time to find out how to grab the penis. It is not absolutely necessary to use the five fingers since having a pair of free fingers allows certain games to occur: use three fingers for the upper part, and the lower two for the testicles. This way your partner will feel more contact with you. Do not forget, the best manual pleasure, like sex in general, does not focus only around the penis.

Most men like to feel pressure during a handjob, but remember that you have one of the most sensitive parts of the body in your hands, so do not overdo it. If you are not entirely sure how much pressure to apply, use different grip techniques and observe his reaction. Or, even easier, ask him if he wants you to make it stronger or softer

4. Pace

It's time to grab him and start. Move your hand in constant motion until you notice how he likes it. Start with a slow and smooth movement and start changing the pace to do it a little faster, but not too much, unless you see that he likes it. Many men prefer a stronger movement the farther the body is from the body, and softer when it approaches the root of the penis. However, it can cause pain if the skin is stretched too much. So, watch out for the pulls!

The best way to find the right rhythm is to let your partner put his hand on yours and guide you to doing the movement he prefers, at least the first time. It is important not to lose your rhythm or strength, once you start because it is this movement made repeatedly that will bring him to the climax.

5. Use both hands

If you want to be a professional of a manual art, you must exploit your multitasking capabilities. It may seem difficult, but you'll get it right away. Put one hand on his member and with the other pay attention to his testicles: stroking and massaging them can lead your partner to a very intense orgasm.

6. Use lube

Everything that reduces friction between your hands and his penis should be considered. Using oil or lubricant will reduce any discomfort your man may feel. You will increase his desire. If you choose to lubricate with gel or oil, you will make your movements be more intense and pleasant, greater sensitivity and less effort with better results. With any of those products, you can even rub his glans, perhaps the most sensitive (and potentially pleasant) area of ​​the male body. Test it!

7. Games and Toys

Sex toys or certain everyday accessories will help you a lot to stimulate different areas. Try a vibrating ring or simply play with the textures: stroke the penis with a velvet glove or with your hand smeared in some oil. In addition, there are various sex toys for men and, more specifically, for penises, which allow to lengthen the erection or stimulate it in different ways. If you add these toys to some of the hottest erotic games, fun and diversity are guaranteed.

8. Erogenous zones

No two men are the same or two men who like exactly the same. However, if we generalize, there are a couple of areas of pleasure common to all that you should know. One is the tip of the penis, as just mentioned, and another is the perineum, that is, the area between the penis and the anus. With a little bit of pressure, you can get to stimulate its G-spot, the prostate. In this way, making him reach an intense orgasm in a matter of time.

9. Be harsh

Novels like Fifty Shades of Gray have focused on an increasingly common fantasy: hard sex. If your boy and you feel like trying, do not hesitate to inform yourself a little better about these practices and start from less to more, as in the postures of the gallery that we show you below. If your boy likes this type of practice, he will love you to masturbate harder than usual, so try squeezing harder, tumbling with your fingers on the testicles or nibbling his neck and nipples while masturbating.

10. Create the perfect setting

Your partner will immediately notice how you feel in the face of giving him pleasure in a non-reciprocal act, and this may affect his enjoyment. It is very important that you take it seriously and you should think that although now you do not receive pleasure, he must also provide it to you during your relationships.

Achieving a wonderful orgasm depends not only on using the perfect technique but also on what you feel and think during the act. Make sure that you and your partner share the same feelings and keep a special communication all the time. Show him how you feel and express yourself with words, looks or gestures. So you can create an exciting, erotic and sensual environment, and make the most of this and many other pleasures with your partner.

What to Do After a Handjob

After the handjob happens, and your partner comes, or so I wish, there are two different routes you can take after washing up:

1. Leave or cuddle

If you are too tired to continue to do anything sexual or that requires energy from you, stop whatever you were doing and just cuddle. You can just stay in bed, or even sleep a bit to regain energy.

If you are not in the stage of cuddling with that person but you still don't want anything else to happen, just leave. No need to stay with him after this.

2. Keep going at it

Now, if the handjob wasn't enough for the 2 of you, I got a little idea on how to keep going; just do it! Wait for a little until his friend gets up and going again, and go back at it!

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If you want to blow his mind, use the following tips and give him a blowjob he will never forget! Stop thinking of the blowjob as just a job, but see it as your pleasure as well.



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