25 Signs She Loves You But Is Scared To Get Her Feelings Hurt

Check out these signs that say she loves you without getting hurt

By Gerald Matiri
25 Signs She Loves You But Is Scared To Get Her Feelings Hurt

How To Tell Signs That She Is In Love With You But Is Scared

What are the signs that can tell you the fact that a girl is secretly in love with you? If attraction towards you includes a good mixture of shy flirting, lovely antics and subtle hints - from the way she talks to her body language, are good indications of her falling in love with you yet is afraid and scared of the possibility of rejection.

It is also hard to tell if a girl is hiding feelings for you if she has been your friend for a long time. It is important to pick up the signs and know so that you don’t hurt her. These are the less obvious 25 hints you should look out for.

1. She talks and maintains conversations daily but that's all

When a woman is interested in you, she tries not to be obvious because she doesn’t want to blow it. She is scared that you might run away or start avoiding her if you find out that she is in love with you. So, she only talks to you every day but avoids flirting.

2. Eager smiles are signs of unspoken love

Judging by the way she smiles, you can tell if a woman likes you or if she is not interested. When she sends a bundle of cute smiles when you look at her, she could be falling in love. However, you should not assume that any girl who smiles back at you is in love with you. Cute smiles are signs of love only if she has been reciprocating your flirtatious moves.

3. She mentions what she likes about you

It doesn’t matter whether you do something ridiculous or downright silly; she thinks it’s wonderful only because you're the one doing it. But she will not mention that she is in love with you… no way, she’d rather say what she likes about you.

4. She shares all her music playlists with you

This is another one of the greatest signs that a girl is hiding her feelings for you. One of the intimate interests she can share with you is her taste in music because it is an art that moves the heart and it can communicate feelings. She might ask about your interests in a bit to get to know you better.

5. She has told her friends all about you

Because she is just an acquaintance, you most likely don’t know her friend well. If these friends of her seem to know you well, that means she has been telling them about you, and do you know why? She is in love with you secretly.

6. She flirts via text only

Does she send you flirty texts but never flirts with you on a one-on-one basis? This could be the sign you are looking for that she is in love with you. If her texts are filled with smileys and winking emojis or she leaves unfinished statements with suggestive meanings, these are the signs that she wants you but is scared of a heartbreak.

7. Body language signs

Some behavioral changes you will notice from a girl who is hiding her feelings for you include correcting her posture, sudden cheerfulness, uncontrolled movements, playing with her hair, closing her legs, or that she stops talking because she is too shy around you.

8. Enquires your life details

Do not be surprised when a girl wants to hear your life details including the boring ones. She wants to know what you had for lunch, the lesson you attended, the movie you watched last night, and information about a co-worker who annoys you. These are some of the little signs that this girl is interested in you.

9. Steady eye contact is a great sign of attraction

Does this girl look straight through your eyes whenever you talk? She has fallen for you and is hiding her feelings. If she likes playing hard to get, she might look away as soon as your eyes meet. But she will be completely focused on what you are saying.

10. Behaving differently around you

A girl with a crush on you, whether she’s playing hard to get or is an easy-goer, will suddenly change her behavior as soon as you approach. She will be more mindful of her presentation in front of you. She will try to talk in a softer voice, hoping to impress you or speak loudly just to catch your attention.

11. Gentle touches on you

Magical touches are sure signs that she wants you badly. She could be giving you a pat on the back, or holding your arm when making a point across. Unless you like her back, do not exploit her body; simply let her know politely that you are not interested. When she touches you, it means she wants to get close and intimate with you, so get the hint.

12. Apologizing too many times

When a girl cares about you, she hates to mess you up. She will admit when she’s wrong or unreasonable and sometimes when she doesn’t have to. She must love you a lot to make all those apologies and sometimes all she wants from you is to hear you tell her that it’s fine.

13. Sharing personal information

By sharing secrets, truths, and interests, she is showing you who she really is so that you can like her the way she is. She also wants to know you on the same level so you can be on the same page.

