The Ultimate 10 Date Ideas For Teens That Are Fun And Cheap

Date ideas for teens that are not boring and repetitive

By Fred S.
The Ultimate 10 Date Ideas For Teens That Are Fun And Cheap

We understand how young love is possibly the best thing you could ever experience at that age. Everything is new, you can literally feel the butterflies in your stomach fluttering about, your body numbing, the blood rushing to your cheeks. All of this makes you feel giddy and absolutely out of the world! This article discusses date ideas that go easy on your pocket, but they’re still super enjoyable!  

Cute Date Ideas For First Date

1. Go Bowling

Your first dates might have the most awkward atmosphere amongst the long list of awkward moments of your teenage life – and that is because you usually date someone from school, or your neighborhood, its mostly girls or guys you have known for the longest. Bowling is one of the safest dating ideas to adapt for your first date ever with that special someone. You could go as a group of friends, and team up with your date and make the most out of your stolen moments with your loved one.  

While bowling may seem like the idea that requires a lot of athletics, the truth is bowling is the least athletic sport and is fun even if you don’t know how to play it. If anything it gives you reasons to smile, and laugh later.  

2. Go roller skating

On your first date, you need to make sure that the two of you are involved, instead of awkwardly sitting and staring at each other until the other person says something? Your first date is literally the only chance you get at making sure that there will be the second one. If your date is not enjoying themselves there are chances they will turn you down the next time you ask them out. But you don’t have to worry, because we know exactly what to do, and how to do it! Take your date to a roller skating park, put on those skates, and hold each other’s hands and stroll away.  

There is a high chance you both would not know how to roller skate in the first place, and if that’s the case, we would love to tell you that your date just got super fun and entertaining. Watch each stumble, catch each other, and laugh – at yourself and your date!  

3. Bike ride

When you’re teens, everything should be perfect, and the exact amount of romantic. What could be more romantic than the wind in your hair, laughter filled lungs, and racing away from the world that seems so distressing sometimes? We urge you, teenagers, to take your bikes and cycle together, or if you feel like your date is the one for you, take one bike, and go take a ride around the town and just feel the wind against your skin.  

4. Miniature golf date night

It sounds childish, we know, but as we said your first date should be fun, engaging and all about learning about each other so that you both know whether or not you are compatible for another date. A miniature golf course would give you time to talk about things that you like, things that you dislike. Your dreams, aspirations, without you even realizing you’ll find that there is a lot that you can learn about each other while playing golf!

We would urge you to go golfing with your little love interest if nothing sparks, the most you can look back to is a fun-filled night playing golf. To make things more interesting, start keeping score, and place a bet like whoever loses, gets to buy the winner ice cream. This will keep your date interested, and you might end up having fun!  

Cute date ideas for teens at home

5. Board Game night

Teenagers might have a hard time convincing their parents for a night out with their girlfriend/ boyfriend. So instead of brooding about how unfair your parents can be, how about we make your date at home more fun! You could watch a movie together, or play board games. We urge young couples to indulge in competitive banter with their dates, giving it a flirty edge while keeping the game friendly.

Some of the games that you could play with your date could include: 

a. Taboo 
b. Pictionary 
c. Snakes and Ladders 
d. Chess (Show them how smart you are!) 
e. UNO

Most of these require more than 2 people to play, so you could make this a double date, or a group setting so that you can team up with your partner and spend the night crushing everyone else!  

6. Make dinner together

This has proven to be one of the most effective and romantic tactics for adults, and we can be sure that this will work wonders for young teenage couples as well. You do not have to spend a fortune on the ingredients, and you do not have to worry about making something very fancy either. All you need to do is find out if your date would be more interested in grilled cheese sandwiches, instant noodles, or a ready to cook pizza.  

It might not sound like an actually indulging process, but this idea gives you two advantages: 1) you find out what your date loves to eat, what kind of food they would prefer over the other. (2) You get to spend some alone time with them while they see that you are making an extra effort just to make your date special!   

7. Karaoke

It’s one of those days when you want to have fun with your girlfriend/ boyfriend but neither of you wants to go out to a local space to enjoy yourself. We are sure you find yourselves asking what you could do; well we have an answer for you. Search Youtube for a few Karaoke songs, and sing together. Make it into a competition and see who can sing the most songs without stumbling through them.  It could be one of the most fun activities that you two could do together while you have the time of your lives.  

Cheap and fun date ideas for teens

8. Have a park picnic

Being a teenager, you don’t always have the pocket money to spend too much on movie tickets or fancy lunch or dinners, so we understand if you are trying to be a little economical with how you plan a date. Our top pick for a cheap but fun date idea would be to have a picnic in the park, with homemade sandwiches, some juice, and a few sweets. The open air would give you a change of routine from the usual dates that you’ve had in the past.

A park picnic could bring the two of you together while you talk through the time, pick flowers, and tell each other stories that you haven’t ever told anyone before. A picnic is not only fun but is also pretty intimate if you’re trying to build a strong relationship!

9. Go to unusual museums

This is a tried and tested method of dating. When you’re teenagers, there’s more of giggling and laughing and running around or running away from places instead of intellectual conversations and over the top romantic dates. The next date you plan, go to a museum that doesn’t interest you and look around the place with a tour group. Make sure to laugh at the difficult words and the weird pictures that you don’t understand.  

Sneak away from the group and explore on your own, get lost in the hallways, and try to associate each painting or monument with a memory of your own. And if someone spots you making trouble, just run!

10. Go for a stroll

We’ve gone over ideas that are romantic, ideas that are grand, ideas that are solely meant for first dates, and ideas that are crazy wild. While all these ideas may prove to be some of the best date ideas for some of you, there are times when less is more. Simplicity is the new grand, and for these times and those types of people, taking a stroll, holding each other’s hands and just taking in your surroundings is the ideal date that you could ever want.  

Sometimes it is okay to be shy, and stay quiet. Sometimes it is okay to be caught by surprise when they hold your hand for the first time while you walk around. Sometimes, it is okay to eat street food and enjoy yourselves more than you would on any fancy date out there. 

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Being a teenager and dating can be hard at times, firstly because there's such a rush of emotions that you’re not always good at handling. Secondly, you don’t always know the best places to go to for a perfect date. In this article we have discussed fun yet cheap date ideas for teenagers that are both interesting and easy on your budget – we understand that you’re hardly as rich at the age of fifteen. 

Amongst the many things that you could do on your first date, our top picks were miniature golf, roller skating, bowling, and bike riding. These are ideas that could help you stay engaged with your date without making it too awkward for both of you.  

For rainy days when you don’t feel up for it to go out and have fun, you could stay home, invite them over and play board games, make dinner together and enjoy a nice karaoke. Other ideas that we explained were visiting museums, exploring art, having a small picnic in the nearby park and just going for a simple stroll. We know how difficult it can be to date as a teenager, we hope that our work would be helpful to the young adults that are looking for these pieces of advice!  


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