How to Chat Up That Cute Girl (or Guy) with Ease in the Gym

See that cute girl or guy in the gym all the time? Time to act!

By Lisa Lee
How to Chat Up That Cute Girl (or Guy) with Ease in the Gym

Gym and Cute Guys and Girls

The road to fitness is littered with cute guys and girls. Forget online dating where many people hide behind heavily filtered profile pictures and strategically posed snapshots. Let's get into the real world where the action is. There is something inherently sexy about the gym, no denying. The sweaty and hot people in revealing clothes emitting pheromones and reeking of adrenaline moving to piped-in pumped up music. Already sounding better than swiping left and right on your phone screen?  Then it’s time to unearth your complimentary gym membership (or enroll in one – many have free trial periods!), get fit, and gain new friends.

Gym Etiquette to Follow

As a general rule, we do not hit the gym for dates.  Always remember that the primary purpose of joining a gym is for personal physical fitness, not socializing. However, we cannot deny that there are times in the sweaty, adrenaline-filled confines of the gym, seated on the rowing machine maybe your soulmate, “the one”, or just a cool person whom you would like to get to know better.

Bear in mind that since the gym is a safe communal safe, always observe proper gym etiquette and avoid being thrown out! Don’t turn off that cutie by being obnoxious even before you meet! Here are some important do’s and don’ts to follow.

Respect Personal Space

Always keep a respectable distance from others working out in the gym.  Not only will it keep you from looking like a creep but exercising in close proximity to someone else may result in tripping, bumping, or even heavy gear falling on someone’s toes.

Don’t Be an Equipment Hog

Remember that you are not the only one who will use the different machines and equipment in a shared gym. Do your exercise bit and do not linger to take that all-important selfie or consider the bench as a resting area. Be considerate especially if others are waiting for their turn.

Mind Gym Chat-iquette

While working out, refrain from drawn-out conversations. Don’t take up someone else’s precious workout time. Conversely, you can politely remind someone that though it was nice talking, you really have to get back to your exercise. Be careful with your jokes and avoid making fun of others while exercising. Even if you are with friends, onlookers might take offense at your private ribbing.

Mind your own business and lay off the unsolicited advice. It might not be appreciated even if needed. Should you want to say something, please don’t so it mid-exercise – no one appreciated getting interrupted and you will most probably be blown off.

Easy on the Personal Acoustics

Avoid excessive vocalizing, moaning, grunting, or dishing expletives. Yes, that includes the times your lifting heavy weights or getting through your cardio goals. Be mindful also when humming or singing. You may not just be “Got Talent” material.

Respect the Exercise Area

Once you’re done with your set, resist loitering around. Remember what your momma taught you; that it’s not polite to stare! And be conscious of mirrors- you might be blocking someone’s view while exercising. Check yourself that you do not stalk someone – meaning you follow them around the floor and use all machines right after they do. That is just downright creepy!

The gym is also not a place to be a "selfie-phile". That said, don’t be talking or video-calling with someone on your cellphone in the workout spaces. Lastly, the exercise areas are not a place to eat and drink. Hydrate, yes, but strictly no snacks or meals!

11 Ways to Chat Up that Cute Girl (or Guy) Without Feeling Awkward

With those rules in mind, you are now ready to meet and greet the cutie who was on the treadmill next to yours. In case you have been hiding behind DM's, PM's and other forms of online messaging for so long that you have forgotten how it is to strike up an actual conversation or are simply unsure how to break the ice when meeting someone in the gym, here are a few tips.

1. Dish out a compliment

But take note! Avoid complimenting on appearance or technique. The best thing would be to notice exercise gear or apparel. That way you circumvent hitting sore spots.

2. Ask where they purchased their shoes

This is probably one of the safest things you can say to get a conversation started – unless, of course, they aren’t wearing nice shoes.

3. Pair-Up and be Exercise Buddies

You can open up by stating that since you seem to have similar exercise preferences, maybe you could be buddies to encourage each other along.

4. Ask for help.

This is a great way to break the ice since many people would be very happy to show you how to do an exercise properly or how workout equipment is used. Don't be afraid to look like a newbie! 

5. Be Interested in the music they are listening to

Many advise against chatting up a cutie with headphones or earphones on. That's true. However, after their workout set, you can strike up a conversation on how your own playlist seems old and boring. Ask for suggestions on what to listen to while working out.

6. Let your body language talk

 Striking up a conversation becomes easier and more spontaneous when you have connected nonverbally prior to introducing yourself. A smile, a thumbs up, a helpful gesture like picking up a fallen towel or water bottle pave the way towards a more natural start to connecting in the gym. Always keep in mind the gym etiquette above and keep it classy.

7. Ask them to critique your form.

In contrast to giving comments about the way, others exercise, asking people to comment on your workout form will usually puff their inner peacocks and get them talking to you.

8. Catch them on a hydration break.

Many gym-goers do not like to be distracted during their precious exercise time. Most take water breaks between sets and this would be an opportune time to introduce yourself.

9. Tell a joke

This is a tricky one – simply because the joke needs to be funny and they need to be laughing at the joke and not at you! However, should you have the perfect occasion to crack non-offensive humor, do it by all means? Even if the joke falls flat, it might just open conversation! 

10. Be bold. Ask for their number!

This can actually work.  A quick line like, "I know we really take our fitness time seriously, but I would like to see you some time off the gym, can I have your number?" Then hand him or her your cellphone with the number ready to be keyed in. Could work!

11. Take the long and winding road

Now this one takes preparation.  If you have your sights set on meeting a particular gym mate but do not want to seem aggressive, work your way and give yourself time.  Be the affable gym member who greets everyone and compliments other people regularly – making you the nice guy or gal.  Naturally, you would have to greet your target as well.  When you finally get the guts, or when the timing feels right, delve into something more than just "Hello", "Nice Afternoon" and "Bye".

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When initiating contact with your fellow gym member, always remember that you have to gauge their response to you. It might be friendly and polite – OR- it might simply be disinterest. Know when to pursue the matter or abandon the mission and move on. You definitely don’t want to be known as the predator in the exercise room. Be yourself. Chatting up that gym cutie is just the same as talking to anyone else in the sense that there is no need to overhype.

So, gather up your courage, compose your lines and find the perfect timing to walk up to that cute someone in the gym – who knows, maybe you'll find a friend, a lover, or partner. Winnie the Pooh once said: 

 “You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.".


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