8 Hot Tricks To Make Your Boyfriend Want You Sexually

Achieving this does not only mean work on the bed, honey.

By Hana O.
8 Hot Tricks To Make Your Boyfriend Want You Sexually

You might be new to the relationship and unsure if he’s sexually interested, or you’re years into the relationship and feel like the fire need some rekindling. Either way, here are a few tricks that would get your man confirming his desire for you. Heads up, ladies, a lot of these steps don’t require steamy action in bed. There are a lot more ways to get him addicted to you.

How Do I Know My Man In A Deeper Sense?

With every relationship, there comes a moment when you both are forced to take things to the next level and, consequently, get to know each other in a more profound way.


It takes time to build a solid foundation, and it takes a lot of communication, both spoken and non-spoken, to achieve that deep level. You can observe your man, study him, initiate an engaging conversation with him, and poke into that mind of his to fully get to know him.


From there, you can practically decipher everything there is to know about your special someone, including ways to make him want you sexually. Regardless of the countless tips and tricks, you can consider from friends, family, or even the Internet, only you would know best which ones could apply to your relationship.

How Do I Let My Boyfriend Know That I Want To Have Sex?

The advice to be given here is very much dependent on the type of relationship you have because only you know best how your partner operates, so to speak. If he’s the straightforward type who won’t quickly understand hints, you can skip the treasure hunt and possibly awkward misunderstanding and just ask, “Hey, you up for sex?”


You can also try giving him hints or teasing him in case you find it challenging to be that assertive. Flirt with him a bit, scatter some sexual innuendos here and there, and hope he gets it. You can also use your physical appearance by wearing some seductive lingerie (or nothing at all) to get the point across.


The relieving thing about these hints is that they’re a learning process. He will master your approach to the point that you can tell him you want some steamy action with just a look.

How Do I Make Him Want To Have Sex With Me?

Without further ado, here are a few tried and tested tips to get him hooked to you sexually.

Be the best version of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually.

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who is content with her own skin. Work at becoming the best version of yourself, whether it’s physically through keeping fit and healthy; mentally, through meditation and staying as stress-free as possible; or spiritually in a way that is self-fulfilling.


Your partner will see you bloom and only want you more. This approach is multi-faceted because you are content and happy with where you are at while your man is so proud of your progress that he can’t get enough of you.

Do something new

The sky is the limit for trying out something new with your partner to get him to want you sexually. You can purchase new lingerie or sex toys, try out roleplaying or cosplay. If you both are comfortable with it, there are other paths to sexual experiences that you can explore, such as BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism).


Chances are, this bold desire for a new experience will only make him want you more. The thought of you both exploring unknown pleasures will get him addicted.

Surprise his socks off

Let’s say you’re out for a drive. Why not initiate some sex action. Make him feel like he’s back in college where things could quickly get kinky at the back seat. Perhaps book a camping trip or a picnic and initiate it there. Whatever it may be, introducing sex randomly is surprisingly a huge turn on.

Seduce him through deprivation

Then you have deprivation. You can try this technique out just because we’re humans, and we tend to yearn for things that we can’t have. Build him up to a climax and walk away. Of course, literally walking away would get him pissed. What you can do is wait a bit, then build him up again. The release would be so much more satisfying.

Take care of him

As we’ve said earlier, getting your guy to want you sexually doesn’t have to revolve only on things relating to the bed. By taking care of him, you show him just how much he means to you. Cooking for him, keeping your place clean and tidy, or surprising him with clean laundry are only a few examples of simple gestures that express love and affection.


They say, “happy wife, happy life.” The same goes for your partner. When you supply him with a lot of love, he can’t help but love you back.

Study him

Most guys are pretty straightforward when it comes to their sexual desires. They usually know what exactly they want, dream of, expect or wish for in bed. Why not ask him about it?


He might want to have a threesome, and if you’re up for it, you can give it a go. He might like cuddling after sex, so you can do just that consciously. It may seem like it’s all about him, but think about how satisfying your sexual experience will be when your man is fully satiated and pampered. Chances are, he will want to reciprocate too!

Initiate some action

If you’re not keen on being the one to start the sex, maybe because it’s not your thing or you don’t know how to, then you have the perfect opportunity to try. Watch his eyes bulge in surprise when he realizes the tables have turned.


Take it up a notch and take the lead with foreplay. Instead of him going down on you, why not give him some love in return. Guaranteed, he will love you even more for it.

Play with the senses

Try on a new perfume, wax your legs and rub the ultra-smooth surface over his thigh, wear something see-through, or cook his favorite meal. There you have smell, touch, sight, and taste. Tweak this according to his preferences as only you would know best what makes him tick.

How Can I Keep My Boyfriend Interested?

We’ve mentioned this earlier, but it is essential to not forget about yourself in the relationship because this will give you the energy, motivation, and inspiration to care for your partner. This avoids relationship fatigue or burnout, which is a vicious downward cycle that is very difficult to reverse.


Another way to keep your boyfriend interested is to show that you are interested in him and that you appreciate him. Try out his hobbies, share pastimes together, tell him how much you care about him, the list goes on.


If you feel like things are falling into a mundane routine and you want to add that old spark back, you can set some space from one another. Let him do his thing with his guy friends while you should also have a life outside the relationship.


You can even try not seeing each other for a couple of days, which would only make your next meetup more special. And because he isn’t your legally in a forever sort of way, you can also take your time and not commit too fast (unless, of course, you already know he’s the one). By taking things slow, you get to enjoy each other and have all the fun before the next level of moving in together, marriage or kids.

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Would you believe getting your man wanting you sexually can take a totally seemingly unrelated approach? And as you progress in the relationship, you will stumble upon even more ways to take things up a notch. This is why a partnership should never get boring or monotonous because there is so much learning and growth that could be achieved.