20 Ways to Make Your Man Know the Importance of You

Witty ways to make your man appreciate you without reminding him

20 Ways to Make Your Man Know the Importance of You

Taking Each Other for Granted?

Have you been noticing a visible change in the behavior of your partner towards you? Forgetting anniversaries and birthdays, skipping or avoiding dinner dates, hardly giving any compliments are signs that your partner has started taking you for granted. It often happens in long term relationships and marriages that after some time the partners lose interest in each other. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other or are thinking about parting ways. The downside of the long term relationships is that you are always available and hence taken for granted.
Meeting someone, falling in love, and dating the love of your life are life-altering experiences.

You start living on cloud 9 and find everything special. Keeping your partner happy, seeing a smile on their face, surprising them on special events, and prioritizing their needs over your own is what you do when you fall in love. As time passes, the magic wears off and the reality strikes. This reality hits you hard as it brings its own kind of surprises. The same person, who was ready to turn the world upside down for you, doesn’t seem as interested now. 

Being taken for granted isn’t a feeling; it is a phenomenon that affects you mentally and physically. You start disconnecting, feel exhausted and miserable and life doesn’t look as beautiful.

20 Ways to Make Your Man Know the Importance of You

To keep the magic alive in the long term relationship and remain important for the partner is difficult but surely not impossible. Over a period of time, it happens that the same person who wanted to spend every second of their life you starts to ignore you. You stop feeling happy around them as you stop spending quality time together. 
It becomes necessary to evoke the feelings that brought you closer and bound you in the relationship. Mentioned below are 20 ways to make your man know the importance of you and make him fall in love all over again. 

For Long Term Relationship

Love and passion fade out in most long term relationships. As you enter practical life, in an order to create a balance between work and home life, you forget each other. The robotic lifestyle takes away the real joys and you start becoming distant from each other. To bring back the magic in long term relationship and make your man know your importance, here is what you can do:

1.    Stay in bed longer

Your partner might be expecting you to get up while he gets ready for work. If you think he is not giving you importance anymore and just expecting routine work from you; try staying in bed for a couple of days and see how he reacts. He might find this unusual behavior absurd and talk to you about it; that’s the time to tell him why you have been behaving this way. 

2.    Don’t do what he is expecting from you

If you have taken up most responsibilities of the household; try doing the exact opposite. If you make breakfast daily; stop doing it for a couple of days. He must notice what he is actually missing and ignoring in his life. 

3.    Forget your partner’s official dinner or a friend’s birthday

Official dinners and birthday/dinner invitations from friends are very important and you as a partner are supposed to attend every single one of them. If he is expecting you to be ready at a certain time, pretend that you forgot and won’t accompany him. This will make him realize that you are not obliged to remember things that matter to him if he is not giving you due importance.

4.    Look sexy

If he is not noticing you for a while, try and change your appearance for good. Wear something sexy out of the blue and see his reaction. Appearance does not mean only dress, it means getting a makeover including a new hairstyle, dressing style, and an overall change in the outlook.

5.    Make him feel that you are having fun

If he thinks that he is doing well without you and your absence isn’t making him feel worried, it means that you have lost importance in his life. One witty way to make your presence felt is to show that you are having fun without him. Go out with friends, have parties, show off your activities on social media, and see how he reacts. He will surely get back to you with an intense feeling of missing a big part of his life.

6.    Look busy

If you are always around and readily available for every task, you are considered unimportant. To get noticed, try to look busy when you are needed the most by your partner. For example, if he is in the shower and the water runs out and he asks for help, tell him that you are busy talking to your friend and cannot come for his rescue. This witty move will surely make a difference.

7.    Look sexy in front of his friends

If nothing else is working, jealousy will. A very smart way to get his attention is to look sexy when his friends are around. No man will ever like for his woman to look sexy in the presence of his friends. He isn’t paying attention? No problem; now he will.

8.    Talk about your Ex over the phone

Make sure he is around and listening while you call your friend and talk about your ex. A very smart strategy to get your partner’s attention is the ex-talk. Tell your friend how you miss certain things about your previous partner and how your current partner is way different from him. If he wasn’t giving you attention till now, he surely will after the phone call.

