Tantric Masturbation: How to Masturbate in a Mindful Way

How about learning tantric masturbation as a new skill?

By Sylvia Epie
Tantric Masturbation: How to Masturbate in a Mindful Way

What is Tantric Masturbation

Tantric masturbation is a practice centered around self-love and self-pleasure, it sounds amazing, right? Well, there’s more, this pleasure centric practice encourages masturbation in an explorative, mindful, and spiritual way. It has much more to offer than your normal solo sex sessions. The word Tantra refers to an ancient practice that originated from Hinduism, Buddhism, and other ancient Asian tradition. The benefits of Tantric masturbation are similar to those of meditation and self-awareness.

Normally Tantra takes into account every aspect of a person's life, not just masturbation or sex, it involves everything from your emotions, beliefs, social interactions, daily routine,  etc. Those who practice Tantra see it as a path to self-enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment. Especially since its main focus is getting to know oneself on a deeper level.

Mindful masturbation is only a tiny part of Tantra but still a non-negligible part, it has been scientifically proven that masturbation releases endorphins like dopamine and oxytocin which help reduce stress and make you happy. Tantric masturbation is even better, how you must be wondering! It has the benefits of both masturbation and meditation all wrapped in one. It doesn’t get better than that, so if you're interested in knowing more about this thousand years old practice we've got you covered, let’s walk you through it.

Preparation for Tantric Masturbation  

To get started with Tantric masturbation you don’t need anything extraordinary, but since every one of us is different what you need may differ from one person to the next. However, here are the basic things everyone needs to get started on this pleasure filled journey.

Keep an Open Mind

The entire rationale behind tantric masturbation is based on the mind, a conscious state of mindfulness is necessary to achieve your personal desires and needs. Tantra is all about self-exploration and discovery which means you must be prepared for whatever you find and wherever it takes you especially the first time you try it. 

Have Time

Tantric masturbation should never be rushed, it is about self-exploration and self-love processes that take time to master. It’s all about attaining spiritual, emotional, and sexual gratification at your own pace. We do not recommend you to try it on the go, always make sure you choose to do it only when you have time on your hands and no interruptions.

Be in a comfortable Environment

A comfortable and cozy environment is key to getting orgasms, when a person feels safe, relaxed and at ease, they stand a better chance of climaxing. During your tantric masturbation session, make an effort to lie down comfortably on pillows, play soothing music, light scented candles and do whatever floats your boat as long as it makes you relax and feel comfortable.

How to Practice Tantric Masturbation

1. Set a goal.

Everything starts with an intention behind it, tantra requires you to have a clear set goal, and having an orgasm is not a goal just an after effect of self-love (Just so you know). What matters in Tantra is the energy you cultivate as you explore your body. For example, your intention for practicing Tantric masturbation could be to become more comfortable with your sexuality or your body, to overcome sexual inhibitions, and to engage your senses as much as possible. In this case, an orgasm is just the icing on the cake.

2. Concentrate on your erogenous zones.

The human body is filled with nerve-dense spots that are highly sensitive, these are what they call erogenous zones. Areas such as the back of the neck, the genitals, nipples, and other unlikely places where we normally like to be touched and kissed. Tantra helps you explore your body to discover such spots, and know your preferences. It focuses on you learning about what you enjoy with regards to sex and pleasure, finding sensations you never knew you could experience.

3. Move slowly

As it is often said this practice is more about the journey than the destination; Tantra’s focus is not on the finish line but rather on the ride, it requires you to slowly massage your clitoris, vagina, and vulva area or your penis. As tempting as it may be to rush to the icing on the cake, the joy is in the process, and the process takes time, so move slowly and savor every moment of pure pleasure you experience along the way. You may even be surprised to find that it is possible to ‘’enjoy the ride without making it to the finish line.”

4. Focus on Yourself

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This now is the real deal, when you’ve set your goal, gotten comfortable, and began your exploration, the next step is to focus on yourself. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and be mindful of what your body is saying. Let your feelings guide you, with tantric masturbation there’s no need for external stimulation like porn all you need is your mind. This is not the time to make a mental note of what to buy when you go grocery shopping tomorrow. Your focus has to be internal so you can better understand how you react to the touch of specific parts of your body.

5. Use sex toys.

If you want to you can use sex toys as well as lube, dildos, vibrators and other penetrative toys are a good way to get you going especially if you are used to them and they add to your level of comfort. When using toys don't go straight to penetration, start by using the toy to caress your body, your clit, or penis in slow and deliberate motions.

6. Achieve Satisfaction

As earlier mentioned, orgasm is not the primary goal of Tantric masturbation nevertheless no one can pass up the opportunity to have a big O which eventually occurs when you pleasure yourself using this technique. There’s even something called  Kundalini orgasm which occurs when you have mastered the art of self-pleasure. Kundalini is an ancient Indian term that describes a life force we release when our senses are awakened. This dormant life force can only be unlocked when a person is in an absolute state of relaxation such as during meditation or Tantric masturbation. With this in mind who wouldn’t want to give it a shot?

Resources to Learn More  

Getting started with Tantric masturbation is as easy as picking up a book and following the guidelines. Here is a compilation of resources you can use to get started. You won’t be an expert on the first try but with the right amount of practice, you can get there soon enough. We have done the legwork for you so you can ease into it without any hassle.

1. "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy" by Margot Anand

The art of sexual ecstacy

2. "Urban Tantra" by Barbara Carellas

Urban Tantra

3. "Liberation Into Orgasm" by Sofia Sundari


4. "Tantra: Sex For The Soul" by Niyaso Carter

Tantra sex for the soul

5. "The Ipsalu Formula: A Method for Tantric Bliss" by Bodhi Avinasha

The Ipsalu formula

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The best thing about Tantric masturbation apart from the pleasure it brings (obviously!) is that there are no set rules, it’s all about individualism and how you feel. Unlike with other practices, there is no good or bad way to do things, you are guided and left to explore and find your own way. Finding out what you like and enjoying the benefits without guilt, shame, or fear is indeed a beautiful thing. It’s about time you do you!

So, are you ready to embark on this self-discovery and spiritual awakening journey?


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