Oh Really?: Top 6 Things Cheaters Say When Confronted

No matter how hard they try to deny it, cheating is cheating.

By Sophia R
Oh Really?: Top 6 Things Cheaters Say When Confronted

When Do We Usually Suspect That Our Partner Is Cheating On Us? (What Are The Telling Actions, Common Signs, Etc.)

Well, don't worry, dear reader. There are signs that betray all the infidels. If you really want to find out if your partner is having an affair or a lover, read on. If not, better get off the page now. You know that out of sight, out of mind.

If you still have doubts at the end of the article, we offer you unsolicited advice: trust your intuition. Doubts do not appear by themselves. Also, the key to a successful relationship is based on mutual trust. If you've gotten to the point of searching the internet for "signs of infidelity", bad sign.

That said, let's go to what we have come: these are the signs that give away all unfaithful:

1. They are distant

One of the clearest signs of infidelity is the emotional distance shown by the person who cheats on their partner.  They are suddenly withdrawn or depressed. They have nothing to say, speak what is fair and necessary and it seems that they do not care how the day has gone even to the person with whom they share a roof.

The unfaithful go from being attentive, close, and trustworthy individuals to the opposite. If you have noticed that your sweetheart is distant lately, they do not write/look/touch you as before, be careful.
And, beware, this distance is not with the other people around them. In fact, the other way around: they become more loving to others around him, whether they are friends, co-workers, parents, or children.

2. They think everything is wrong

They get angry or criticize everything. They can even be quite cruel with your comments. You always have the same routine and suddenly it seems wrong. Or maybe the series you were watching together now bores them and they prefer to be with their mobile or absorbed in "their" things.

If you've noticed lately that your partner is growling about everything they used to like, and doesn't accept any new plans, chances are they are cheating on you.

3. They think you control them

The third point in the list of signs of infidelity we have the issue of control. Infidels often complain that their partner controls them when they themselves are the ones who are trying to control everything around them so that they do not get caught.

Be clear, reader, that those who cheat have great stress: the nerves of not being discovered the affair are added the classic fears and regrets.  So if you start to notice that your partner feels that you control them, or that they suddenly feel bad that you ask them what they are doing or what time they are going to get home, worry more. 

4. They change their habits

The fourth and one of the clearest signs is that they have changed their habits. For example, now they leave work later, have many trips, have joined the gym, or have a new paddle tennis group. Weird, weird, friend.

In addition, and what is worse, they do not realize that they spend less and less time with you, it even seems that they do not care. 

Top 6 Things Cheaters Say When Confronted

1. "You are just crazy"

Guess is it easier to blame it on someone's mental state than actually admitting the crazy ones are them.

2. "He/ she is just a friend"

Never believe this one. If you think that he/ she is their lover, not their friend, it must be for a reason.

3. "It was just a one night stand"

Because of course, they think that it being "just a one night stand" makes things any better.

4. " I am sorry"

Yes, some cheaters actually admit it all and apologize for their actions.

5. " Things are just not the same between each other anymore"

Others might also use their affair as a way out of their relationship.

6. "I love you only"

And lastly, there are some that try to distract you with their claims about how much they only love you.

How Would You Know If They Are Being Sincere With Their Words? (Could Be In Terms Of Speech Delivery, Facial Expressions, Actions, Etc.)

It would be great to have a portable lie detector and use it with whoever we want. Or that there is a physical reaction like Pinocchio's where his nose gets bigger every time he lied. However, we do not have either option. What we do have is our senses and hunches to know if someone is lying. And, of course, with our attention. Find out how to recognize liars:

1. Too many words

People who lie often speak in a rush and go into more detail than is necessary to achieve their goal of being convincing. This "verbiage" can be accompanied by excessive gestures and phrases such as "I am telling you the truth" or "I am completely honest with you at this time."

2. Microexpressions

It is about those facial expressions that can be imperceptible if we do not pay enough attention. They appear and disappear in a second. When someone lies they can raise their eyebrows, mark the lines of the forehead, or make a repetitive movement with the lips.

3. Inconsistencies

If we are honest we tell the same story over and over again without changing a comma. However, when we lie we can use other phrases totally opposite each other. There may also be an incongruity between words and facial or body expressions. If you are saying something sad but there is a smile on your lips or vice versa, it may be because you are not telling the truth.

4. Touching their nose and mouth

This is one of the most common signs when someone is lying. It is an unconscious reaction that can indicate “I cover my mouth because of the lies I tell” or “I don't want my lips to show while I hide information”. In the case of compulsively touching the nose, beyond a cold or allergy, it could be due to the increase in adrenaline in the nasal capillaries due to anxiety or the stress of lying.

How Important Is It To Learn To Confront Cheaters (And/Or People In General)?

First of all, this strategy allows us to feel good about ourselves. If I say to myself "I am going to find a solution to my problem", I am being brave and determined and this psychological predisposition will make me feel satisfied. On the contrary, if through some psychological mechanism I manage to evade my responsibility, it is very likely that unconsciously I know that I am doing it wrong.

Second, facing reality is, in a way, our moral obligation. Thus, if someone harms us with their bad actions and we do nothing for any reason, our behavior is ethically reprehensible since we have allowed evil to prevail.

Third, by facing the facts with determination and without self-deception, we are taking a very important step to improve the situation. Consider someone who is told by the doctor that they have a disease. The first reaction will be one of fear and concern. Once the initial shock of the bad news has been overcome, the patient has two options: resign himself because he considers that he cannot do anything, or else adopt a combative and positive attitude to overcome the disease.

What can/must I do next if my suspicions are affirmed?

Without a doubt, infidelity is one of the worst experiences you can go through in a relationship since trust in the partner is lost and the affected party is very hurt. Some people decide to end the relationship after learning that their partner was unfaithful, but others want to give it another chance and continue fighting for their love.

If your partner has cheated on you and, despite this, you decide to stay with them because you feel that the positive weigh much more on the scale than the negative, you must be willing to do great internal work to release all the negative feelings that this breaks in the trust it has generated. If your partner was unfaithful to you, you will most likely wonder if everything you have done for them not been enough, or if you are not valuable enough, please avoid these kinds of thoughts! Infidelity does not have to do with your value, but with internal problems with which your partner could not work properly with you.

The best thing you can do is try to strengthen your self-esteem and think about all your qualities and what makes you special and unique in this world. Pamper yourself and do activities that make you feel happier, healthier, and more complete, from your artistic hobbies to some type of exercise or sport that you love.

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Why you should not buy into his excuses and hurt yourself


Feeling cheated on and betrayed by your partner creates a lot of discomfort. It is normal for you to feel pain and for your self-esteem to be resentful. Therefore, the best option is to go to a professional psychologist and get special help. For now, we hope we can be the most helpful with this article.