28 Sexy Things to Say That Will Make Him Go Wild on You

The hottest things you can say to your guy in every scenarios

By Fred S.
28 Sexy Things to Say That Will Make Him Go Wild on You

The hesitation in vocalizing your sexual fantasies with your life partner is totally understandable. Even though they’re the person with whom you’re supposed to be the truest version of yourself, the fear of sounding like a cringy weirdo always clings on to the back of our minds. Plus, with comedy movies portraying some of the most regrettable instances of dirty-talk attempts, we’re even more afraid to be totally embarrassed in front of our special someone.

This article will aim to change that by easing you into the concept and giving you ideas about where to start. It’ll go through the benefits of dirty talking and why they outweigh the fears in your head. Not only that, but we’ll also leave you with 28 of the hottest one-liners you can use to create that steaming chemistry with your other half from afar. Keep reading!

Yes, You May Sound Dumb - Get Over It

The deeper you think about what you’re saying, the dumber you’ll sound to yourself. That’s because saying anything related to sex is gonna sound ridiculous if you think about it logically; after all, sex is just two bodies rubbing together only because it feels good. Any creative way to narrate the act in words will end up sounding stupid if you really think about it, so you’ve got to stop judging yourself and get over it. Being okay with sounding silly is a rock you’ll have to climb over if you want to get into dirty talking, and it’ll be well worth it.

Use the Right Terms

You’re talking about sex, not surgery – you’ve got to use sexy terms for the body parts you’re talking about. That’s just basics. You shouldn’t be calling his dick a ‘penis’, and the same goes for ‘vagina’. Boobs, tits, and even breasts are all acceptable terms as well.

Don’t think too much about it, just go for what naturally comes to mind, no need to be extra creative with your sentences. It’s not an essay and no one’s marking it, stick to the generic sexy terms like cock, dick, and pussy. They’re not safe for work, but not disrespectful either, which is the sweet spot you’re looking for. Speaking of that, don’t go around calling him daddy in the very first stages of beginning to talk dirty, it’ll just be funny if you don’t ease into it.

Tell em’ What You Want

You’ve got to tell your partner what you’re fantasizing about with authority. Any use of direct commands to start sentences is often a good idea, such as ‘come over here’ or ‘get closer to me’. It does the job of heating up the moment without using any particular sexy terminology, which is the perfect place to start things off.

Once they actually get a bit excited by you saying that, and get closer to you, here’s where it begins. Hit them with something like “God, I’ve been wanted to feel you all day long…” or “I’ve been thinking about fucking you all day”. Accompany that by grabbing their hands and running them over your body and boom, it’ll be a steamy, steamy night.

Make your Statements Urgent with Authority

Phrases like ‘right now’ or ‘right this moment’ shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to dirty talk. Letting your man know that you want to touch him, feel him, or fuck him, gets way sexier if you literally can’t wait for it. Once they’re right in front of you, having gone through his whole day and ready to have a good time, saying ‘I need you fuck me, like right now’ works wonders.

Describe whatever you actually want to do, don’t shy away from it, like ‘I wanna suck your dick right now’. This isn’t you being controlling in any way, because you’re not imposing to do this stuff without your partner’s consent. It provides him with a hot little window to respond with either a yes or an alternative like ‘Wait, sit on my lap and kiss me before that’ etc.

Dirty talk about the physical aspect you love about him:

1. Seeing you in some tight jeans always turns me on.

2. Seeing you work out or move heavy stuff around the house is so hot.

3. I’m sorry but when you’re angry at me, it turns me on even more…

4. You’re even hotter when you’re all sweaty and out of breath.

5. Looking into your gorgeous eyes makes me want to kiss you every time.

Freaky Stuff To Say About What You've Got In Store For Later:

6. I want you back at the house right now, for strictly naughty purposes – IYKWIM.  

7. Sucks that we’re out in public right now, wish I could be in bed with you with curtains down and doors locked…

8. Wanna see what I’m wearing under this? Get us home then, quick.

9. Thinking about the last time we made love is making me go crazy.

10. Can’t wait to give you the best head you’ve ever had tonight.

Hot one-liners about things he does to you:

11. Get on top of me, I love feeling your body push up against mine.

12. Feeling you grab me and pull me, and just dominating me in bed is so fucking hot!

13. Hold me in those strong arms of yours all day, I want nothing else.

14. Looking at your face when you’re concentrating on something is always a massive turn on. (Try this when he’s on his laptop but you wanna make love).

15. Yes, hold my arms over my head… Love it when you pin me like that.

16. You grabbed my hair sends shivers down my spine…

17. I think feeling your lips on my neck is the hottest sensation I’ve ever felt.

18. Whenever I’m in your arms, I feel weak and super horny.

Sexy things to say on call;

19. Laying in bed in nothing but my underwear is so cozy.

20. Guess what I’m wearing?

21. I’ve got a fantasy for a guy to lick whipped cream off of my body… Wanna volunteer?

22. Just lying in bed… Wondering things I want you to do to my body right now.


23. I’m just lying in bed thinking about everything I want you to do to me.

24. Thinking about your dick always ruins my panties… Can’t help but get so damn wet...

Hot things to say in bed:

25. Yes, just like that. Oh, fuck yes!

26. Don't stop! Please, please don’t stop…

27. Kiss me, then down my neck, onto my breasts – I want dark hickeys there.

28. I absolutely love feeling you in my hands… Especially, *this* (grab his dick).

Delivery matters!

You’ve got some ideas to implement into your own sex life, but that’s not all you need. It’s not only the words that’ll be hot for him to hear, but how you deliver them, and how you sound when you say it. Keep these tips in mind!

• The tone of your voice.

The tone of your voice when you say sexy one-liners to your partner matters a lot. Sometimes, for shorter length commands like ‘Get on top of me’ or ‘Come over here’, a deep and soulful voice can work. Other times, you need to vary your tone and go higher with it to make it sound more excited and involved. A high pitched ‘Yes… harder…!’ can make your man go crazy in bed.

How fast you're talking.

You’ve got to stretch your statements and speak slowly, it’s way hotter that way. It always has a more powerful impact and makes him hear you clearer during it all.

What you're doing with your body.

Your body language needs to match what you’re saying to him. Saying that you like how his ass looks in tight jeans, but not even checking it out makes it sound disingenuous. If you’ve really been trying to feel his arms and biceps all day, and then say how much they turn you on later at night, it’ll have a much deeper impact on turning him on. Another example would be to look straight into his eyes when you talk about how beautiful you find them.

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Guys love when their girls get freaky late at night, with some unfiltered dirty talk coming straight to them in bed. It tells him that you’re just that horny for him, and he’s enough to turn you on and make you speak out your wildest fantasies. Commonly though, the dirty talk is left to men with women shying away from turning up the verbal sex-talk. Trust me, he’s dying to hear you whisper a sexy something into his ear.

But it’s not always easy to come up with something to say out loud, especially when you’re scared of sounding silly and ruining the moment. Well, to help you we’ve gathered some hot stuff to say to your partner to make things steamier than ever. Pick out the lines you’re comfortable with saying, and start showing him your naughty side!


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