5 Tips if You Want to Try and Have Sex On the Couch

Bored with the bed? Try out some couch sex for a challenge!

By Adina Mazilu
5 Tips if You Want to Try and Have Sex On the Couch

You may have thought about it numerous times but let’s face it. Couch sex can be either intimidating or uncomfortable. Unless you know what to do to make it nice and pleasurable. According to experts, everything that gets us out of the ordinary makes you enjoy things a little bit more. The same goes for couch sex. It gets you out of your comfort zone, out of the bed, and into another “world”.

However, in order to make sure that you will both enjoy doing it on the couch, there are a few things that you should know. You cannot just start fooling around and then end up bruised and battered on the floor, with no mood at all. Here are some of the best tips to follow in case you want to try having sex on the couch. Here we go!

Why Couch Sex is Better than Sex on the Bed

But the question is: why is couch sex better than sex on the bed? The answer is simple enough. It’s because, as previously mentioned, it gets you both out of your comfort zone and into something completely new that you don’t know too much about and during which everything can happen. The unexpected is sexy and attractive and it will get you both in the mood. It’s never boring because you can try different positions that you have never tried before, therefore discovering new things about the partner. The reasons why couch sex can be much better than the classic bed one are endless, but only if you do it right. Here is how exactly to do that.

5 Tips If You Want to Try Out Couch Sex

1. The prelude matters a lot

As with any other kind of sex, you need to start with a little bit of steamy foreplay. You can begin by standing right next to each other like you normally would. But instead of watch TV, start touching each other. Use your hands and let them explore your partner’s body. Go under their clothes and touch what needs to be touched. Play, be kinky, be cute or downright sexy. You will see that after a while, you will realize that the space restrictions will make you enjoy this more than you would have on the bed.

Think of fun ways to arouse your partner while simply sitting there, on the couch. Let your mind be creative and you will soon realize that this is way more exciting than you initially thought.

2. Prepare the playground

Yes, sex is cool but it’s all fun and games until you get a painful after-burn from the couch’s fabric. You may be in the heat of the moment, but try to remember to put a sheet or a blanket o your couch before getting to business. Nobody wants to get rubbed raw while having sex because you will be naked and vulnerable. Don’t let your skin suffer. Of course, if you happen to have the softest couch in the world, feel free to go ahead and sit on it as it is. But you may want to avoid having to remove any stubborn stains from your couch afterward, especially if it's a precious and expensive fabric like velvet. Nobody wants it ruined, not even for a wild night of sex. 

3. The armrests are amazing for oral

The armrests of the couch ar not there only for…your arms. Not in this case anyway. So, if you want to start with a hot oral session, try to put your legs up on them. The same works for your partner. This position will create an amazing angle for oral stimulation that is comfortable both for the receiver and for the giver. The latter will not have to deal with neck and shoulder pain or even cramps anymore and the receiver will feel a deeper pleasure thanks to the relaxing position. You really don't want a sharp pain to get you out of the mood, as it usually happens. So, it seems that this couch sex deal is truly a win-win situation. Take advantage of it!

4. Try new and upgraded positions

The best part about couch sex is the new positions that you can try. For example, the basic 69 positions will feel a lot more adventurous on such a narrow surface. You will have to get closer than ever and everything will feel a lot more intense. The cowgirl one is also easier to perform on a couch thanks to the armrests that will help you be more balanced. With your arms straight, your body will be your partner’s to take in and neither of you will get tired or face any muscle pains during it.

The deep spoon one can also feel better on a couch because the backrest offers stability for the big spoon while the small spoon gets closer and closer. You may not have a lot of room to thrust, but you can always use rotation motions to make everything feel amazing. Remember, it’s all about discovering new sensations.

Standing positions can also feel amazing thanks to the backrest on which you can put our arms for support. Put one knee on the cushions and let your partner take you from behind. It will be explosive. Doggy style can also be performed better like this, especially if there is a big height difference between you. The position is similar but you should put your bent knees on the couch’s seat. This way, any difference disappears and you will be able to enjoy this position a lot more than ever before. Make sure that you leave a little space between you and the couch so that your partner can use their hands too on your sensitive spots.

5. Use all you have

We have already talked about armrests as holders for your legs or arms. But you can also use every other little part of your couch to enjoy sex more. For example, the pillows are a nice addition because you can place them over or under you for deeper penetration and amazing sensations. You can also put one leg up on an armrest and do a doggy style like never before. The behind angle will be very wide and the feelings amazing for both of you. The different parts and angles that a couch offers are certainly different than those of a classic bed, which has its charm, but can get boring really fast. So, again, take advantage of all that a couch has to offer in terms of positions, angles, and sex.

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All in all, it seems that couch sex has some clear advantages when it comes to the quality of your intimate connection, the level of pleasure for both partners, and, finally, for the bond between you. Clearly, sex on a bed becomes very boring and routine-like after a while, and switching things up and trying something new can be very exciting and can completely restart your relationship.

Moreover, the new and updated positions that you can try definitely mean something special for both of you and can make you enjoy each other as you did at the beginning of the relationship. Remember that it’s all about feeling linked and being on the same page, even when it comes to sex. So, in case you are bored with your old sex routine that seems to be on repeat each night, try something new that it’s actually in your living room. No more money spent on toys, no effort at all. Just a blanket to avoid rubbing your skin on the fabric (unless you have a really soft couch) and the excitement for each other. Trust us! Couch sex can really save relationships. Why not try it yourself next time?



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