Accidental Orgasm: How To Increase Your Chance For One

Your top FAQs on accidential orgasm and learn how to get one

By Kimmy
Accidental Orgasm: How To Increase Your Chance For One

What is Accidental Orgasm?

Only 35% of women can achieve orgasm during sex, as compared to 95% for men. It is conceivably harder for women to cum, due to biological differences with men. Yet, accidental orgasms can happen, without a partner. An accidental orgasm refers to orgasms achieved unintentionally, it can be during exercise, at work, during foreplay etc. The reason why accidental orgasms happen varies.

Accidental orgasms can be both a blessing and a curse. For some women, having to cum unexpectedly makes their day better. For others who get aroused easily, accidental orgasms can have a detrimental effect on their life, affecting their work performance and social life. You don't want to be cumming every time you adjust your sitting posture.

There are ways to increase your chance of getting an accidental orgasms, without your partner. If your partner hasn't been to most satisfying in bed, this is your chance to make yourself feel good! Read on!

Top FAQs on Accidental Orgasm

1. What triggers an accidental orgasm?

Anything, really. There are countless things that can trigger an accidental orgasm and the trigger is different for different women. Women that are easily aroused may find accidental orgasms to come too often. They can be attending a spin class and suddenly get an orgasm, or just sitting at their chair at work moving back and forth, sometimes even just listening to the sounds of other couples making out in public.

An important note is that it's not what's between your legs that make you cum, it's the sensation and the imagination that counts. With accidental orgasms, most of the time, women are triggered by the sound of something arousing rather than feeling aroused by something touching their private part.

2. Is it the same type of orgasm as you would achieve during sex?

YES. Although most women have claimed that the duration of accidental orgasms tend to be much shorter, probably due to the untimely nature of it most of the time, the sensation and feeling are the same as an orgasm during sex.

Uncontrollable contractions of the vagina and the loss of control over your actions for a short period of time are expected. You would lose the ability to think and to act during an accidental orgasm. A normal orgasm during sex for women tends to last for 10-30 seconds, whereas an accidental orgasm would last for 10 seconds or less. It is because the time and place for accidental orgasms are just usually not right. A lot of women experience it at work, even during important conferences. The surprise element forces a woman to fight the pleasurable experience and regain control of their body for their work to stay professional.

But if you are free and enjoying life, an accidental orgasm could last for up to a minute as long as you don't try to suppress it!

3. What body parts leads to an accidental orgasm easier?

Lower back, the back of your ears, your neck, your inner thighs etc. The reason why a lot of women get accidental orgasms during foreplay is that they are more aroused and sensitive in those areas than the actual penis-in-vagina part.

A lot of women find it problematic to have accidental orgasms during foreplay, thus losing their sex drive immediately afterward. However, some women love the fact that they are able to have multiple orgasms, and accidental orgasms during foreplay only spice things up so much. Which body parts are sensitive highly depends on the person, but the listed body parts above are the general areas to go for most women alike.

4. Why a certain things lead to accidental orgasms more easily?

It's really more about the environment you are in rather than the things you do. Certain stimulants such as cycling excite your clitoris part and cause orgasms more easily. Sometimes the same activity may not cause orgasms if your mind is on something else, like when you're focused on a competition.

Accidental orgasms are unplanned, but it still relates to mindfulness. Like a colleague gently touching you on the back reminds you of your boyfriend, thus arousing your sexual desires. All those things that trigger your inner sex drive could lead to an accidental orgasm. Your senses are heightened when stimulants present themselves.

5. If I often have accidental orgasms, would it affect my chance of getting an orgasm during sex?

It could. Normally the less frequencies of sex would make one easier to cum. The more you get an orgasm, the increasingly harder it gets for the next one to come. The same with masturbation, if you masturbate too often, you will find it more difficult to make yourself cum, or even you won't be able to cum at all.

You can't control it with accidental orgasms, but undeniably it could have an effect on your sex life.

6. What if I don't want it?

Well, as much as having an orgasm is a beautiful and pleasurable experience. It has caused women issues such as when they are in a meeting with someone, or it's just not the time nor the place to cum. How do you control yourself not to cum accidentally?

Put your mind on something else. Some accidental orgasms are so sudden that when you realize it you are already cumming. But most accidental orgasms come with a sign. You know it's coming even if it's only seconds before. You feel it and it will only happen if you let it. If you immediately turn your attention away on something else, it won't happen. If so unfortunate that you feel it coming during an important meeting, think about your boss or something that repulses you, it will stop you from twitching your legs and showing your cum face that no one really wants to see.

How to Increase Your Chances

1. Do not masturbate

As said before, the more you masturbate the lower the chance you have in getting an orgasm. Having an orgasm is about having a stimulant that triggers your nerve endings and releases a chemical that makes you feel happy. The more it happens, the less your body will react to it. Masturbation has a tremendous effect on the frequency of your orgasms.

Another thing people forget is the surprise element in accidental orgasms. A surprise only comes so often. Refrain yourself from masturbating and you may see the happy ending to it.

2. Find a position that arouses you

Is it the moving back and forth on your seat? Or is it the scratching in yoga? Everyone has their favorite position that arouses them more easily. Find your position and try to stay in position. Some sitting positions lead to accidental orgasms at work more easily.

3. Mindfulness

Don't reject it, let it flow in. A lot of women having a hard time with accidental orgasms because every time they are close to one, they reject it. Don't be ashamed or alarmed with an orgasm. It's a beautiful and happy thing. You control your body and an orgasm won't happen if you won't let it happen. Be open about it. Embrace it when you feel it's coming.

Practicing mindfulness is healthy to your body, by simply accepting what your body brings to you and find peace with it. Don't fight it.

4. Find the environment fit for it

Achieving orgasms is also about the environment you place yourself in. Usually a calm, enclosed environment, surrounded by people you know or trust helps a great deal. Women have said during yoga class accidental orgasms are common due to how you move your body and the sensational music often playing in the background. A group doing the same thing helps too. You are relaxed and you know you can be yourself, especially knowing that even if you cum on spot it's okay too. This creates the perfect opportunity for an accidental orgasm as the environment and your body allows it.

5. Pick the right outfit

Demin jeans are the best, said so by women experienced it. Demin increases friction that arouses you, as compared to leggings or leather. A good pair of denim jeans would increase your chance of having an accidental orgasms, especially when you sit down. The surface is rough and it mimics the frictions of rubbing your pubic hair against someone else's.

The right outfit can also increase your sex drive without you realizing it. You would feel more attractive and boost your self-esteem. All of these are in favor of achieving an orgasm.

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Did you cum while fantasizing all the tricks and hacks we taught you? An orgasm just brings so much life and joy we always strive to get the best ones. Some appreciate accidental orgasms even more because it's unplanned. The excitement makes it 10 times better.

Have you ever had an accidental orgasm and have been dying to get it again? After reading all the hacks you shouldn't be craving for it because you should be having it as we speak! Try out all the tricks and get ready for a roller coaster journey of orgasms all day every day!


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