9.    Have fun with your male friends

If you have been skipping friends get together, now is the time to up the game. Plan meet-ups especially with your male friends and make it very obvious that you are going out with “guy” friends of yours. If he thinks that you are not important anymore, make him realize that you don’t care and you have other people in life who care for you. 

10.     Ignore his phone calls

If he can ignore you, you can do the same to him. Ignoring phone calls is the best way to make a man realize your presence and importance in his life. If you are just a phone call away, this time let him wait to get in touch.   

For Married Couples

If you have exchanged your vows and tied the knot, you think you are in it together for a very long time until one day you don’t feel as loved and as important as you did during the honeymoon period. The music has stopped and the dancing fairies are gone. Believe me when I say that you are not alone. Most women face this problem in their married life and think that their marriage is on the verge of breaking apart. The complaints of getting ignored by their husbands, lack of attention, and feeling less worthy are very common but have many possible solutions. You need to be a bit smart and witty to do the magic. Read on if you are looking for ways to make your husband realize your importance.

11.     Wear something nice and go out without telling him

Feeling ignored and unimportant can never be a misunderstanding. It is a genuine feeling and can be emotionally devastating. One way to get attention and make your presence felt is wearing some nice outfit and go out without letting your husband know. He will look for you in the house and not finding you around will surely make him worried. Wait for his panicked phone call and enjoy the reaction.

12.     Stay visible but remain inaccessible

It is easy to stay visible but to remain inaccessible at the same time is a bit tricky. Stay close but be indifferent, look good but not for him, have fun but with friends, eat out but without him; staying in front of him but unreachable will help you get his attention. He will notice this change in behavior and will surely talk to you about it. That’s where things will open up and he will know what his share was in your changed attitude.

13.     Flirt around

Married life is all about loyalty and dedication. If one partner isn’t giving 100% and taking the other for granted; the other has every right to do the same. Feeling less important in a relationship is the worst feeling. Let him taste it as well; flirt around and make him feel less important.

14.     Do what you love

If you are paying too much attention to how he is being indifferent, you are feeding his negative behavior. Stop paying attention and do something you always wanted to do in life. Pursue a career or pick up a hobby. He will come around soon.

15.     Order online and pretend it’s a gift

Witty, right? A few smart online stores give their customers an option to mark their orders as a gift from someone. You didn’t know that? Try and make your husband suspicious.

16.     Bring home roses

While coming back from work, buy a nice rose bouquet and come home in a cheerful mood. Let him guess who would have given the roses. Get much-needed importance and attention and enjoy.

17.     Share unseen pictures on social media

Go out with friends and share your pictures especially with male friends on social media. Make sure that your husband sees those photos. Your importance is only felt if your partner feels that he is on the verge of losing you. The pictures should be enticing enough to create a doubt.

18.     Make his friends praise you

If a husband isn’t praising his wife, he wouldn’t like good words coming from other people that too if other people are his own friends. Getting the attention of your husband is as simple as this.

19.     Share your secrets with someone else and make it obvious

Marriage is a lifelong promise of staying committed. You share your secrets with each other which makes the relationship even stronger. To get your husband’s attention and become important for him again, start sharing your deepest desires and secrets with someone else (a friend maybe but don’t let your husband know). He will soon realize that he too is becoming less important for you and will spring back.

20.     Compare him to your friends’ husbands

Men hate being compared with other men. If your husband overhears you talking to someone about how the husbands of your friends are more compassionate and affectionate towards their wives than yours, he will not like it. He will know where he is going wrong and will try to correct himself.      

Showing your Appreciation for Him    

Married couples and long term partners can drift apart. They can lose interest in each other and even fall out of love. The first step towards breaking apart is ignoring your partner in a way that they start feeling less important. There are several clever ways to get your partner’s attention in long term relationships and marriages. Among these witty ways are love and appreciation. They say, “Love conquers all” will not wrong you if your life partner isn’t giving you much importance. Give him more importance, show your ultimate love and appreciate him, and see how everything comes back. Appreciation and love can never go wrong in relationships. Whatever you want for yourself, give more of it to your partner. 

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For the man of your life to know your importance, you need to be yourself. Let him see the woman he fell in love with. The more you drift away from your true self the more he will drift away from you. Besides this, try these witty ways to make your man realize how important you are for him.

Good Luck!


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