30 MORE Topics To Talk About With A Girl You Like

Talk just about anything under the sun with the girl you fancy

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30 MORE Topics To Talk About With A Girl You Like

Why communication is so important?

If you two spend little time with each other, or just sit there on the couch, both on their phones, then you need a little push. Doesn’t matter if your relationship just started or you’re years into a great marriage, talking is essential. There can never be an end to communicating, especially now when texting and calling are so easy.

It’s simple actually, how would you figure out what’s your partner like if you don’t even know about the things going on in their heads? Even the simplest conversations in life have meaning. Even if you’re talking about your daily routine or some favorite movie, you can always connect with your partner and feel what they feel about the little things in life.

30 Topics to Talk with a Girl You Adore

Trying to impress that girl that has your heart? Don’t stress it, what can be more easy and convenient than simply talking?

There are no rules to what to talk about with your sweetheart, but still, if things are getting a bit boring and you feel like there’s something missing, we’re here to help you out. Here are some great topics that will catch her attention and you both get to know each other in a meaningful way:

1. Is she a book person or a movie person

It’s great to ask about things that would compare her to you. If you both are book readers, then that is like a bookworm’s dream come true. And if you both prefer movies because you’re too lazy to read, then you have the perfect idea to spend time and dates. But if you both are opposites, then you can talk about the pros and cons of both.

2. Music genre

They say when words fail, music speaks. So why not talk about music? It’s the one thing that usually connects people or makes them try something new. Having a common taste in music is very rare but different music taste means an endless conversation. Try some of her music and share yours.

3. Her views on animals and pets

You can tell a lot about a person by their perspective about pets and animals. They say that if someone is nice and really caring towards animals, never doubt them. Maybe she’s allergic to some, that’s when you’ll know what NOT to gift her.

4. Ask about her comfort spot

Some people are the most comfortable in their room, their bathroom, on the balcony, some library, or even a coffee shop. You can talk about your comfort areas and this will open up her heart for you.

5. Talk about her best friends and what are they like

There is a reason best friends exist. It’s because people find comfort in them and they love to talk about them too. She would know you’re really into her if you care about her friends.

6. Get to know her wardrobe

Girls love to talk about their dressing choices and they are very happy about it. She’s love to share what’s in her wardrobe if you ask her, that way you’ll get ideas about her fashion sense.

7. The kind of humor she likes

It can get really awkward really fast if you make an inappropriate joke or just make her uncomfortable. It’s better to be light in conversation and ask her about the comedy shows or comedians she likes.

8. Is she a gamer?

Isn’t that every guy’s fantasy? If you ask her this beforehand, you might avoid many fights in the coming future. Maybe she’d like to play with you sometime. Maybe she is even more pro than you. Go and find out.

9. How does she cope up with bad/depressing thoughts

Only happy things don’t tell someone’s nature. You can go deep and make her feel comfortable by knowing how she manages bad times.

10. Is she a foodie?

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Talk to her about all the cuisines she’s tasted and the good and bad experiences from different restaurants. There are only a million types of foods you can talk about. Food can definitely be a way to people’s hearts.

11. What kind of events interests her?

This will tell you about the crowd she likes to be around. Events like music concerts, workshops, seminars etc. It’s good to get to know these interests rather than taking her to a place she’ll feel uncomfortable.

12. Is she into shopping?

It’s a fact, not every girl is into shopping. Some find it cathartic and enjoyable while it’s a nightmare for others. Maybe she’s picky about her interests and would like someone to accompany her. Ask her these points and tell her your views in return.

13. Brains or Beauty

Imagine yourself going out of your way to impress a girl with the looks but she’s not really into superficial things. Maybe it’s the brains she’s attracted to and you’ll only know if you talk about her interests and the kind of people she has dated before.

14. Politics

Politics isn’t always an easy topic to talk about especially if you both have views that are poles apart. But it’s okay to have some conflict in a normal discussion. You don’t always connect with love and sweet, sugar-coated conversations.

15. Does she like to cook?

There are girls who love to cook and feed people, while there are others who just love to BE fed. Maybe she fantasies a guy who’d cook for her once in a while. Maybe she tries but just cannot get anything right. Whatever it is, she’d love to talk about it.

16. Would she prefer the urban world or the more eco-friendly world?

Not everyone fits in the busy and noisy cosmopolitan life, so much around them and they still feel a void. They would prefer a serene, natural view rather than a beautiful skyline. Some people are quite the opposite; they wouldn’t survive a day in the greens.

17. Her favorite sport or team

Even if most girls are not into sports but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it. You might be surprised what they would have to say about it. Even if it’s conflict, you can bond over it.

18. What was her school like?

You’d be surprised to know how many stories someone can have from their school time, even though it’s a rollercoaster for almost everyone, but there are great stories for you to tell her and ask about hers.

19. Does caffeine fuel her up?

It might seem like an unusual topic to talk about but wait, isn’t coffee/tea an essential part of the day? Most people don’t survive without it. You should get to know her, what’s her favorite type of coffee or any other beverage that gets her through the day? What is her go-to drink? So many possibilities.

20. How does she feel about the changing world?

A deep one to talk about, ask her about her perspective of the everyday hustle of life. Things are modernizing too fast, is she into that? Or just way anxious about it? She would love if someone cares about her feelings like that.

21. What breaks her heart?

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Not only this will give you a heads up for the future, but also a more clear view of her heart and mind. Even the strongest people have had bad times, heartbreaks. Whether one person or just how cruel the world is.

22. Is she a hyperactive clean freak or a lazy couch potato?

There are always two kinds of people, the active ones and the lazy ones. It’s all okay being both and it’s a great way to initiate a conversation and talk about the activities during a free day.

23. Her pet peeve

What is that one thing that gets on her nerves? What would she avoid at any cost? Of course, this will be a valuable asset for you when you’re trying to impress a girl and maybe you should make that your pet peeve too.

24. Socially introvert or extrovert

You can pretty much judge that through her social media but still people like it when others try to understand how they deal with social life and friends.

25. Her views about PDA?

PDA isn’t for everyone, maybe she’s a shy one or maybe she would take you on even if it’s the whole world is watching. To guys, these things usually matter a lot.

26. What’s her view of a hero?

Some of us still keep this image that a superhero will come and save the day for us. But this topic is deeper than it looks. It would be great to know what she thinks is heroic? A random act of kindness or taking a bullet for someone?

27. Do dreams really come true?

Ask her about the one dream she’s always had, does she think dreams are meant to come true? Or is she more of a realist who would focus on the realistic world rather than a cute little dream?

28. What’s the best gift she’s ever gotten?

Yes, this could give you great ideas but it’s more of an emotional conversation. The feelings she had when she received the most wonderful gift? Do expenses matter to her or some little gestures and being thoughtful?

29. Valuable lessons learnt from the past?

Everyone has learned something from their lives even if their just teenagers. And these views and stories are a treasure that people don’t just tell anyone. But they would love to talk about what they learned from their mistakes or some lessons they’d follow in the future.

30. What’s ideal for her, a sunny day or a starry night?

Discuss the perfect date with her, would it be a nice, warm and sunny day and a romantic walk on the beach? Or would she prefer lying on soft grass, cozy under a sky full of stars where you talk your hearts out?

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Once you get comfortable with someone, there is no need for any topic to start a conversation. But till you get there, follow our lead.


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