5 Manipulative Ways to Make Him Worry About Losing Me

Sometimes people need to be afraid to make him treasure you

By Sophia R
5 Manipulative Ways to Make Him Worry About Losing Me

The High Likelihood of Being Taken For Granted

Can you blame someone when they have no idea of ​​the effort you have made for them? Of course, they may feel pampered or special for the first few times. But once it starts to feel like a routine, indulgences turn into expectations.

And if you don't behave in the same way or don't push yourself one day, your lover may get mad at you! The more you try, the higher your expectations. And before you know it, you get nothing in return, and yet you are expected to go out of your way and do something special for them all the time.

Why Manipulation is Not a Bad Thing or A Bad Word

Manipulation is a term that is often uncomfortable or considered negative. If you talk about manipulation, everyone understands that it is something that should not be done. Manipulation, seen from the negative point of view, is when someone gets another person to do or think what they want of their own free will when they did not want to do it before. That is, it is understood that a person is manipulated when they end up saying, doing, thinking something that they did not want out of a feeling of obligation.

Positive manipulation consists of the opposite, to make someone see that they must do something even when they do not want to, but in a good and persuasive way. When you convince them that doing it is the best thing that can happen to them and they do it of their own free will, they have changed their mind for the good. You can see, put in this way, that not every time we change someone's opinion about something we are causing them harm or manipulating them in a negative way.

5 "Manipulative" Ways to Make Him Worry About Losing You

The idea here is that you just give him a nudge so that he begins to realize that at any moment if he neglects you, he can lose you. Do not miss the five powerful tips that we have for you and in a few days, you will see how that man will fear losing you, because he really loves and values ​​you, and does not want to get away from you.

1. Start taking more care of yourself

If you want to awaken that feeling of fear of losing yourself in your man, you have to prioritize your physical well-being: watch your diet, exercise, give yourself a weekly massage ... Without hesitation, this will enhance your physique. It is an immediate effect.

Then he ... will become suspicious, because he will notice that you are going to the gym because you are doing some personalized training because you are going to yoga classes ... and he will wonder ... why this change in attitude? Without a doubt, he will know that you will become more attractive as time passes and, therefore, more desirable in the eyes of other men ... and so, then, this boy - if he really feels something genuine for you - will begin to experience the fear of losing you.

2. Resume your social life

So now is the time to get back to your social life. Go out with your friends, have fun, dedicate yourself to a hobby ... but all this far from him. Let him know that you are independent, that you don't need him to be happy and much less to have fun.

So he will begin to question and doubt the relationship, whether you are better off without his company. Let him know that your life is complete without him and if you are not his priority, he is not yours either. Keep doing your things like before he existed. That he understands that not only when he was in a plan of conquest should he make space in his agenda for you.

3. Stop being avaliable for him

If you are one of the women who always answer a message or call instantly, you are always when something is offered to him and even when he suggests some way out you never say no, he will feel quite comfortable and will not fight to take care of you or keep you.

4. Challenge him

Men love challenges, that motivate them when they notice that something is safe it stops being attractive and little by little they lose interest. Now, for him to want to be by your side again, you must forget about him a little.

5. Be independent

Most men love to be the hero of the woman they love and especially to realize that she needs them for everything. When he sees that you are not one of those people, that you can do what you want and achieve what you set out for yourself, he will strive because you depend on him.

What is Considered Going Overboard in Manipulation?

Manipulative relationships, whether in the family, partner or among friends, often cause negative feelings such as guilt and sadness. As well as a weakening of our personality, plunging us into a situation of non-validation and incapacity. A manipulative person will make you feel guilty for what you do, even if there is nothing wrong with it.

There are people who really put all their effort into helping you, but others just say so. You can identify the manipulators because every little act they remind you of whenever they can. In addition, they will make you feel that you have an obligation to thank them and if you don't, you are the villain of the story and you don't love them as much as they do you. Nothing is ever enough for them.

Forget getting something from these people without feeling obligated or guilty, or any other negative feelings. They are usually experts at making you feel bad. Manipulative people love to have power and will seek it in any way. 

Manipulators will also take advantage of their insecurities to control you. Sometimes these insecurities don't even really exist, but they convince you that they are there to make you feel sorry. Some of the phrases you will hear are: “My previous partners have cheated on me so many times that now I prefer you not to have friends of the opposite sex. Do you understand me? "," I've had such a bad time before, that anything you do related to it causes me great suffering "...

Manipulators are very ironic in their behavior. On the one hand, they make you feel that you are responsible for what they feel. On the other hand, they seek to convince you that they are right when it comes to very personal decisions of yours.

With these people you will feel strange and in a chaotic world. If they feel sad they will say it is because you did something that made them that way. If they are angry, they will make you review your behavior to find out what you did or said. The manipulative relationship is very exhausting because it makes you feel that you do not have control over your life and that you are responsible for everything negative. They become an emotional burden.

Making Him Learn to Appreciate You More

1. Value yourself

If you want others to respect you, you must first do it to yourself. When you value and love yourself, you surround yourself with people who respect who you are and are drawn to that security. That is why they will respect you and give value to your company.

You must be clear about your value so that, no matter how much love you may feel for another person, you will not tolerate a man abusing you in any way. Not verbally, physically or psychologically.

2. Make him understand you are independent

Two people are involved in a healthy relationship. Both should be appreciated and loved. If you notice that he does not show interest, do not wait for him. Go out with your friends, have fun on your own. Stop looking for him, do not give him gifts or details.

If he is interested in you, he will notice the changes in your attitude and he will approach you again. They may ask you what happens or they may want to win your affection again. Let him know that if he wants to be with you, he must show it.

3. Have zero tolarance with abuse

There are different ways of not valuing a woman. On the one hand, he may act uninterested, but on the other - much more serious - he may be verbally, emotionally, or physically violent. If this is the case, get away from him as soon as possible. You don't deserve to have someone in your life who hurts you.

In these cases, violent men are often possessive and need to feel like they have control over you. He may want to make you believe that if he is jealous of you, or violent, it is because he loves you and is afraid of losing you. But putting up with abuse is not the way to make a man appreciate you.

4. Play hard to get

If you maintain a strong character, the man you are interested in will value you. At the beginning of the relationship, they see you as an interesting challenge. Once you are in a stable courtship, if you respect your space and individuality, he will be drawn to your independence and your ability to live your way.

When a man feels confident that you are in love with him, he may lower his guard and show affection. Not because he doesn't love you, but because many times they don't think it's necessary if you're already fond of.

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In these cases, you should make a change in the way you usually treat him, such as not always being at his disposal and moving away from him a bit. It may seem difficult, but it is a good wake-up call for them to value what they have.

You must make him understand that you have a life of your own with dreams, illusions, projects and goals that you want to achieve and that you would like to share with him, only if he gives you value and support in your projects.

But this must be reciprocal. Just as you expect him to support you, you should also support him in his goals and show him affection. A relationship is like a team that is formed to meet goals, create a family and build a life together.



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