Casual Relationships: What it Means And Why Men Prefer It

Have an idea why guys you're dating only want it 'casual'

By Aey
Casual Relationships: What it Means And Why Men Prefer It

What Is A Casual Relationship? Casual Dating?

Casual dating is an understanding between two individuals who decide to date each other without any expectations of a future together. The easiest term to describe a causal relationship is being friends with benefits.

How Long Do These Relationships Last?

It really depends. Both individuals enter a relationship like this just for the thrill or just for sexual pleasure. It lasts till that feeling exists. Most of the time, both parties are happy to continue until one of them starts to catch feelings for the other. In this situation, both may want to end things to avoid any complications. The people who specifically look for casual relationships are those who don’t want any kind of feelings or drama involved. When that comes into the picture, these relationships end.

What Are The Benefits Of Casual Relationships?

Casual dating is a concept that isn’t as widely accepted as it should be, considering the benefits it has. If the people involved are happy with it, the people around should mind their own business and maybe read the following benefits to be more open to the idea.

1. No drama

We all know that when we’re talking about relationships, feelings are usually involved because of which drama follows. Everyday life is dramatic enough. For some people, the drama just isn’t what they’re looking for at the moment. If that was the case for every relationship, what about the needs of such people? This is where a casual relationship saves the day! Two people looking to avoid drama can understand each other the best while having the time of their life under the sheets.

2. Open Relationship

The world is filled with people having completely different values. Some believe in monogamy while others cannot make peace with it. For such people, someone else with the same view is how they can find a partner. Casual dating is your best shot at finding a partner who doesn’t believe in monogamy. Maybe you fit so well with each other that you decide to try out a committing to be in an open relationship.

3. You’re not answerable to anyone

Why did you dance with that person? Why are you wearing this? You cannot flirt around like that! Remember all those arguments about what you can do and what you cannot do? Well, casual dating is free of all those. Sounds like a dream come true to me!

4. You have time to decide

Once both of you have established that the shared relationship is casual, there is a lot of time to get to know the other person. I mean, you can hang out every day, have sex every night and talk all you want without the fear of “that awkward conversation” approaching. A casual relationship also is a very effective way to get to know a person because there is no judgment involved hence no filter. Both of you are most real with each other. This is why in a lot of cases, people end up falling in love. Go and watch ‘No Strings Attached” & “Friends with Benefits” if you haven’t already!

What Does Casual Dating Mean To A Guy?

If a poll was to be taken, most guys would blindly go for casual dating with a cool girl. I can’t see why someone who isn’t in love wouldn’t want that in their life. To guys, casual dating is their fairytale! A cool girl with whom they can hang out like guys and have sex too. It’s an opportunity of getting their emotional and sexual needs fulfilled without the responsibilities of a ‘boyfriend’. I mean, if we take an example of a conventional scenario: They will split the bill every time, he can check out other girls in front of her, he doesn’t have to stop playing video games just to give her time, he won’t have to be answerable to a girl for having a night out at the club with the guys and he gets to have sex with her! Yes, a fairytale come true is what casual dating means to a guy.

4 Signs That Your Relationship Has Turned Serious

Even though there should be no drama and feelings involved in a casual relationship - we’re talking about humans with feelings here. When real people are involved, what shouldn’t be done doesn’t always mean it isn’t going to happen. Here are a few indicators that your casual scene is not so casual anymore:

1. Jealousy

Suddenly, you cannot stand him/her admiring another person? Or they act weird when you talk about someone you like? Congratulations, that is jealousy - a sign that your relationship has turned serious.

2. You avoid the topic of the nature of your relationship

One day, you woke up next to each other and the air was just different. That led both of you to avoid talking about things that might lead you to call your relationship casual. The word casual has all of a sudden become the topic of dread. Well, that’s because things just aren’t casual anymore. Both of you are avoiding the inevitable “we need to talk” conversation.

3. Both of you are together all the time

You don’t remember the time when you weren’t together outside of work hours or other obligations. It’s been going like that for a while and both of you can’t even think about going out with other people. This is a sign that things have gone serious. The only thing that’s stopping you guys to talk about it is the dread that the other person might not be on the same page and the conversation will be the end of it.

4. To understand the opposite gender

Casual relationships are an amazing way to understand the opposite gender better and to work on sex skills. You can openly ask questions and try out different things with different people at the same time!

Rules of Casual Relationships

1. You’re each other’s last priority

This is one of the unsaid rules and the one on which the whole idea of casual dating stands. Don’t expect them to care about your feelings. Don’t expect them to call after a night of action. There cannot be constraints to what both of you can or cannot do. That’s the whole point of it.

2. Honesty

Honesty plays a huge role here. If you’re seeing someone to casually date, let them know. You’d be surprised at how many people are accepting and trying this themselves. Similarly, if either of the party starts catching feelings, that needs to be communicated honestly as it ends the whole point.

3. When feelings get involved, commit or end it

When feelings sneak into the picture, that’s where a decision needs to be made. If it’s only one side, continuing it will be unhealthy for both. If the feeling is mutual, maybe it’s time to commit.

4. Ensuring you’re both on the same side

Even if you’re each other’s last priority, regular communication on where each of you stands will save you a lot of drama. Both of you should listen without any judgment. The only questions asked and answered should be: Have you caught any feelings for me? If yes, that’s the decision point. If no, great! Keep ongoing.

5. Lives should be intertwined

The number one mistake people make in a casual relationship is intertwined with their lives. Introducing each other to friends is a step that normal couples take; not the people who are casually dating! You don’t have a date to go to a wedding, ask a close friend! Inviting each other to places will only put wrong ideas in the head!

6. Don’t talk about other people you’re seeing

You’re just in it for the sex. They don’t need to know details about your everyday life and your dating life. It is just sex! Not sharing who you’re seeing is a major rule in a casual relationship.


There is no doubt that casual dating has always been practiced by people all around the world but wasn’t talked about. Now that people are a lot more confident about their choices and couldn’t care less about what society thinks, casual dating and relationships have become a lot more common. If you’re not in love or committed to anyone, you have clear ground! If you’re new to this, reading this article was a good idea.


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