5 "Innocent" Ways to Invite Him to Shower With You

How to invite him to intimacy without being silently judged.

By Adina Mazilu
5 "Innocent" Ways to Invite Him to Shower With You

Taking a shower with your man is probably one of the most intimate and sensual things to do while in a relationship. Also, having sex in a bathtub surrounded by bubbles and an amazing scent is not the only way to keep things interesting between you two. From time to time, you can try inviting your significant other to take a shower with you and experience some amazing moments. There are also a lot of beneficial things that come with showering together, like admiring each other under that hot water surrounded by all that steam and strengthening the bond between the two of you in a nice and romantic way. It doesn’t have to be dirty but it has to come from inside and because you want to spend lots of nice times together. If you also want to try this, here is how to invite him to shower with you in an innocent and sexy way. Here we go!

Showering, A Private Event

On a daily basis, taking a shower is definitely a private moment that you should enjoy alone. It’s not all about washing yourself but it can also act as therapy for your mind and soul. When you get in the shower at the end or beginning of the day, you feel all your worries disappear and being washed away. However, even if this is a private moment, who says that you cannot do this while being together with your significant other? You can take a moment to relax with the other one and if it ends up in a much sexier way, there is no problem with that. This is the topic of our article today, how to enjoy taking a shower with your lover while not becoming dirty and not being silently judged because of it.

Showering And Him

When it comes to men, they indeed have a different view on taking showers with their lovers. They don’t necessarily see the romantic side of it but find it as a clear opportunity to admire your hot naked body under the water and probably have sex while in there. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and you should try and adopt this attitude too.

It’s nothing dirty in showering together even if it may not be the most comfortable or easy thing to do because as opposed to what many think, sex in the shower is very difficult and not many people like it. This is mostly because all the natural lubrication of your body is washed away and the intercourse becomes closer to an ordeal than a romantic and hot moment. However, when it comes to men, showering together can be done just to get things started for example and then continue in the bedroom or wherever you want. So, here is how you can tempt him to get in the shower with you and have some fun together. Take a pen and some paper and write some of these tips down. Who knows, maybe you will find them useful at some point in your relationship.

5 "Innocent" Ways To Invite Him to Shower With You

1. Set the right mood

The first thing that you want to do when you are thinking of inviting your lover to take a shower with you is to set the right mood. You need to surprise him and make him want to do this with you. You can begin by lighting some scented candles in the bathroom but being careful not to burn anything at the same time because that is definitely not fun or romantic. They are also very cool and look good but the candlelight also makes your bodies look good because they offer some dim light that’s very sexy. Do not exaggerate with the candles however and again, make sure that you don’t place them anywhere near anything possibly flammable. Stay safe!

2. Set the temperature too

After setting the right romantic mood you need to also set the temperature. It may sound weird but you absolutely need to make sure that the water in the shower is neither too hot nor too cold. Remember that guys do not like hot water as much as women do. They prefer showering with lukewarm water instead so don’t try to boil him in there. Enjoying a hot atmosphere doesn’t necessarily mean showering with the hottest water possible. The opposite also applies because nobody likes cold water either. Find the right balance and you will enjoy some incredible moments together. You can now go to the next phase and lure him in.

3. Be foxy and sexy

Invite him in by acting all sexy and sensual. Start undressing somewhere he can clearly see and admire you. Use your movements to suggest what you want and what is going to happen. He will get the hint, don’t worry. Be feminine and delicate and move around so he can become dazzled and very interested. Signal him to follow you and then reveal the preparations in the bathroom. He will immediately start thinking about what you’re going to do together. Enter the shower and allow him to follow you slowly. Let the fun begin!

4. Start with an actual shower

The first thing that you need to do when you are both naked n the shower is to start with an actual shower. However, make it sensual, run your hands on his body and let him run his on yours. Wash each other slowly and enjoy every second. Rub each other, massage each other, have fun, laugh, let the water fall on you and the steam to make everything ten times hotter. You will both become so aroused that the next few steps will come naturally. However, at this moment, stop yourself from actually doing the deed and simply build up the tension. He will want it so much more and you might just enjoy some of the most beautiful moments of your relationship after such a simple action as a shower. Who would have thought, right?

5. Massages and everything else

Finally, the moment that both of you have been waiting for since the beginning of the shower. Now that you are both hot, you can start everything up with a nice massage on each other. This will make things even more interesting as you get things started, the blood flowing, and the action going. When you feel like you cannot take the tension anymore, we strongly advise you to get out of the shower and continue your business in the bedroom. As we have previously said, having sex in the shower is not only uncomfortable when it comes to space and positions but it can also be uncomfortable from a physical point of view. Now only that your natural lubrication will be completely washed out and therefore useless but there is also a great risk of an accident. You can slip, fall or hurt yourself while at it. Nobody wants that so the best idea would be to go somewhere else and enjoy each other now that this shower together has made things a lot more interesting.

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The bottom line when it comes to shower sex is that even if it is a private thing when in a relationship, you can make it not so private. Inviting your lover to shower with you can be both exciting and sexy and you might even discover new things that you like about each other or new experiences that you may want to have. The important thing is, however, to always stay safe, to enjoy the company of each other, and to not worry about being judged or clumsy while doing it. Nobody can be all gracious and sexy while surrounded by steam and hot water. You must have faith in yourself, do whatever you can do make your partner feel special, and enjoy every moment. You will definitely want to do this a lot more times after trying it.


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