5 Crucial Things You Must Know About Erotic Kissing

Doing the perfect erotic kiss may not be as easy as it looks

By Melissa L.
5 Crucial Things You Must Know About Erotic Kissing

What Is Erotic Kissing?

Do you remember you and your partner’s first kiss? The anticipation, the butterflies, the intense excitement that came along with it. Whether it was a little awkward or absolutely mind-blowing, there’s no denying it was special. However, as time passes, kissing starts to become more of a daily routine act and less of a moment of passion and connection with your partner. Deep kisses were replaced with soft, quick pecks, and romantic mouth action during foreplay was probably forgotten, too.

Despite it being one of the main sensual and sexual acts two people can perform, kissing is often overlooked after a couple has been together for a while. It shouldn’t be, though, because the main act of kissing is crucial in maintaining a deep connection with your man. And when kissing is used to arouse your partner and make things hotter and more exciting in the bedroom, we’re talking about a whole new category: erotic kissing.

Erotic kissing means you use your mouth and tongue to deeply stimulate your partner all over their body in order to achieve a higher state of intimacy and new waves of pleasure. It can be used as part of your foreplay repertoire, as a way of turning each other on by exploring your erogenous zones, or just an experience that two people looking for more intimacy can have together. Whatever your end goal is, erotic kissing is a fun and easy way to spice things up a little bit. And the best part is, you don’t need fancy toys or specialized equipment. Just the right mindset and the willingness to go all in! 

What Are The Benefits Of (Erotic) Kissing?

Although it may look like a simple act, there’s actually a lot going on when two people kiss. Locking lips with someone you care about and truly want to kiss sends a signal to your brain to release two hormones: serotonin and oxytocin. Serotonin gives you a feeling of happiness and excitement, and oxytocin makes you feel attached to your partner. That’s why kissing is so important in maintaining happy and long-lasting relationships.


Also, our mouths and tongues have an immense amount of nerve endings, so we shouldn’t underestimate how much pleasure we can give and receive by kissing. Erotic kissing is also a healthy addition to a couple’s private sex life because it’s a simple way to make things a little edgier. You just need a long, deep, sensuous kiss in the right place, and your partner’s pleasure waves will reach new, unpredictable heights.

5 Crucial Things You Must Know About Erotic Kissing

1. It’s the perfect way to light the fire

A deep, sensual kiss is the perfect way to send your man a clear message: I want you, and I want you right now. Even if you’re out in public, a long kiss or a few erotic pecks on the neck are enough to turn your partner on and get him in the same mental state as you. Chances are, once you light this fire, you won’t be able to put it out, so use this weapon discreetly!

2. It’s easy and adaptable

Erotic kissing can be daring and passionate as much as it can be delicate and provocative. You can start off nice and slow or strong and passionate. There are no set rules when it comes to it, so make sure you have fun and always have pleasure in your mind.

3. Communication is key

If it’s the first time you’re trying erotic kissing with your partner, make sure to voice your feelings and thoughts. Explore each other’s bodies freely, have fun with it, and take notes of the things you like so you can share the information with him later. Don’t forget to be attentive to his desires and wishes, too. It’s amazing how easy it is to please each other once you both share what you like!

4. Go where your partner likes it

Maybe you know he has a sensitive neck, or maybe he has talked before about trying whole-body kisses. Whatever it is, listen to him. With each new kiss and every new body part explored, watch his reactions attentively and remember what he likes. That way, you’ll get a foolproof erotic kissing map of his body in no time!

5. It’s not for everyone!

As with everything else going on in the bedroom, erotic kissing is not for everyone. If you don’t enjoy it, or if you realize your partner isn’t having a good time either, don’t force it. There are many other tips and tricks for you to try to keep spicing things up!

How Do I Prepare For Erotic Kissing?

Erotic kissing requires that both partners are in the mood for pleasuring and spending intimate time with each other. If you believe erotic kissing is something you two might enjoy, you could try discussing it with him (remember, it’s important to always be on the same page about what to do in the bedroom!). Bring it up one night and share your ideas and thoughts with him. Then, try to set apart an entire night with no interruptions, and go for it then.

Also, if you’re reading this article, it probably means that the idea of trying erotic kissing with your partner has come to mind, but you might not know where to start. Don’t worry! Reading about it is an amazing way to get a head start on all things erotic kissing-related. If you’re in the process of looking for new ideas to try, or steps to follow in order to have an amazing night with your man, keep reading!

How Do I Kiss Erotically? (Steps In Erotic Kissing)

Every couple is different, and you guys might have your own pace and way of doing things. Perhaps you’re more of a go-with-the-flow type of couple and you want to go into the action head-on, or maybe you prefer to plan things out and take it slowly. Whichever you are, these are our best tips for how to kiss erotically, one step at a time.

1. Set the space

Before you and your partner decide to try erotic kissing, make sure you set the space into a good, welcoming environment for a night of passion. Dim the lights, light some candles, and put on some soft music. Make sure nobody will bother either of you and that you have plenty of time to have a night of passionate exploration.

2. Be in the mood

Erotic kissing requires both partners to be in a certain mindset. You must both be willing to try, thirsty for new things, and lusting after each other. Erotic kissing is meant to be treated as a fun way between a trusting couple, so if you’re looking to try it, pick a night (or day!) in which you are both in the mood for something new.

3. Start slow

Once it’s time for both of you to get to it, start slow. You may choose to take turns or decide to go one after another. Explore your partner’s body with intention and care, stopping at every new erogenous spot while you look for a reaction. Wait for him to do the same with you and start learning where to kiss each other to get the hottest result possible.

4. Build momentum

After you’ve already explored each other’s bodies and found your new favorite spots for erotic kissing, keep going there and building momentum. Since you already know what’s making your partner excited (and vice versa), you can both work on getting each other all hot and bothered, as you continue on your journey towards the end.

5. Let passion take over

Everything you’ve done all night has been leading up to this moment, so enjoy it! After you’re both riled up enough, you can let passion take over and go all the way, or you can continue kissing and enjoying each other’s presence for as long as you want. Whatever it is, just allow yourselves to have a night you’ll never forget.

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No matter how long you’ve been together with your partner, kissing should never be forgotten or overlooked. It releases hormones that are crucial for strong, long-lasting relationships, it brings you closer and, of course, it’s fun! Also, the mouth and tongue are extremely sensitive areas of the body, and you will be amazed to discover how much pleasure they can give and receive.

Erotic kissing is a new, exciting way to discover your partner’s erogenous zones and steam things up in the bedroom. It can lead to a night of full-blown passion or become a memory of intimacy and care between two lovers. If you remember these simple steps, you can easily include a session of erotic kissing into your foreplay repertoire any day now. Who knows, you could even start today!


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