How To Get My Libra Partner To Get Over An Ex And Move on

Why Libras can’t get over an Ex and how to push them forward.

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How To Get My Libra Partner To Get Over An Ex And Move on

Libra: Strong Connection to Relationships

Have you found yourself falling head over heels for a Libra? Do you deeply care about them but find out they are stuck in their past relationships? Well, this is the article for you! If you want to know how to finally get your Libra man or woman to move forward in their relationship with you, keep on reading.

Libras are the seventh sign of the zodiac wheel. People born between 23rd September and 22nd October fall into the category of Libras. The most prominent trait of this sign is their diplomacy. They can see things from multiple perspectives, which allows them to be forgiving and understanding. When one knows where the other person is coming from, it is easy to be more sympathetic and think with reason. This sign is highly loyal and romantic but as with every individual, they come with their flaws.

There is one major reason as to why it is difficult for a Libra to move on from their ex. This air sign puts a lot of thought and consideration into every decision they make, no matter how small the matter at hand may be. It leads them to be a bit indecisive at times. Libras like to weigh every pro and con before entering a relationship. It takes time for them to commit and this can be frustrating for someone who has a crush on them. But it is apparent that when a Libra commits it is no whimsical or impulsive decision. They are deliberate and purposeful in whom they give their time to.

So, when they split up with a partner, they start to question if it was the right thing. The diplomatic and empathetic parts of a Libra will make up their mind to keep on forgiving every mistake to the point where it is unhealthy. Confrontation is strongly avoided by a Libra so they will do everything except facing the truth. Thus, due to the above-mentioned points, it is a big challenge for your Libra partner to fully move on from someone they spent so much time and effort on.

Benefits Of Getting Over An Ex And To Move Forward

Time for Yourself


Being in a relationship requires a lot of work. Whether that may be emotional labor or contributing to domestic activities, there is so much that goes into building a relationship. In this way, a nice balance is created with contributions from both partners.  When your connection with your partner starts to decline, one of you will start to slack on this effort. This causes the other person to be required to do more of the work to maintain your bond. All of this can take up a lot of your time and mental space. Even after the breakup, you extend to constantly be on your mind. The benefits of finally leaving them behind will allow you to work on yourself once again. Hit the gym. Get your hair done. Try some soothing meditation. Redecorate your living space. There is so much you can do to welcome this new change into your life with a positive mindset.

Find New Love

Breakups are hard even if you were the one who decided to split up. In all situations, it is not an easy task for the heart to move on. But some reasons led to your separation. Either one of you did not treat the other right or perhaps it was just the wrong time. Whatever the reason may be each person we come across and have the honor of loving leaves us with a life lesson. So, take the things that could be improved and open your soul to new people. Only when you are really and completely over your previous partner will you have a chance at love again. Once you move on, there are endless possibilities to the people you can meet. There are 7 billion people on this planet; you can do better than your ex.

Be Free of their Judgment

Moving on from a lover is a very freeing experience. Anything that they held you back from, no longer has any kind of hold over you. You are a person and you have the power to steer your life into any direction you want. Perhaps you wanted to move to a different city but your significant other was based here. Maybe you always wanted to dye your hair red but your partner never liked the shade on you. Or maybe you wanted to go sky diving but your love was never as adventurous. Well, guess what? If you decide to leave behind your feelings for your ex, you will be able to do whatever you want. You no longer seek or desire their approval. Your ex’s opinion of you becomes irrelevant.

Your Expectations Change

When you cut every virtual and physical string attaching you to this person, you start to see the reality of who they were. Sometimes love really can blind us. If you still care about your past lover, you will compare each new person that comes into your life to them. Our mind tends to put people we care about on a pedestal. We think they are above the rest of our friends and acquaintances. Our brain and heart have been programmed to get used to this person. Therefore, once you realize that your relationship was not ideal, you will be able to see people from a fresh perspective and make room in your life for healthy change.

Ways To Get A Libra To Move Forward

Reassure them

Libras can get worked up after a breakup. They will begin to overanalyze everything that happened in their relationship. This cardinal sign wants to keep balance in everything they do. For this exact reason, they have been represented by The Scales in astronomy. Your Libra lover is most likely extremely worried that they made the wrong decision in letting their ex go. As their new partner, you have to reassure them. Let your loved one know that they are smart and they are capable of making the right decision. Help them to build more trust in themselves as a good lover is one who uplifts and improves their partner’s life. Having faith that what they did was right will be the key to aiding them in the process of healing.

Encourage them to write

There is so much going on in a Libra’s head that you couldn’t even begin to imagine. It can take up a lot of your mental energy to scrutinize a past relationship. Their thoughts can become entangled and clutter their mind. Push your partner to let out everything they are feeling onto paper. Writing down your feelings and emotions can help get over an ex. Journaling is an excellent method to let out the entire gunk clogging up your brain. If you are listing everything that went wrong in your head, maybe try to put in down on paper and see the difference it makes in your mood. Although writing it by hand is encouraged, you can also just type it out if that is what you prefer. 

• Remove all traces of the ex

It is not your place as their new lover to remove your partner’s ex from their life. In the end, it is their decision and you must respect their boundaries always. But if your Libra is holding onto gifts that remind them of their ex or still have photos of them in their home, remember to gently remind them that it is not healthy. Seeing things that remind you of your ex can trigger feelings of nostalgia and erase all the work you have done to move forward.

Try something new together

To take their mind off things, perhaps go on an adventure. This can be something like a road trip, a yoga class, or maybe even just a day at the spa getting a couple’s massage. Make sure it is not something they have done with their previous partner because it will result in your Libra comparing you to their ex. But something new, refreshing, and fun will help them build new memories to cherish with you.

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When your Libra partner finally starts to move forward, they will see you for the great lover you are. Do not think your efforts to help them will go unnoticed. This zodiac is extremely appreciative and loving. As long as you’re putting in the same amount of effort as they are, a Libra will be devoted to you and give you the relationship of a lifetime. Try to be empathetic and above all give them time. Once they warm up to you, the sparks will surely fly!


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