20 Valentine Gifts for LDR Couples Who Are So Love Sick

Giving your partner the best gift to close up the distance

By Fred S.
20 Valentine Gifts for LDR Couples Who Are So Love Sick

Valentine's is around the corner!

The joy of affection is something we all long for. Most of us are lucky to have found the special someone whom we can call our own. While we all articulate our love in several different ways, for Valentine’s we need to think out of the box. The simple texts and normal dates just do not cut it.

Especially if you are a long-distance lover, you need to be prepared for Valentine’s several weeks before the big day if you want to surprise your baby boy or baby girl with the best gift ever. It is okay if you cannot be there with them on this special day, you can always find a way of making your presence felt by sending them the best present of their lives. Distance does not matter when the strings connecting you two are strong enough.

To make this day even more festive for your LDR lover, we have come up with unparalleled ideas.

For a Relationship of 0-6 months

So, it has just been less than half a year that you started talking? Given how LDR couples meet these days, over the internet, there is a considerable chance that the two of you have not really known each other well enough. By not knowing well enough, we mean that you are yet to find out their likes and dislikes in a way that the gift that you send them is actually a true shocker.

If you cannot buy those plane tickets to go see them for the first time on this special day, it is completely OK, we got you covered. You can send one of the following things instead:

1. A Box of Chocolates with a Special Message:

Everyone loves chocolates on Valentine’s, even the ones who hate them during the rest of the year. No one can say no to a box filled with cocoa delight. If you are not sure about the kind of chocolate they like, you can get a customized box with every type of chocolate in the shape of a letter. Let these chocolates do the talking. You can get these chocolates to spell out a heartfelt message for your LDR lover.

We recommend going for chocolates saying “I Miss You”. This is a unique way to let them know that the distance may have kept you apart but there is nothing that can lessen your need for them. Other cute messages in alphabet shaped chocolates can also be sent in a beautifully designed box.

2. Matching LDR Bracelets

Wearable items are the kinds of gifts that are always on display. They add to your sense of closeness, articulate an affectionate message and are a constant reminder of how lucky you are to be with someone for whom distance is not a deterrent. LDR bracelets can be bought in pairs, either in the same colors or can be customized to complement one another in hues and design.

3. Cute and Compact Travelling Bag

As an LDR couple, traveling to see one another is an absolute necessity. To make these trips easier for them, you can get them a handy traveling bag that can store for them all their essentials. The important aspect here is to make sure that this peculiar bag has both style and space. As a plus, the bag can act as a shuttle to mask for you the other gifts. A useful idea here would be to a house in the bag their ultimate traveling articles. To make it more romantic, get the same bag for yourself.

4. A Bundle of Edible Joy

By this time, you would have figured out their favorite go-to snack or their favorite brand of cookies. You can get a pack of their favorite chips, beverages, chocolate bars and pack them in a fancy basket to have it delivered to them on Valentine’s Day. You can also throw in a few of their beloved cereals, canned items or a delicacy that is unique to the place where you live in to introduce them to the joy that your region holds. Make sure that the carrying basket or box is well-designed to resist transportation and is immaculately packed to go with the theme of love. You can get the box personalized with a Valentine’s Day message.

5. Customized Pillow Covers to Help with the Remembrance

Another romantic gift for your LDR beau is to have pillow and cushion covers customized to speak about your love for them. One of the many innovative ideas would be to get a pair of covers with maps of the area you two live in or maybe ones with a character of a show that you two love watching. This item would serve as the perfect reminder for both of you. Every night when they will put their head on that pillowcase, they would feel closer to you.  

For 6 months to 2 years

So, it has been quite some time that you know each other? You have a greater variety of gifts to offer, besides your unconditional love for them on Valentine’s Day. We present to you a short list of some of our most favorite options:

6. Same Shirts or Tops

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A nice top or a shirt in their favorite color and style is going to seal the deal for you on this Valentine’s Day. We are pretty sure that if you have been in an LDR for a while now, they would love to receive one of the tops that smell like you more than anything else. However, you can get them a new one exactly like your own to make them feel warm this February 14th

7. A Box of their Favorite Cookies, Filled with Love Notes Besides Cookies

This keeps the element of surprise intact. Get a jar of their favorite cookies or customize one of those easily available glass jars that can be safely transported. Ornate it with fancy paper and make it look as close as possible to a cookie jar. Fill it with a handful of their favorite cookies but also small notes of things you love about them, or times when you missed them the most.

8. A Small Diary with Details of How You Feel about Them

If you have met them a couple of times now and have pictures, get them printed and buy a cute diary. Write in it your feelings for them as crudely as possible. You can also start working on it early and write a page every day for 365 days from 1 Valentine’s Day to the other. Paste in pictures of you two together and tell them how you feel whenever you are with them and that you cannot wait for them to be with you again. They would love the idea and cherish every word.

