New End or Beginning? The 4 Stages of Rebound Relationships

Just make sure you’re all set before going into a relationship.

By Michele
New End or Beginning? The 4 Stages of Rebound Relationships

The reckless practice of dissolving a relationship, instead of mending its pertinent issues, has become the new trend. And the major reason for that is a sheer lack of tolerance and patience left for each other. No one is ready to compromise, communicate, or understand. It seems like everything is temporary and no one even cares about it.

It is a sad reality.

On the other hand, I have also seen several successful couples keeping it alive for good. They mend, protect, and uphold their feelings for each other. Communication is the major key for keeping intact any sort of relationship. In this read, I am going to discuss rebound relationships, and is it the New End or Beginning? The 4 Stages of Rebound Relationships!

What Is A Rebound Relationship?

In short, I will say that it is ‘finding an escape’ sort of relationship. When a person suffers heartbreak due to a recent breakup and that also from a serious relationship, it can lead to utter loneliness and even depression. To escape all the eerie emotional feelings a person tends to get connected with someone else for an indefinite period, basically to feel better.

This is known as a rebound relationship.

In a rebound relationship anyone or even both, the guy and the girl can be healing from their past relationship for the sake of each other.  It is not that complex, the way it sounds but yes it has its consequences, if not taken seriously.

How Long Do These Relationships Usually Last?

A rebound relationship can easily linger for a long period, but why? Because it takes time to heal and get rid of the emotional scars of the past relationship that have disturbed you. It is not easy to find comfort in the arms of someone else, whom you just barely know. Knowing well that you have loved and got hurt in the past, it takes time to develop trust.

Interestingly, such relationships can even last for long. As the couple starts caring about each other and shows love and respect the tide gets smooth. Any person, who is in a rebound relationship will always remain very careful and make every move with the utmost consideration. Mistakes must not be repeated.

There are examples of rebound relations turning into serious ones. Several celebrities, who started it with a rebound relationship, are now living happily. You can read about Jennifer Anniston, who was left heartbroken after she parted ways with Brad Pitt, and how Vince Vaughn helped her believe in love once again.   

Why Do People Resort To Having A Rebound Relationship?

In my view, living a rebound relationship after a serious breakup is certainly the right choice. You can buy time and get to know each other better and have a look at the mistakes made in the past and how they affected your previous relationship. It is a chance for you to get attached to someone again and start loving without having any sort of broken feelings.

Couples also get the advantage of taking things slowly and putting no sort of pressure on each other. Isn’t it great to experience peace of mind and heart and be in a relationship with someone, who is healthy for your soul? One who understands you and values you?

It is an immensely satisfying feeling. Be with the one who can heal your wounds and make you believe in love once again. Your intentions matter a lot, even if it is a rebound relationship, you cannot live it like a trial period of some romantic relationship.

Stages of a Rebound Relationship

It all happens in different stages. Let us have a look at the 4 developing stages of a rebound relationship. Here, we will focus on how to rebound relationships fail.

1. The Good Times

A rebound relationship usually forms within a few days or few weeks of a breakup. The first few days are quite good as you feel content that you have someone by your side at least. This unwarranted support can sometimes lead to a disaster. During this time your ex might even find any sort of rebound relationship and try to make you feel jealous. Focus on your emotional wellbeing and don’t get distracted. Enjoy the time.

2. The Not So Good Times

After the first few weeks of happiness, cracks can start appearing in the rebound relationship. And this phase will last for a couple of months if the matter isn’t solved. During this time, you will come to know a lot about each other and there will be many things that you would not like or approve of. It can lead to arguments and fights. Temperament will be tested.

3. The Decisive Times

It is common to have different opinions and preferences, but the real issue is how you deal with them. Do you take them personally? And instead of discussing them with your partner, activate the confrontation mode? This time, which usually lasts for two or three weeks can help decide the fate of a rebound relationship. Does this make you feel like going back to your ex? You can stay or leave. But don’t repeat your mistake!

4. The End Of Times

When it starts falling apart one of the partners decides that it is better to quit it altogether. This realization, of not being able to continue, can come within a few weeks of hard times or even days if there is a lot of mess. Decision made to call it an end, can be based on any recent argument or fight.

Most of the rebound relationships are based on a feeble foundation. Progress made too soon will not stay there for long. Healing a sore heart, won’t happen overnight. Have you noticed how a lack of communication and consideration can ruin any relationship within a short time?

Can Rebound Relationships Last?

Yes! Rebound relationships do not come with an expiry date. They can continue for a long time and only two things can happen the relationship can come to end or advance. And in most cases, a rebound relationship usually evolves into a serious sort of relationship. Yeah, I am talking about a romantic relationship.

The couple resorts to different forms of commitments and highly values each other’s presence. It is like everything is settled in one place and the couple feels extremely confident to become a permanent part of each other’s life. There is a lot to come! A relationship will only fail when you keep on visiting the past or comparing your ex with your new partner. That gap would never fill. Leave it and move on! For any rebound relationship, the first 6 months are very crucial.

I am trying to advocate here that, you must work towards strengthening the rebound relationship and taking it towards a formal relationship. Only on the condition that both of you are happy with each other and find joy and comfort in each other’s presence. Remember that trust and sincerity will take you a long way.

What Happens When A Rebound Relationship Ends?

Well, well, well.  It can be really hard when a rebound relationship comes to an end. Especially for the person, who was trying to recover from the emotional setback caused due to a previous relationship? When you are left high and dry after a rebound relationship, it can make you question a lot of things.

Despite words of encouragement from your family or friends, you will still find it hard to get over the fact that it has happened again. The recent breakup might leave you feeling unwanted, undesirable, and self-conscious. Even your self-esteem will come down and sadly at the hands of someone, whom you trusted and placed hope in. 

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As you move through different phases of life, you learn a lot about yourself and it helps in accepting yourself and knowing your biggest fears and deepest emotions. Just enjoy this journey of self-realization and there will come one day when you will find that the feeling of incompleteness, that you experienced, has left.

Life is also full of surprises, look out for them, and never miss an opportunity that seems feasible. I will highly suggest you invest in a relationship with your heart. Give time and have patience. There is nothing that you can achieve before its due time. All you can do is place effort and have trust. Be serious with your life and you will get what is better for you.