Camping Sex: Tips and Tricks to Have a Hot Tent

Tips and tricks to have sex in a tent surrounded by outdoors

By Sophia R
Camping Sex: Tips and Tricks to Have a Hot Tent

Sometimes, we want to leave the city, our home and circle of friends to go on camping adventures, and of course, it is best to go with your partner. Now ... of course, you will get horny in that time and want to turn this adventure into a sexual one, too.

There are people that say that camping is the best antidote to lust. Yes, we admit that it is not the best thing to do when you are starting a relationship and don’t have a lot of trust between you two. Slipping into a claustrophobic, foot-smelling nylon shroud next to someone you've known for a very short time and under the insane wobble of a roof in the middle of the field is the equivalent, relationship-wise, of putting your arm in the mouth of a Rottweiler. You can get away unharmed, but there is a good chance that you won't.

The problem with camping is that it can be intimate and unsanitary. Most of the time you spend inside the tent, you do it curled up like a grilled shrimp and most of the time you spend outside, you do it wearing a fleece. No one is sexy in a fleece.

It is true that the camping is usually an uncomfortable and unwelcoming place, but it is very likely that some of the best sex in our lives has been in smelly toilets of bars, ramshackle cars, portals full of dog piss or very narrow airplane toilets. And there is also the possibility that when we plan the night of our life, in a dream hotel, with the man or woman who turns us on the most, it turns out that it is not that great. A dinner under the stars, an interesting conversation, a few drinks of bourbon and some tents where anyone could slide in the middle of the night can be much better than that. And Yes, camping is dirty, but isn’t sex also dirty?

Tips and tricks to have the best camping sex

1. Tent

Camping equipment has been greatly modernized in recent years and has left behind those tents that took hours to build up and seconds to collapse, especially if some activity, more interesting than sleeping like a stone, took place inside. The basic rule to buy a tent is that you have to choose the four-seater if there are two people planning to spend the night and the eight-seater if what you want to do is a quartet. Minimally high ceilings are another characteristic to take into account if you intend to do more than the missionary posture and do not want to end with torticollis or low back pain. You must also ensure that it has windows, with mosquito net included.

It would not hurt to get a double sleeping bag or compatible zippers that together with another can become a bigger one because nights can get very cool in the field or in the mountains. Finally, a somewhat wide and consistent inflatable mattress or mat is important. As much as you clean the soil on which we are going to plant the store, there will always be a stone or root that will be embedded in your spine at the least indicated moment.

2. Camping kamasutra

Although a camping holiday is not the best time to try the advanced level of the Kamasutra, you should not limit yourself to the boring missionary posture either. Everything will depend on the dimensions of the tent, the height and the creativity that is displayed with the accessories of the camping trip, but there is already a position indicated especially for these cases: the spooning one – where you two are on your sids and the male penetrates from behind– is the most appropriate because it doesn't matter how long, short or high the tent is. Also, to give more excitement to the matter, a vibrating penis ring can be used, to further stimulate the clitoris.

If you have a mattress or something fluffy, it should not be much different than being on your own. Yes, it should be avoided at all costs in those movements in which it is necessary to hold onto a bar or something solid. Nothing in the tents is tough enough, believe me. Sex toys are always welcome as long as they are not too noisy, although they do mean that they need to be thoroughly washed and kept clean. And if the store is not big enough and there are no people around you, you can always go outside and support the erotic-ecologist movement, to save the green masses of the planet, at the same time as you let loose for lust.

3. Sounds

Unless you are completely alone in the middle of a forest, you have to think about keeping your sounds under control. It is way better to have a speaker with music so your moans are not heard kilometers away. You would rather have them hear "Despacito" once more than your orgasms, don’t you?

4. Ventilation

After having sex, a kind of microclimate is created in the tent accompanied by a characteristic smell. If you do not want that smell to accompany you all trip long, it is convenient to ventilate the tent and to air with the environment.

5. Clean

If there is something impossible to keep clean and tidy, it is a tent, but for that, they have been created, to retain odors even if they are ventilated from morning to night and so that we never find anything inside them. In terms of sex, many advise using condoms, even if you have a stable partner and do not use them regularly, simply to avoid getting semen everywhere.
Of course, always have wet wipes on hand and have plastic bags with closure, so as not to get everything more dirty than necessary.
After all that fiddling, it is obvious that the tent will be dirty. You have to start by cleaning everything and throwing out condoms, lubricants, fluids and so on. Keeping clean is important, plus with all the movement, imagine you end up stepping on a used condom and slipping. No thank you!

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What are you waiting for? Grab your camping stuff and take your partner to an unforgettable and sexy camping trip! Now that you have got all our tips on how to make this adventure as hot as it can be, you have nothing to hesitate about. Dare to it and create the best memories!


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