7 Tell-Tale Signs a Sagittarius Guy is Serious About You

When a Sagittarius Guy likes you, you’re going to be cared for

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7 Tell-Tale Signs a Sagittarius Guy is Serious About You

What Kind Of People Are Sagittarius Men, in General?

The ninth sign of the zodiac, born between November 23rd and December 21st, is a mutable fire sign. They are represented by a centaur; a half-human and half-beast creature.  Being a mutable sign, they are good at adapting to change in their environments. This is a flexible and versatile type of individual. Their ability to adjust makes them a spontaneous person who is often fun to be around. They seek a higher meaning in life. This quality makes them avid learners, with interests in philosophy and travel. Most Sagittarians are also athletic and enjoy sporty or physically challenging activities. 

This fire sign is known to be a social butterfly and most likely has a lot of friends. They have good communication skills and understanding human behavior comes naturally to them.

Sagittarius men are straightforward and often may seem a bit rude to other signs. They usually lack a filter between what they think and what they speak. This makes them honest but also impolite in certain scenarios. Optimism is a quality of this sign that can act as both a strength and a weakness. 

How Do Sagittarius Men Fare in Being Loving Among All Other Signs Of The Zodiac?

The love language of a Sagittarius is not complex like a few other zodiac signs. With fire as the main element of this sign, they are feisty and passionate. Dating this zodiac will be a bit of a whirlwind.

A Sagittarius man will allow their significant other to have a lot of freedom. They strongly trust their partner once they have decided to commit to you. It is not like a Sagittarius to worry about how and with whom you are spending your time with.

What Qualities Attract a Sagittarius Guy?

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A person who radiates exciting energy will catch the attention of a Sagittarius man. They like confident people who are not afraid to take risks. Due to their audacious personality, they can’t imagine being in a relationship with someone who is too careful or organized. The element of surprise and mystery is what keeps them hooked.

Sagittarians above all give importance to authenticity. This is not someone who you want to lie to. One of the biggest turn-offs for this zodiac is a lack of honesty. Don’t pretend to be someone that you’re not because as soon as a Sagittarius finds out, you will no longer be in their good books.

The ninth zodiac is a hardcore optimist. They prefer to stay away from sad and depressing conversations. So, if you are someone who talks about their feelings a lot or is usually upset, a Sagittarius will not be attracted to this trait. Lastly, to make this fire sign fall in love with you, you need to let them have their independence. Make sure to give them space and never be controlling. If a Sagittarius feels restricted around you, they will do everything in their power to avoid your company. 

How Can You Tell If A Sagittarius Guy Likes You?

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Sagittarius men are one of the biggest flirts as compared to the other zodiac signs. They are charming smooth talkers that will instantly bring positive energy into the room. If they are interested in you, they will make sure to pay a lot of attention. Strong eye contact and body language are ways to tell a Sagittarius are into you. They are a fun company and playful conversationalists. He will do everything in his power to make you laugh as a strong sense of humor is a vital part of the personality of a Sagittarius.

7 Tell-Tale Signs a Sagittarius Guy is Serious about you

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1. He shows off

In general, a Sagittarius does not like to seem like he is better than other people. He enjoys social gatherings and making conversation. This requires him to be relatable to a certain extent. You can even find them indulging in self-deprecating jokes. But if you are someone he is romantically interested in; his behavior will be different than usual. The fire sign will boast and talk about his achievements in an attempt to impress you. 

2. He asks you a lot of questions

Sagittarius men are characterized by their carefree attitude. This can be a positive trait but sometimes can progress into carelessness. They can forget to take into consideration another person’s opinion. So, if they ask for your perspective and listen, this is a huge sign they are serious about you. It will seem like he just can’t get enough of you. You attract his interest and he wants to know more about you as an individual.

3. He modifies himself for you

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As he is a mutable sign, he will be more than willing to change some of his habits for you. He does not like to be restricted so you should never try to control your Sagittarius man. Yet if he wants your love and attention, he will do small things to improve and better himself. He will do things that he believes will please you without you asking him to change anything.

4. He plans exciting dates

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Spontaneity and excitement are very important to a Sagittarius man. This zodiac will plan trips with you and make every date feel like an adventure. A Sagittarius wants to experience life to the fullest and is driven toward people who provide that all-consuming sense of feeling alive. If he does not care much for you, the date will be something pretty cliché. Sagittarians value their freedom and independence greatly. You will know he is in love when he wants to spend more and more time in your company. He will invite you to every fun event and you won’t have to ask for his time and attention.

5. He will feel like a close friend

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 A Sagittarius is playful and friendly toward everyone. So, if he’s cracking jokes and trying to make not just you but everyone he comes across laugh, how will you know if you are special to him? In the beginning, he will feel like a friend and you will trust him to make sure you have a good time. He will give you a lot of compliments and support you in whatever endeavor you choose to partake in. If you are someone who has a lot going on, and new things to say, a Sagittarius man will enjoy this quality.

6. He confides in you

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Playing the role of the life of the party, it can be difficult to unlearn that character. Someone who makes people laugh and always feels like such a positive presence can feel like they are not allowed to be sad. Everyone expects them to be energetic and full of life all the time. So, if a Sagittarius guy cares about you, he will let his guard down. He will let you see parts of himself that he hides away from everyone else. Talking about hard times in the past, or simply letting you know they are not doing well is a sign he is taking you seriously.

7. He tells you he likes you

Being a fire sign, Sagittarius individuals do not shy away from speaking their minds. They will be honest with you and directly tell you how they feel about you. No other sign will prove his devotion to you as clearly as him telling you. They are no afraid of rejection and won’t hesitate to take initiative in your relationship.

What are Sagittarius men like in relationships?

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Ruled by Jupiter, this zodiac sign is very particular while choosing a partner. They never just get into a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. This characteristic of bouncing around in relationships can make them seem like a player. However, it doesn’t take them a long time to fall in love if it is with the right person.

In terms of intimacy, Sagittarius men make great lovers. They are versatile and open to experimenting with new things. Passionate natured, this sign will provide an experience unlike the ordinary.

They can sometimes fail to see the other person’s perspective. For a sign like Pisces or Virgo, this can be a difficult partner to love because they are not that considerate regarding other people’s preferences. But remember to take these little incidents lightheartedly as it is most likely that the Sagittarius did not have ill intent.

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Being interested in a Sagittarius man can be a tricky experience. But as long as both partners are willing to adjust and take into account each other’s preferences and comfort this will be a fantastic relationship. With Sagittarius’s playful and fun-loving nature, you will always be on the edge and looking forward to what’s coming.


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