How to Talk Dirty to A Guy Without Looking Like a Pervert

Make him want you bad without you feeling like a pervert

By Evelyn
How to Talk Dirty to A Guy Without Looking Like a Pervert

Talking Dirty is Not Only Reserved For Guys

"Yes! that feels so good!"

"Don't stop!"

Have you said anything like that to your guy when you're in the middle of sex? Has it made things hotter? Do you felt comfortable talking dirty to him? Maybe you did and maybe you didn't, dirty talk is not for everyone. Some people really like it but the fact is that it's not easy for everyone to express with words and out loud what they want. When it comes to dirty talk you have the lovers, the haters, and the ones that, even though they want to, they can't pull it off (without laughing or creeping their partners). Dirty talking should not be exclusive to guys, and actually it isn't. Lots of women really enjoy doing the dirty talk before and during sex. Sometimes it's a hit and sometimes it's not. 

Do men enjoy you talking dirty to them? Sure they do. They like hearing you describe explicitly what you want and need sexually, it makes their brains go crazy because they're visual creatures and you're matching your words with the images in their heads. Just beware that not all dirty talking will be received well. Your guy will enjoy you talking dirty to him if what you're saying is rooted in what you truly feel, want, or need.

Dirty talk is powerful, it can be a real turn-on. The brain is one of the biggest sex organs, it can conjure hot scenarios that can get you in the mood and make the experience better. Want to know other reasons why dirty talk should not be reserved just for guys? You should be doing dirty talking because it not only will enhance your sexual experience but it will also help in other areas of your relationship.

Talking dirty builds sexual tension

Dirty talking doesn't have to happen just during sex. Talking dirty to your guy before sex can really increase the sexual tension between you and him. Saying something like "I can't wait to strip you when you get home" will get him ready He will be thinking about you wanting to be physically close, so when he gets home you'll both be ready.  

Talking dirty makes for intense sexual encounters

Dirty talk during sex can really enhance and intensify it. You can tell him (or even scream) what you're feeling, what you want, or ask him what he likes... the outcome will be great.

Talking dirty will keep him thinking about you

Dirty talking after intercourse can be a playful reminder of what just happened and will keep the sexual tension going for next time. You will be in his mind thinking about his next encounter with you. You can even send him little reminders just to make sure. wink

Not Feeling Comfortable With Talking Dirty?

Are you not comfortable talking dirty? Don't worry, you're not the only one. There are many women (and men) out there that are not totally OK talking dirty or still feel awkward when it happens. Sharing your most intimate desires can help strengthen the bond and trust between you and your guy, still, the things said in dirty talking can make you uncomfortable because of the language used and the bluntness of its delivery. 

Have you pondered the reason why talking dirty can still make you uncomfortable? Maybe that discomfort is just a reflection of you're inexperience saying things aloud and without a filter. You're one of those persons that's totally in her head and doesn't know or doesn't like to talk about what's happening or what you're feeling while having intercourse. Some people really enjoy this play-by-play but for some people. all this talk can really ruin the mood. 

However, talking dirty in the right atmosphere can be quite tantalizing. It can get you out of your comfort zone and can transport you to another whole different place. Fancy trying again? Maybe what you need is practice and some advice on how to do it in a way that feels normal and natural yet sexy.

10 Ways To Make Talking Dirty Sound Natural And Normal

How can you "up" your dirty talking without embarrassing yourself and make it sound normal and natural? Well, no one got better at something without practice, so you'll need lots of it. You'll see that in the end, it will be worth it. Here's how you can get better at it.

1. Keep it simple

You don't need to transform yourself into a pornstar to talk dirty. Just say what feels natural to you at that moment. Don't feel like you have to write a script beforehand to "be prepared". Remember that it's not a sex monologue, so you don't have to talk all the time. A well-placed phrase like "I can't wait for you to be inside me" while kissing him will do the trick. If you're not comfortable with profanities or vulgar language don't use it. 

2. Push through the awkwardness

If this is your first try, acknowledge that you'll sound dumb at first... just get over yourself. Give into the idea, if you're set on spicing up your love life with dirty talking and you feel that what you just said sounds dumb, stop and laugh it up, then keep going. 

3. Deliver flattery in a sexy way

It's true what they say. "flattery will get you everywhere" and your guy will most definitely love being complimented during sex. A simple "I like when you touch me there" deliver in your most sexy voice will do the trick. Ask him how he likes hearing you compliment his body and then use all the adjectives that he approved. 

4. Become a pro at giving instructions

This may not be for everyone, because there are guys that don't like to be told what to do during foreplay and the main event but if your guy's OK with it, then go for it. For some people being instructed in what to do can be incredibly sexy. Try sending him a text saying something like "when you get home I want you to strip for me so we can play later", and see how it goes.

5. Use the right terminology

You're not at the doctor so don't get clinical with how you call your body parts. Part of dirty talking not sounding ridiculous is using sexy terms for your body parts involved. You don't need to get vulgar either or become a poet. There are some classics that work for a reason, so using c*ck or p**sy is acceptable and dirty enough. You wouldn't use them in front of your boss, they're kind of taboo and that's why they work in your dirty talking.

6. Get some inspiration

You can resort to magazines, books, TV shows, music, movies. If the narrative used in any of these examples is hot then you can find inspiration there. You don't have to use the exact same line or word but it can help you find the right thing to say while talking dirty. Using porn is not recommendable, especially if you're new to dirty talking.

7. Tell him what you really want

Basically, anything that expresses clearly what your desires are is what talking dirty is all about. You don't have to get explicit or filthy, a simple "Get over here" will tell him what you want. Now that you have him near you can follow with "I want you so badly", and that's it.

8. Ask questions

Asking questions like "How does that feel?" or "Do you want me to use my mouth?" is a great way to test your dirty talking and it constitutes dirty talking in itself.

9. Talk about sex outside the bedroom

One way to get comfortable with talking dirty is talking about sex outside the bedroom. Talking about it while you're not between the sheets can really help you because you'll learn not to be intimidated by dirty talking. It can help you to know what to say and express what you want during the main event. 

10. Talk about it later if something said was not taken well

If something said during talking dirty was not well taken by your partner, you need to discuss it later. Maybe you call him "Daddy" didn't sit well with him, or you used a totally vulgar word that threw him off. Either way, talk about with him so he can tell you why he was turn off by that and erase those terms from your dirty talking. 

8 Dirty Pickup Lines To Memorize For A Beginner

If you're new to dirty talking, the best thing to do is to ease into it with phrases that sound natural but that can inspire his imagination and puts him and you in the mood. Here are some pick-up lines you can use to start dipping your toes on the dirty talking world. 

1. "I just love it when you touch me like that!"

2. "I can barely concentrate; I just keep thinking about you grabbing me and taking me."

3. "Tonight I'm going to kiss every inch of your body -- and I mean every inch."

4. "I've been imaging all day what I'm going to do tonight to you."

5. "I need you inside!"

6. "First I want you to undress me. Then I want you to kiss every part of me."

7. "Put your hands on me."

8. "When you kiss me my legs get so weak."

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Talking dirty can be a little scary and uncomfortable at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find that it's fun and it can really spice up things in the bedroom and in your relationship.


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