Stealth Attraction: Is Richard La Ruina’s Program Effective?

Being with your dream girl has never been this easy… or not?

By Kimmy
Stealth Attraction: Is Richard La Ruina’s Program Effective?

What Are The Problems That Guys Usually Encounter When Approaching Girls?

Picking up girls is class gentlemen will never graduate from. Shy guys out there struggle to formulate a sentence around girls, which further enhances their insecurity about themselves, making them unable to pick up girls. Our world is ruled by attractive people. The world is unfairly like this most of the time. Attractive guys get the eyeballs most of the time and the shy guys are considered unattractive or nerdy.

Courage is not enough to get a girl. Even if you are brave enough to approach a girl seemingly out of your league, if you don't know what to say, you are still screwed. Guys and girls usually have a different mindset and many guys don't know how to adjust their mindset when approaching girls. There are so many problems they face and the skills they lack that they fail to make small conversations every time.

What is Stealth Attraction?

Source: The Barbaric Gentlemen

Stealth Attraction is an online course developed by Richard La Ruina, a world-renowned pickup artist. For video game fans, you might know Richard La Ruina from the Super Seducer series. It's a game where Richard goes to pick up girls under different circumstances and you have to make choices for him to see how good is your pickup artist skills.

La Ruina has gained massive success with his pickup artist's courses as well as the video game series. He has told the media multiple times that he was very shy growing up and didn't have the confidence to talk to girls. Eventually, he mastered the skills to approach girls with years of practicing and he opened up his dating coaching company PUA Training across Europe to help guys struggling through the same trouble. Since then, he has coached thousands of men the art in picking up girls.

Unlike its video games counterpart, Stealth Attraction is very direct and it teaches you all the skills you need. It's a video course where you will learn to read a lady's mind, her body language, and her subtle facial expression, all the things that tell you how much she is into you. The greatest selling point about Stealth Attraction is that you are taught how to read minds, which means you can turn the table around even if the lady doesn't like you at first by adjusting your choice of words and topics. Apparently it has helped many guys to pick up girls they thought was way out of their league.

What Are The Key Features Of The Program?

Short and precise. Users have reviewed that the course can be done in 3 hours and all the key points are clearly layout. Not everyone has the time to sit through a 100-hour course to listen to theories that they most likely will never use. Richard made the course as precise as possible to allow students to practice the skills immediately.

It's an online video course, meaning you can take it from anywhere. There's no awkward staring in class wondering who's your classmates or feeling ashamed to walk into a dating coaching center thinking you are not good enough.

Psychology is one of the major subjects the course touches on. Even if it's not used in picking up girls, the same psychology applies to when you are to impress someone else. Understanding body language and facial expressions will only be beneficial to you when you want to turn the situation to your favor.

La Ruina claims to have perfected with crafts with years of experimenting and failure that his course is the concentration of the best of the best. He wants guys to know that anyone as shy as he was can have a chance to be the most desired guy in Europe like how he climbed up the ladder. He has dedicated his life to innovating his crafts that he is confident any guys will find the course useful and relatable. He wants the course to change the course and level out the playing field so not only physically attractive guys have all the girls.

What Do You Get When You Purchase The Program?

Aside from the standard Stealth Attraction course, the company is often throwing bonus courses to maximize students' gain from it. Usually, it comes with a 4-hour extra bonus class talking about other aspects of picking up girls such as in different scenarios and handling girls with different personalities.

La Ruina knows how to make students feel their money is worth every penny, just like the psychology he teaches. Upon purchase, you will get your own private access to the course and the bonus classes, if you are lucky there may be other bonuses too, although that's not guaranteed and the exact content is unclear.

What Are Its Advantages Compared To Other Similar Programs?

La Ruina is known for his fun, edgy personality and his sense of humor. Students will be able to learn quickly and at the same time find the course interesting. He never lays out theories like it's in a book. Students will have a good laugh while learning and see exactly what should not be done.

PUA Training is the biggest and arguably most successful and the best dating coaching company in Europe. La Ruina doesn't outsource his success to others. He created every course himself and is dedicated to making his company thrive. Whereas in many other dating coaching companies, courses are made and drafted by many different instructors. The quality and content are rarely standardized since they come from the hands of different people. PUA Training makes sure standard quality is one thing you can count on.

With their massive resources, PUA Training is able to offer its students a well-rounded experience. Every detail is well-researched. Other companies may not be able to prove their methods or skills statistically because they are not as well-run or well-funded.

PUA Training has made a name of itself with La Ruina's success in the digital world. Thousands of men have taken his courses and find it extremely useful in helping them understand women and the art of being a pickup artist. Their courses are recommended in their field by many publications. It provides one of the highest quality content in its industry.

What Are The Positive/Negative Reviews About Stealth Attraction?

Taking a course to be a pickup artist can be controversial. Stealth Attraction course's official page has provided countless of positive feedback from its students, praising the course to have changed their lives and their perspective towards women and things. It has helped them gain confidence and learned psychology that is applicable in many situations.

Other media outlets have also expressed positive reviews on Stealth Attraction, claiming it to be another success of La Ruina's. They credited his success to his ability to attract not only women but also a huge man following.

However, negative reviews aren't lacking in this seemingly magical course for men. A lot of critics have panned Stealth Attraction for being a cheap shot to exploit women's psychology, saying if anyone has to pick up a girl by manipulating her feelings and thinking, it's underhanded. La Ruina is not teaching you to be yourself. But rather, be someone else that you know the girl will like. Predict what she wants to hear and how she will react and you act accordingly.

Critics suspect Stealth Attractions are creating robots that know how to pick up girls but don't know how to maintain a relationship. If you can only pick up a girl by being someone you are not, what will happen after you have picked her up? Can you really put a mask on forever to please her, to be who you think she wants you to be? This may actually further damages one's self-esteem in the long run if they fail to maintain every relationship ever.

Indeed, La Ruina's main focus is on picking up girls. What happens next is something you will have to figure out. All the skills he teaches are about pleasing women by predicting their wants and needs. Rarely you hear about him telling you to be yourself. People are also skeptical about the usefulness of such a course. Teaching someone how to pick up girls via video is like learning how to perform a surgery on YouTube. Some people believe there's no one method that would work for all because everyone is different after all. What he teaches may only cater to a group of men and not everyone. It's best to go out and have your own tries and figure out what is the best way for you.

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Impressed by La Ruina's Stealth Attraction course? Picking up girls may have never been so easy. Whether or not you believe in such a course, it's still good to know that there are people out there offering solutions to shy guys out there. Maybe one day La Ruina will come up with another fun and interactive way to preach more skills to benefit guys worldwide!