10 Signs Of A Desperate Woman: How Not To Date One

Signs that you may not know that makes you look desperate

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10 Signs Of A Desperate Woman: How Not To Date One

The Law Of Balance In Relationships

Human beings are incapable of surviving completely on their own. We all seek love, affection, and understanding. When we come across a person in our life that seems like the perfect fit, it feels magical. We want this person to be in our life so bad that we are willing to do anything for their attention and admiration. The truth of the matter is that desperate people are rarely able to get the person that they want. In any kind of romance, there has to be a harmony connecting the two individuals. If one person loves the other one more, eventually the relationship will fall apart. A partnership without balance is bound to not last. In certain cases, there is not much one can do to equalize the relationship but there are some things we can all learn from while chasing our crush.

10 Signs Of A Desperate Woman

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1. She buys you things all the time

Small tokens of appreciation from time to time are loved by everyone. Presents and favors are a nice way of showing someone you care. But there is a way of overdoing it. If a girl has just known this guy for a couple of weeks and she buys him very expensive presents, it can come off as desperate. Presents do not just include items you spend money on. Doing favors he did not even ask you to do or unnecessarily cleaning up after him also makes you look desperate. Try to avoid doing things a wife would do when you are not even his girlfriend yet. None of these things have ill intent. The woman is just trying to get her crush to like her. But remember organic and heartfelt desire can never be bought with materialistic goods. All you will get is a man who uses you and wants your money.

2. You are in constant communication

Are you texting with her day in and day out? Do the two of you constantly hang out? This can be a little suffocating for the other person. When you have a crush, you naturally want to spend more time with them. You just can’t seem to get enough of this person because you like them so much. But it is wise to remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Now, you may be physically distant but in today’s world of quick communication, texting him constantly is a big no. You must also mentally distance yourself. A little bit of space will be beneficial for both of you. It might even make him feel more attracted to you.

3. She is always available

Someone who seems to have no other plans in life except pleasing you will not catch your attention in the right way. Do not be the girl who is ready to do anything at any time with this guy. Show him that you have a whole life outside of him. Let him know that even though he is on your mind, your entire world does not revolve around his approval. Never cancel existing plans with friends or family to hang out with a guy that you barely know. This is one of the most desperate signs in a person. Stick to your plans and make time for him later.

4. Asking for too much too soon

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Many people have had terrible past experiences with their relationships. This makes them feel a bit hesitant toward long term commitment and relationships. Try not to rush into things. Take it slow. Get to know all the beautiful and ugly parts of each other before you start talking about a future together. As a woman, you may not even know if this person is worth it yet. A lot of people take their sweet time showing their true colors. Be careful who you commit to.

5. Not respecting boundaries

This is crucial to maintain any healthy relationship. Even with friendships, establishing boundaries is vital. Someone who doesn’t respect what you are willing to share with them and what you are not is borderline toxic. This trait is not just desperate but disrespectful. It can be hard establishing boundaries in the first place, so, if you do manage to make things clear yet the other person just will not take your comfort seriously, it is time to ditch them. Be aware of your faults and negative traits. Only then can you work towards a healthy partnership.

6. She hops from one relationship to another

If a woman just can’t seem to stay single for long, it is probably because she is bad at being with herself. Spending alone time and working on you is crucial to being a good partner. If someone constantly needs to be in a relationship even if it is a bad one, this is a major red flag. Emotional support is important when it comes to healing from a breakup. But you must find this support in friends and family. If it was a really bad experience therapy may also be of use. Jumping onto another relationship is not the key to getting over your previous one. A girl’s past relationship history can tell a lot about her. So, if you find out she has never been single for more than a couple weeks, you may just be her crush for the week.

7. She fishes for compliments

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Does this girl constantly put herself down so that you can build her up? Does she degrade herself so that you can assure her she is beautiful? This kind of behavior is a desperate woman’s behavior. It is normal to doubt yourself from time to time. But if it is too over the top, your crush will start to think you lack confidence. It is so unattractive when someone is complaining about their appearance all the time. We all struggle with insecurities but a desperate woman will not just be insecure, she will need you to make her feel secure about herself. There is only so much energy and effort one person can put into complimenting or lifting someone. Do not expect too much. Never fish for compliments from a guy you just met.  

8. She can’t tell when she’s not welcome

When he makes plans to go to a football game she wants to tag along. When he wants to spend time playing video games, she wants to play with him. If he is having an all-boys night, she wants to be the exception. It is an important life skill to know when you are not welcome in a space. A desperate woman will invite herself to hangouts and parties when no one even wants her there. You must remove yourself from places where you are not enthusiastically welcome. Only agree to go if you are invited somewhere. It will only be a source of humiliation for you if you keep up this behavior. Spending time apart can make the two of you more interested in each other.

9. She ignores rude behavior

So the guy you are interested in leaves you on reading disrespects you, shows up late to your dates, and whatnot. Yet you still let this attitude slide? There is nothing more desperate than forgiving mistreatment. If a woman starts to put up with disrespectful behavior from a guy, she sets a precedent for their relationship. How you let him treat you at the start will determine the rest of your time together. Put him in his place when you need to. There is nothing more important in this situation than your self-respect. Know your worth and do not let him step all over you. This is not just desperate but bad for your mental health. It can even make a guy lose his respect for you.

10. She complains about being single

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People who complain all the time are not fun to be around. Always whining about how lonely or single you are will drive people away. It may intimidate a new love interest as well if he is not ready for something serious so early on. A desperate woman can’t stand being alone so she will be very vocal about her relationship status. She wants someone to step in and be her Prince Charming. Yet with that attitude toward herself, the possibility of that happening becomes more and more unlikely. 

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Just like in any other relationship, learn to speak your mind.


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Acting desperate for a man will only lead a woman to humiliation, rejection, and more loneliness than she started with. Respect the person that you are and think before you fall head over heels for some guy. You deserve someone who treats you well. So, don’t go chasing someone who is not interested in you. Sometimes playing a little hard to get will take you a long way. Keep the balance of a relationship in mind. Avoid giving what you are not getting in return and you should be good to go.


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