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 It’s advisable to take things slow, with established rules and boundaries for yourself as you begin dating someone. 

14. It is rumored that she wants you

Have you heard rumors that this girl likes you? Nothing could be far from the truth. Your friends or hers have gotten the hints before you and now the gossip is spreading. But why hasn’t she told you directly? She is scared that she will face rejection. But if this gossip comes from your trusted friends, then it most probably is true.

15. Asking for assurances in different ways

A woman is a very complicated being. She hides her true feelings about the man she loves and she ends up being pulled in two directions. If she likes you but is scared you might reject her, she will seek your approval before committing to you in any way. She will, therefore, ask you questions - personal ones including your dating life. She wants to see if you are a loyal man or just a player who sleeps with a lady and leaves. She also wants approval concerning her attractiveness though she won’t as it directly.

16. She sends signs of attentiveness

If she is not interested in you, how would she pay attention to you? If she lends you her ear and gives you time, this is one of the signs that she is hiding feelings for you. When she is playing hard to get, what you need is to watch how she replies your texts. If she responds in seconds and gets excited about hanging out with you, then she is in love but trying to hide her feelings.

17. A girl in love observes you from far

Normally, a woman doesn’t jump in too quickly when it comes to love matters. She takes time to know the guy she likes and treads cautiously. It is safer for a girl to learn you from a distance because she is scared of diving too deep and getting hurt in the process. Sometimes she may look like she is not interested at all - but that's not true, she wants to tread cautiously to avoid future heartbreaks. 

18. She takes care of you because of love

In the most humane way, a girl who’s been hiding feelings for you will take good care of you. When you’ve had a tough day, she will tell you to rest and wish you sweet dreams at night. She will remind you to take supper because your health matters to her. Sometimes, she will walk you home. If you're feeling unwell, she makes sure you've got your meds, and top up your vitamins. Sometimes these signs look like common courtesy from a friend, but her desire is to give you unconditional love.

19. You bump into her accidentally and more often

It may seem like a coincidence every time she shows up where you like hanging out. She never used to come to this spot until recently- it’s not an accident. If you are interested in this girl, this is a heavenly opportunity and you need to start a conversation with her because that’s what she has been waiting for.

20. Your loyal fan - She laughs at your every joke

Normally, you don’t get your friends laughing so much but this girl makes you feel like you are the comedian of the year. She laughs at all your jokes including the lame ones. Even her fake laughter seems so real because her aim is to impress you.

21. Copying your mannerisms

Biologically, human beings want to adopt the traits of people who are close. You can tell if she loves you, even when she is playing hard to get when you see her mirroring some behavioral patterns as you. This is something to do with her desire to be part of your life.

22. Hand on your thigh - she wants your attention

This is one of those telltale signs that a girl wants your attention, besides wanting you sexually. You may dismiss the first pat on your thigh but if she continues, you need to take the sign seriously. If the girl is shy, she will be uncomfortable or nervous when it happens. Keep it cool and let her know it is okay by looking into her eyes.

23. She tries to gauge your reactions

At some point, a girl who is in love with you will test you in different ways. For instance, she mentions that she is moving house but she is actually lying to see how you will take it. If you look at it from a different perspective, she is insecure, cares about you, and is playing hard to get. You might interpret that she’s not interested, but she is testing your reaction.

24. Compliments are signs that the girl wants you

She compliments you more than you deserve to flatter you. She wants you to feel good when she’s with you. She has a crush on you if she calls you handsome when you are in your worst looks.

25. Shyness and nervousness when you are around

She may lack all other signs of attraction, but a woman in love has a volatile mixture of emotions from nervousness to excitement. Check her hand movements and expressions as you talk to her.


When trying to find out is a woman is interested in you or not, there are so many things that can confuse you. You need some knowledge and experience with women if you want to figure out whether or not a girl has feelings for you. Now that you are in the know, follow your instincts and you will be fine. Best of luck!

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