How to Score a Date With a Myer-Briggs ENTJ and Win

Known as Commander, ENTJ is a tough one to win over easily

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How to Score a Date With a Myer-Briggs ENTJ and Win

Myer-Briggs and ENTJ

ENTJ stands for Extroversion(E), iNtuition(N), Thinking(T) and Judging(J), which is one of the 16 personality types under Myer-Briggs personality types. They possess strong leadership qualities and they are bound to stand out in a crowd. They are logical and rational people who make good entrepreneurs and CEOs. However, they tend to be impatient, and they may lack tactfulness in social situations, in their drive to achieve their agenda. Famous ENTJs include Steve Jobs, Franklin Roosevelt as well as Vladimir Putin.

Which Myer-Briggs Personalities are compatible with ENTJ?

There are three personality types that are compatible with ENTJ, namely INTJ, ESTJ and ENTP, known as the mastermind, supervisor and visionary respectively. It is not surprising since the ENTJ personality type relishes challenges and naturally gravitates towards people who share similar traits with them. However, if you are too dominant, it might lead to frequent conflicts and arguments as well.

How to Know if You Are Dating a ENTJ?

To them, love is like a conquest, a relationship is a series of quests and goals to work towards, to earn the heart of the girl whom they love. Dates with ENTJs are typically high energy events that are planned out meticulously beforehand. If he is decisive and quick-witted as well as charming, he is probably an ENTJ. ENTJs do not like to mince their words so when they compliment you, they really mean it. An ENTJ relishes challenges and they will try to win you over if they are romantically attracted to you.

Extraverted Thinking(Dominant)

As mentioned, they are straightforward people, so they will ask you out on a date and confess their romantic interest to you if any. Also, signs that he is attracted to you would be very obvious, so you don’t have to play any guessing games.

Introverted Intuition(Auxiliary)

Their introverted Intuition signifies that they are very future-orientated people, which means they might set 5 year or 10-year plans for the relationship, further down the road. Your partner may explore future possibilities about the trajectory of the relationship, seeing where it will take both of you. He might already be planning about buying his first real estate and moving in with you, one year down the road. Perhaps, he might even plan out a wedding proposal if he thinks you are Mrs. Right.

Extrovert Sensing Function(Tertiary)

With an Extrovert Sensing function, they are quite the sensation seekers, and they might be hedonistic at times. They are very open to new experiences as well. A date with them could be very unpredictable. You might find yourself in a posh restaurant with him or bungee jumping with a cord strapped to your feet.

Introverted Feeling function(Inferior)

If you are looking for an empathetic partner who offers a lot of words of comfort when you are feeling down or discouraged, don’t count on it. They might offer action-orientated solutions to revolutioniZe the way you live your life. Thus, don’t blame them if they come off as unnatural and awkward as they are not very attuned to other people’s feelings nor their own. 

Love languages


An ENTJ tends to prefer words of affirmation as their core love language. They enjoy being complimented in a sincere and honest manner. Another love language is quality time. They are workaholics and they treasure all the snippets of time that they can spend with their loved ones.

Do's for ENTJs

To impress an ENTJ, here are a few tips to show that you are meant for him!

  1. Show him that you are a strong, independent career woman
  2. Show him that you have financial stability 
  3. Be agreeable and open to new experiences
  4. Have your own opinions and perspective on things
  5. Read widely about a wide range of topics
  6. Be a good conversationalist

Don'ts for ENTJs

Avoid these at all costs when treating an ENTJ.

  1. Don’t force them to open up about their feelings when they are not ready to talk about it. 
  2. Don’t micromanage them, as they are probably independent thinkers with a mind of their own.
  3. Do not show him that you need mollycoddling or need to be treated with kid gloves.
  4. Force him to change his opinions, preferences and decisions to suit yours.
  5. Get offended by his brash and frank demeanor

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Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omega, Sigma, Zeta - Which one of these are you?


ENTJs are the alpha males of the pack, thus you would be naturally gravitated towards them. They are quite charismatic people and they don’t like deadweight, expecting people to hold their own fort. He loves women with beauty and brains, so show him that you are a strong and intellectual woman. 


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