Noise During Sex: Should You And Is It A Turn On Or Off?

Why it is acceptable for moaning and noise for women but not men

By Sophia R
Noise During Sex: Should You And Is It A Turn On Or Off?

When you are in intimacy with your partner it is a time where there are no rules, just enjoyment. For some, satisfaction is reflected in how they manifest it later and during sexual intercourse, but why don't men groan like women in sex?

There are those who state that many women pretend an orgasm and this is manifested in their screams and groans. Socially, why men do not groan like women in sex is perhaps because it has been related that this is exclusive to them and they consider it unmanly, will it be?

87% of women said they moan to give satisfaction to men while 66% said they do so only after orgasm, according to a study by researchers at the University of Leeds in England.

Now speaking in general, it is a minimum of men who do not moan like women in sex and apparently many of the reasons are due more to the behavior they have had since they entered into sexuality.

This study also revealed that women moan in sex after their stimulation to the clitoris and as a way to manipulate their partner, they also do it after oral sex and the least amounts of moans are due to penetration.

When a man begins to discover his sexuality, he is usually very young and this leads him to explore himself at his parents' house and to hide it in a hidden and private way; that is why they get used to not moaning or screaming but still enjoying the pleasure.

By moaning being more recognized as an act for women, men see in this something somewhat not that masculine so they may deprive themselves, of course, there are those who state that it is completely normal and is part of feeling full satisfaction with their partner.

Apparently, this is not an act in men that differentiates feeling and not feeling pleasure, as they might have never learned it and because of this, it is not basic in intimacy for them. Now you know there are emotions that are enjoyed even better quietly for some.

Men: Should You Make Noise During Sex

Beyond tastes, habitual or varied, not only gestures and actions are composed of intercourse, but also of all kinds of sounds: groans, horny conversations or more or fewer breath rises and even other types of sound events that are not, in principle, the most desired. What is the use of moaning while having sex? Do women moan more than men? Does it mean they are faking? Why say sensual and obscene words in many cases results in greater satisfaction?

If sexology professionals agree on anything, it is that «the traditional erotic model relates female pleasure to the mastery of man». So, in heterosexual relationships, “he must get her to reach orgasm - and if it doesn't come, he is not good in bed - and for him to find out that there is an orgasm she has to moan, and the noisier the better ».

The presumption of greater prevalence in vocal expression during erotic encounters by women is more a reductionist reading than a reality in human sexuality. Let's think about the images we grow with, whether they are commercial, erotic or even pornographic films: the focus is on women, on how they go crazy even screaming and shivering. We have no references of moaning men. In the absence of diverse references, we fall into stereotypes and expectations - self-centered or hetero-centered - that can lead to problems during the sexual encounters.

In easier words: if you think that women groan more than men, it may be because they think they should do it - "they let themselves be done" -. And if it seems to you that men barely manifest themselves loudly during sex (some emit only a small growl at the end, that is to say at orgasm), more of the same, they don't need to report if they like something because they are the ones in control of the meeting.

However, expressing yourself vocally has an important utility: it is an indicator that guides the partner on the path of maximizing pleasure and even taking us to orgasm.
The point is that moaning implies giving up, leaving behind modesty, concentrating on the other person and not so much on the practice itself. Obviously, there are more expressive people than others in both daily life and sex.

The moans inform our partner of what we find pleasant and can also act as feedback of the excitement of those who listen to them also increasing their desire, since feeling how our partner enjoys is usually a very powerful erotic stimulus.

There are data that confirm it. A survey conducted by the Bijoux Indiscreet erotic toy firm highlights that «51.9% of men and 60% of women use moans to excite their partners during sex and that "43.1% of men and 34.8% of women argue that moaning or shouting is indicative of good sex.

So there you got the answer to why men should moan more.

Is it really more pleasurable to make noise during sex

60% of women use moans to excite their partners according to a study carried out in Spain on sexuality. And, listening to the other party express pleasure with gasps, helps to climax. Both for women and men, because, as we said? this practice is not female exclusivity. But, let’s talk about the question everyone has wondered about: does moaning actually make sex better? Well, my friend, let me tell you it does, which doesn’t mean sex can’t actually be good without moans, but certainly much better. Want to know the reasons why? You are lucky today, as we have gathered some of them:

1. Connect with pleasure

Moans are facilitators to let us go and connect with pleasure. In fact, one of the unlocking techniques to facilitate the arrival of orgasm is panting. It releases tension and, by generating a slight hyperventilation, favors our rational brain to stop giving orders to get carried away. In addition, it enhances the bodily sensations and helps us focus on them and facilitates the spontaneous moan to appear. Although they can be faked or enhanced for that role as a game, it does not necessarily have to be that way.

2. Sexual satisfaction

Moans indicate the experience of joy and its level of intensity. They are caused naturally by stimulation, pulse acceleration and breathing changes due to excitation. Body movements with another person also usually affect our breathing. Therefore, in more vigorous and passionate sex, they are likely to increase in volume, due to the impact between the bodies.

The moans of pleasure are unequivocal signs that we like something. Therefore, they are communication tools to transmit messages such as "don't stop" or "keep touching me there", without saying it. According to a 2012 study, both men and women who groan report greater sexual satisfaction.

Encouraging is also one of the missions of groans and a great reinforcement for the other party to grow, feeling safe, want to offer more pleasure and continue on that path. Therefore it is unnecessary to speak, if not desired if a good groan conveys: "You are doing well."

3. Erotic of the senses

Let's not forget the importance of the erotic of the senses, where the ear is the protagonist. It is a fact that listening to the enjoyment of others, especially if it is provoked with our help, 'gets us on’. In 2011, researchers discovered that just before and during the orgasm of their male partner, women made more noise, what they called "copulatory female vocalizations", voluntarily in 66% of cases, claiming to be knowledgeable about enjoyment which causes men to hear their moans in bed. These stimuli could induce male orgasm and increase their self-esteem. In fact, 87% acknowledged doing so for that reason, according to the study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Women: What if I am the quiet type?

If you are quiet during sex does it mean you don't enjoy it? Friend, let me tell you something: do not allow anything or anyone to force you to fit into a certain mold because in the same way in which love lacks strict rules, sex too.

Life is too short to spend pretending to meet the expectations we think others have of us. Live for you, for your own pleasure, enjoy yourself and above all, be genuine and true to your truth. If you scream or groan while doing it with someone else, fine and if not, it is also perfect. Here we tell you the reasons why being quiet during sex does not imply that you do not enjoy it. Look at them!

First of all, who said you had to be identical to a porn star, screaming as if there was no tomorrow during sex? No one!

If you choose silence, you know well that there are other ways to show your boy that you are enjoying what he does. Looks, kisses, scratches, bites? You choose!

It is one thing to be silent in bed, but quite another is to be a dead cow. The most important thing is that you enjoy and move. No moaning is needed for that.

Boys are not so stupid as to realize when girls pretend moans, so do not overdo it as a liar because you will end up screwing the relationship up. Do not force yourself to do something that doesn’t come naturally. For the hundredth time: be yourself.

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Not moaning is good, it is not bad nor does it mean you don't like it. And moaning is the same, it does not mean anything more than "I'm enjoying." Each person experiences pleasure in their own way.

As you might have already learned from this article, Moaning is great as a game or If it comes naturally from you, but as a hoax or self-deception, it is not worth it. It is much better that you communicate and know that you both like it if you don’t want to express it with moans. Thus, you can stop worrying about being too silent and not only increase your self-esteem but make sex less pressured.

On the other hand, if you actually are a moaner, don’t even hold back, my friend. Go to it as you wish!



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