How To Introduce Yourself The Right Way To A Girl

Make a lasting impression to a girl with a good introduction

By Gerald Matiri
How To Introduce Yourself The Right Way To A Girl

If you want to make a good first impression as you introduce yourself to a girl, this is what you need to do and she will come back for more.

How do you start a conversation?

Starting a conversation with a girl for the first time is challenging and much harder if she is a stranger. Let’s face it; men generally have a problem when it comes to introducing themselves upfront to women they like. They end up feeling uneasy and all the words they had planned to tell her disappear from their minds. It feels like brain surgery to most men, but is really that hard?

The key is simplicity; try not to come across creepy. Do not overdo it like what some awkward guys do (being all over the girl, no pun intended). If you sound like a creep, the girl will make any excuse to get away from you, so how do you do it right? Here are a few tips to help that first impression last.

1. Make good first impression when you introduce yourself to a girl

What is the first thing she sees as you approach her? Are you frowning, smiling, or wearing a funny face? What about your clothes, body posture, and tone of voice? Your looks will matter a lot - most women are interested in decent and good looking men. Put on some decent clothes if you are planning to approach a girl you already know. Well combed hair is an absolute head turner. So, any time you are going out, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. You might bump into a hot girl you’ve always wanted to date.  First impressions mean everything.

You'll also need to learn how to introduce yourself like a pro over text. Stay calm and be the kind of guy every girl wants to date. You should leave her in suspense, and you can rest assured that she will be thinking about you all night long. Have someone ever walked up to you but you didn’t feel impressed? You might even not remember this because they made no impressions at all. The first 10 seconds of meeting a girl are the most critical - they determine whether or not she wants to keep listening to you. You only have 10 seconds to make a good impression. If you cannot capture her attention within this time, you are done for, and she won’t like to hear any more from you. And that is why first impressions are critical.

2. Make eye contact

You spot a girl at a party and you want to talk to her. Before you get around to speaking with her, make eye contact for a few minutes. She might look in your direction and when this happens, do not waste any time. If she smiles back at your eager smile, you will know that you are on your way to winning the game. She wants to know you.

3. Walk up to the girl with boldness

A sluggish walk or crooked posture is a good way to make a girl escape if she saw you approaching. Let the girl of your interest know instantly that you have a high self-esteem. Be positive and try to imagine that you own her. Confidence is a sure thing to win the game. She wants to see the twinkle in your eyes, and nothing will stop you from winning her over. Being bold doesn’t mean you have to be proud or arrogant. Show that you are comfortable talking to the girl so she can carry on the conversation. A simple smile is enough to show your confidence.

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4. Introduce yourself to a girl with a question

The typical way of introduction goes with a greeting - "Hi, I am so and so," but you don’t have to do this. You can choose a more creative method of breaking the ice and make the introduction memorable. Use a question that is relevant to the circumstances under which you meet the girl. Assuming you meet the girl in a circus, try a question like "Hi, I’m Jayden. Are these people for real?" Or, let’s say she is your classmate and you have no reason to approach her at all; you can pretend you lost your textbook and ask to use hers.

5. You don’t need to say your name

This sounds counterintuitive with regards to introducing yourself to the girl you like. Walking away without telling her your name works miracles. She will want to know you better. You will have manipulated her, but she won’t notice it. It is like playing hard-to-get, and it is going to work in your favor. So, do not be quick to tell her your real name if you meet on Facebook. Leave her with suspense so you can have something to talk about next time.

6. Patience pays

Nervousness is what causes awkward situations during the introductory stage. Take your time and do not be in a hurry when you introduce yourself to a girl. If you meet her online, do not be in a rush to type a stream of words into her direct messages. Use a steady tempo and do not allow the nerves get the best of you. Be careful of the words you choose and make sure they are comprehensible. When you feel your speech is going too fast, slow down and breathe deeply. In case she seems uninterested, simply walk away and stop bothering her.

7. Do not only focus on her looks

Girls love compliments. Go to her and throw a decent compliment and she will warm up to you. If she smiles, then it is a sign you should go on. Women like it when guys want to talk to them about other things but their physical looks. Of course, a girl wants to hear that she is beautiful but at least not as the first line of the introductions. You can only talk about her gorgeous body once you have established a deeper connection with a girl. At first, introduce yourself with a topic which is not related to her looks. You can comment on the brand of her bracelet or jacket but do not talk about her body.

8. Use a puppy or a kid to introduce yourself

The baby or puppy approach is a common practice among men, and it works well if you want to get to know a girl for the first time. If the girl finds the child or puppy cute, you will have introduced yourself without the usual awkwardness. This tactic has a higher attraction power and can help you achieve your objective with ease. However, she might see you as the perfect guy she has been waiting for. 

9. Charm the girl up with courtesy

A gentlemanly behavior is the best way to approach a girl. You will portray courtesy instantly if you are a chivalrous man. Otherwise, you need to cultivate being a gentleman to charm the girl. Keep a cool atmosphere when conversing. Don’t try too hard to crack jokes; be spontaneous instead. Some pleasantries that can make you a gentleman include pulling a chair for her, buying her a drink, or giving her a ride back home.

10. Follow up the girl online

If you really like the girl, you need to make a follow-up. The online platforms are some of the best ways to know her better. Request to be her friend on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other online-based sites. She might not remember you and so be ready to introduce yourself again. Before you request her phone number, do small talk to avoid spoiling a chance.

11. How to introduce yourself to a girl on Facebook

A crappy conversation is one thing that will ruin a first-time online meeting with a girl. The best icebreakers include light-hearted questions, jokes, and banter. It is a big deal that she has already accepted your friend request and now you cannot blow things up with weird talk. Start with a "Hi," and continue with "thanks for approving my friend request." After she replies and if she already knows your name, don’t bother reminding her. If she takes long to reply, do not bombard her with too many messages; she will get back to you if she wants to. You should not chat her up on a daily basis. Reply the previous messages and you will automatically introduce yourself.

12. Observe the surrounding to get ideas

Approaching a gorgeous woman at college with nothing else in your head except "Err, I’m Dickson," will not create an impression. You might be lacking something to say in which case you can talk about the surroundings. Take a good look at the environment and comment on something like, "I see you are reading the book I was just looking for. My name is Dickson." If she is talking to a bunch of girls, be confident and join the conversation. Never bring up something boring when talking to a girl the first time you meet.

13. Know that girls are different

People are not the same; the way you talk to one girl is not how you should talk to another. Something that worked for you in the past may not work now. It is said that a fluke happens one time and fails in subsequent times. Perhaps you are used to flirting a lot to get girls’ attention. You might be disappointed this time with this new girl. Be very careful when approaching a girl over text; only send a flirty text when you are sure she wants to flirt. Every girl responds differently to different ideas and formulas. One tip, be as simple as possible to introduce yourself the right way.


Women are tricky and picky. They know very quickly if they are interested in a man or not and so if you come off creepy, you may consider the game over even before it gets started. You bore her one bit, and she ignores you - rest assured she will never contact you on Facebook let alone a text message. Apply the introduction tactics, and she will always text and walk up to you over and over again to bring this another level.. Above all, listen to your heart.

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