I Can't Stand Him 24/7 in the House! 23 Ways to Stay Sane

Learn how to stay sane when he is now always at home with you

By Sameet
I Can't Stand Him 24/7 in the House! 23 Ways to Stay Sane

Facing Your Partner 24/7 is Not a Good Thing

Don’t let that time come when even your partner’s breathing starts to annoy you. Relationships that have an adequate amount of space, usually work best. But when you both are trapped inside the house for so long, this could turn really bad in a very short time.

This happens because too much of everything is bad and yes that applies to humans too. Of course it’s romantic to spend more time with your partner but there is always a needed break that keeps things sane. If there are no fights, then romance and love would be meaningless.

23 Ways to Stay Sane with Him Around With You All the Time

1. Talking about the insanity

Well, that is a great way to get rid of the insanity by just talking about it. And by talking, we don’t mean arguing and just bashing each other with complaints and problems. Proper communication works like a charm in every situation.

2. Have a separate ‘Me Time’

Being bound together doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do every single thing together. There can be some Netflix shows for you to watch alone, maybe take a nice long bath without being interrupted, go out to the balcony and watch the stars.

3. Date Nights at home?

Staying together all the time does NOT excuse you from date nights. Why not pick a day in the week when you actually dress up and make the extra effort to woo each other. A nice home-made dinner and a break from work will do the trick.

4. Restrict the arguments

It’s normal to argue, even about the most unexpected and least important things. But what you can do to minimize that is, restrict the arguments to once a day. Ask him that he can complain about only a single thing, the whole day and you would do the same.

5. Sweet gestures

You don’t have to go out and get him the perfect gift to surprise him or make him happy. Just a cute little note on the bathroom mirror, making him his favorite dessert or sending him a cheesy text, these are all effortless sweet gestures that would keep the mood light.

6. Don’t let the sex die

It’s totally fine to have a little fun and intimate time even though there is a lot of stress in the world. You have to play your part to reduce your and your partner’s anxiety. Keep it hot.

7. Be straightforward

If you keep piling up the annoying stuff going on in your head, it’s going to be bad for both of you. Tell him from time to time what you want and what he’s doing wrong. Don’t come too strong; just say what you’d like to have around, politely but straight up.

8. Goodnight, with a kiss

There’s never an excuse for a goodnight kiss or hug even if you’re tired and exhausted. And especially when you’re not in a good mood, this will be a gesture to make things up no matter what.

9. Laughter therapy

Laughter is the best therapy. You have to get your mind off of the terrible news and never-ending thoughts about what’s going to happen. But instead of this, do something that would make you two smile, like funny VLogs on YouTube, follow meme accounts, or even harmless pranks.

10. Work hours and back rubs

That is like the biggest perk of working from home. When you’re so tired and exhausted in the same posture for hours, ask your partner to give you a quick shoulder massage or a back rub. Do the same for him when he’s working, he’ll love it and you more.

11. Sleep in separate rooms once in a while

Of course, after talking this through, give each other some bed space as well. After some time of sticking together all the time, one night won’t hurt. Maybe that will make me realize each other’s value too.

12. Separate working zones

If you liked the time when you were all by yourself in your office, then create a little office of your own. A nice and cozy corner in the house where you can set up a desk and all of your essentials would do.

13. Respect his personal space and time

Maybe this isn’t the perfect time to be all clingy and demanding. If he wants to watch a TV show alone, let him. You watch your own too.

14. Take shifts in doing chores

There is no rule to who’s always going to cook and wash the dishes. Now there’s a lot of time for both of you to make schedules and shifts so that everyone gets to participate and has a sense of responsibility.

15. Think of people BESIDES him

He is around all the time now, so you should reconnect with some long lost friends and relatives through the social media. You do spend lots of time on the phone, might as well make amends.

16. Fresh air is a must

Being inside a building for so many days is just suffocating. Don’t forget to get your daily does of fresh air on the balcony or the terrace or your backyard. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea, with or without your partner in the open.

17. De-stress each other

Of course, everyone is under a lot of pressure, but the least you can do is share and ask your partner to do the same. You’d be surprised to know what they’re feeling. And venting out your worries eliminates them quickly.

18. Divide the living space into zones

Living in a confined space is already hard so it would be really smart to divide some spaces for phone calls from work, for listening to music, for watching the news etc.

19. Spend time recalling memories

Even though you can never run out of topics to talk to your partner but to make sure there are no arguments, you can always talk about the beautiful memories you made together.

20. Act like it’s your first date

All this time together and still no fun? Make the frustration go away by being a little silly and spontaneous. Imagine if you could have your first date back, and now dot it. Act like you’re a couple of newbies, this will help you stay sane for sure.

21. Get more sleep and be less irritable

When you’re cooped up inside and have no proper routine to follow, your sleeping patterns face the most damage. When you sleep less or at odd times, you get mood swings and anger issues. Keep that in check and ask your partner too.

22. Tackle your anger with exercise

Whenever you think like you’re going to explode, don’t act on your anger. Instead, channel it and utilize that energy in a little work out session or meditation. This will also motivate your partner to not get on your nerves and do the same.

23. A little self-control

Don’t just lash out whenever something’s not going your way. It’s a bad situation for everyone, including him. So be patient with him and he will be too. Even after a big fight, you regret getting into it in the first place.

Tips for a Harmonious Relationship

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We’re no love experts but here are some fundamental rules to make any relationship work:

  • Learn to listen
  • Always wonder what your partner is going through
  • Treat your partner like you want to be treated yourself
  • Always learn new things about your lover and your relationship
  • A healthy space doesn’t hurt
  • Don’t just assume anything, ask
  • Overthinking has to stop, permanently
  • Always be selfless in love

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