10 Date Ideas for Teens to Impress their Dates

Date ideas that are affordable but impressive for teens

By Fred S.
10 Date Ideas for Teens to Impress their Dates

So much of society’s current culture isn’t teen-friendly for the couples, as they’re often too young to drink and too old for playing in the park together. “Where are we gonna go then?” is truly a million-dollar question for teens.

Deciding on the perfect date can be challenging, specifically with the limited amount of money that teens usually have as students. However, you came to this article to find a solution, and that’s exactly what we’re going to give you! This article includes 10 thoughtful dating ideas that won’t break your bank account – we've got you covered.  

Dating advice for teens

Depending upon a few important factors, dating as a teen could easily be one of the best phases of your life. These factors include clear understanding of some concepts that make a teenager’s situation different than the main character in the movies.   

If you take influence from the mainstream media for your dating, most of the time you won’t have enough money to replicate the adventures of movie couples, other times you may not even be granted the permission by your parents.  Be in the real world, plan creative yet realistic dates, and sometimes consider involving your group of friends if you know for a fact that they’ll make the day a hundred times better – friends do it so easily.  

Should you have a date at home?

Having these complications doesn’t, in any way, mean that you should just be locked inside a room watching TV together. Occasionally, doing that is fine, there’s a charm to it too but you shouldn’t do it because you have to.   

There’s a ton of fun activities you could plan ahead of time and make each date count. This article lists down ideas for different age-groups of teen couples, and hopefully, you’ll refer to them and realize that it’s not that hard of a task. The whole city is yours for exploration, just plan it out, that’s all you’ve got to do.  

Date ideas for 13 years old and 14 years old

1. Play in the snow together

Considering a 13-year old teen relationship, there’s obviously not going to be much money in your pockets. But money isn’t always the answer, you could do a lot without it too. Take advantage of the weather! Snowfalls in the winter could be extremely fun to experience together – not to mention, romantic too.  Cover up well with clothing and go together for some slippery, snowy fun outside. Try sledding, or a snowball fight – who doesn’t love a day like that?  

2. Go bowling

Yep, sounds cliché but bowling is never a bad option to consider when it comes to teenage dating in general. It’s always been the classic couples’ activity, and for good reason! There’s a chance to compete against each other in a friendly way that opens up individuals naturally. It brings originality between the two people in a relationship – because when you’re being thrashed by spares in a bowling competition, behaving likeably isn’t a priority, is it? Celebrate your or your partner’s win with a snack you both enjoy – perhaps chicken fingers with fries on the side? You can’t go wrong with that.  

3. Paint with each other

You don’t have to be good at painting to enjoy it, you don’t even have to be artistic! Just grab your favorite colors and take a wild shot at the paper, do it together! You could set up a small contest to draw the best portrait of your dog, winner gets a snack treat at the corner store.  

The point of giving you these ideas is that when you’re in an honestly valuable relationship, you can make sense out of anything. Just being together is enough to make the day a lot better, use it to your advantage and have fun with each other in all the simple ways you can.  

4. Visit a museum

This idea adds up to the whole attempt to keep the suggestions economical here for the teenagers. Most museums aren’t there with a fixed price on the tickets and other museums would even let students in for free! Being a student has its perks, why not use that in your dating endeavors?   

Make the trip educational while you go out together, it can be more fun than you think. Especially if your significant other is into history or artifacts, the interests of the individuals in the relationship matter a lot.  

5. A coffee date!

Ah, the most basic idea of them all. Just like bowling, this one’s a classic for a reason too! There’s something unexplainably amazing about getting into a cozy little coffee shop, with fun songs playing in the background and a chill vibe with the perfect lighting. You could even run through each other's playlist and maybe you'll find out which is 'our song'. Try it out as a date at any place you both like, because the great thing about a coffee date is that even the most expensive one will probably just cost you 10 bucks, that’s it. Who knows, that spot might become a go-to for you guys whenever you feel down.  

Date ideas for 15 years old and 16 years old

6. Hike a cliff together!

Plan a hike and head outside to conquer a hill together! It’s always an exciting activity to do together, it may be extremely exhausting or tiring but it’s all worth it. Just make sure you’ve got the right safety equipment though; safety should be the utmost priority when it comes to adventurous ideas like these. There are plenty of fun outdoor activities like hiking that are totally free for you to explore, all you need is the intent for it. Your city has a lot to offer, make use of it!  

7. How about swimming?

The weather just has to be warm enough for it, and you can hit a local pool, or better – the beach! There’s no competition for a beach date in the sun, it’s just way too romantic to think twice about it. The best part, again, is that it’s free. Splashing around in the waves together is an activity that’s always underestimated in terms of the sheer fun you guys would have together. It’s an excuse for the both of you to get one tone tanner too, eh?  

8. Try couples’ yoga

Trust me, it’s not as lame as it may sound to you. Yoga can be a great way to bond with each other, all you need is a mat, and clothes that let your body work freely, that's all. It’s good for your bodies physically, and more importantly, it’ll be absolutely hilarious watching one another attempting to master the poses you’ll see in the pictures. It’s a great way to relax, improve coordination with each other, and also making memories. These are the things that count the most as teens, aren’t they?   

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9. Go mini-golfing!

It’s a cheap, competitive, and an incredibly fun idea to go mini-golfing with your significant other. The anticipation involved before taking shots, and laughing at each other for missing the easiest ones, it all adds up to accumulating memorable moments together. There’s no chance of boredom in this option, literally. There are ton of such activities you can go to for indoor sports, try this out before you look for more though!  

10. Hit up an amusement park

You don’t have to try every ride they have, but just a stroll in an amusement park with a few adventurous rides here and there can add up to be an extremely exciting experience with your partner. Going on dates that involve thrilling activities, that get the heart racing, are much more likely to incite feelings of affection and happiness with the partne, as you hold on to each other for dear life. wink  Rides at an amusement park are always a great idea to achieve just that, grab some snacks on the way and make the day count! 


The key is to learn that you can enjoy the simplest of activities when they’re done together. The date doesn’t have to cost a lot for it to be memorable when the two of you accompany each other. When you realize that, every date will be truly special. Then, when you do find yourself able to afford a nice date at a fancy restaurant, that’s just going to be a whole another level of fun for you both. All the best!  

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