9. A Cute Little Polaroid Camera

Long-distance relationships are all about sharing moments even when you two are not physically together. Gifting your loved one a Polaroid camera may be hands down the best way to allow you two to make memories separately to share them when you two meet. These photographs can be of anything and anywhere while you two are apart. The instant hard copy can help them make an album of all the places they have been to or all the things they have done with you in their mind. This makes an LDR even more special. A camera can be the best Valentine’s gift for them especially if they have an appetite for photography.

For 2-5 years

Are you guys nearly a decade through? Well, by this time you even know what toothpaste they use. You can choose from one of the following ideas for the upcoming V day:

10. Customized Keychains for LDR Couples

There ain’t anywhere your baby love is going without a key. So, how about you give them a keychain with a loveable message or the initials of the names of each one of you? You will not escape their mind even when all they are doing is entering into their apartment. That smile on their face will bridge all the distance between you two. The key-chains can also be made into a small avatar of you two, two pieces of the puzzle that fit one another each being possessed by one of you, etc.

11. Matching Couple Mugs

Take out a picture of you two that you completely love. It does not need to be cheesy and lovey. It can be the goofiest picture of you two together or them. You can even meme it up if you want by adding a witty caption. Additionally, if you know a TV show or movie character who they are obsessed with, you can get them a mug from the franchise’s merchandise. Get all of this printed out on two mugs. Keep one for yourself and let your other half have the other. Every morning you sip your first cup of coffee, you'll both be pleasantly reminded of your distant love at the same time! 

12. A Book by Their Favorite Author

You know about the writer they obsess over and you know the books they have on their reading list. They might have updated them on New Year, right? Take notes of the book they really need by a specific author and get it for them. Pack it immaculately and send it to them on 14th February. They are going to love you more than ever.

13. Send Them a CD or DVD of All the Songs You Both Love

Every couple has a list of “us” songs. Take an empty CD and burn them on it. Pair it with a card or a letter and parcel it over to them. The idea of mixtapes sounds utterly cheesy but they are one of the most romantic gestures. This might make them cry out of love for you, just a little. Stay prepared

14. Two Pendants with a Picture of One Another

Print out a picture that you two love of one another. Ask an art shop to make it fit the size of a picture holding pendant and insert it into for you. Send them the pendant with your picture and keep the one with theirs with you. Wear it when you two FaceTime on V day. It will be the most cherished present, we guarantee you that.

For >5 years

You two might be older than when you first met, but your love is as young as ever and it will continue to blossom. Make this Valentine’s special by giving them one of the following:

15. A Scrapbook

When you have spent considerable time with one another, there are a lot of stories that you can tell about the things that you have been through and all the adventures you have been on, irrespective of the distance between you two. Jot all of it down on a considerably large scrapbook.

Draw sketches with your hands, such as of that one time at the aquarium or add stickers wherever you like. Paste-on it relevant pictures or travel tickets, and send the completed scrapbook to them. They would be startled and would be able to go through it again every time the distance gets too much.

16. Customized Wrist watches

Wooden wrist watches are the latest trends that can easily be ordered on a budget. You can get a pair of wooden wrist watches with the back panel engraved with your anniversary, or names or even a small message so that they are reminded of you literally all the time. Additionally, you can have a picture of you two inserted as the background in the dial. 

17. A Phone Case

Get them a phone case that is personalized to suit their profession, interests or favorite TV show. If that seems a bit too much work, you can get them one of the more expensive and funky phone covers that go with their personality. Since they are going to need their phone to stay in touch with you; the cover is always going to be a reminder of you for them. You can even have a cheesy message inscribed on the cover.

18. A Photo Album

You are not doing it right if you have not stolen pictures of them doing random things. Even if you haven’t, we forgive you. You can compile all the pictures of them, you and both of you together from the time when you two just started dating up till now and have them arranged in chronological order in a presentable photo album. This will take you two down the memory lane and even rekindle any of the love you two might have lost on the way. Ship this to them before the 14th of February and have a nostalgic online session.

19. Concert Tickets to an Artist they Love!

The next time you're scheduling to go see them, why not plan a concert visit around that time? Your partner will love you for it, especially if their favorite band or artist is playing! Concerts can be super romantic to attend together with your partner, as the lights, noise, and lovey-dovey songs go on as you hold their hand. Tell them what you've planned out for the future with a picture of these tickets to give your partner a pleasant surprise! 

20. A Framed Painting of a List of Things that You Love about Them

This might require a bit more effort and money, but it will all be worth it. You can do the same with the lyrics of their favorite song or the texts you two have shared over the time. Have a painter paint the words for you on a fabric or canvas and have it framed. It could even be about the things you love about them or messages of encouragement. This would make a perfect V day present.

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Every day is Valentine’s Day when you are in love, but some days just need to be special. Use the above-mentioned gift ideas to express the bubbling emotions for your LDR lover and make this V day as special as ever.