10 Spicy Sexual Dares to Text Your Husband at Work

Who said you can’t act upon your sexual fantasies in the office?

By Kimmy
10 Spicy Sexual Dares to Text Your Husband at Work

Do Men Like Sexual Dares?

Yes. The answer is yes. Men like sexual jokes in general when they are from their wives. Don't expect to send a random guy you are interested in sexual dares and he will reciprocate. Sending sexual dares is a delicate thing. If you send it to your husband the right way, it will increase your intimacy and help your marriage. However, if you don't know your limit and push it too far, you will only get negative results.

Sexual dares are a fun way for couples to try and to make them bond. For a lot of couples, you don't get to see each other all day. When you are apart, a sexual dare can help you connect.

How Do I Ask My Husband To Do My Sexual Dares For Him While At Work?

Do you and your husband do sexual dares normally? If you are no strangers to the dirty dares world, it is easy to bring it up to him that you want to take things up a notch by daring him at work. For him, this will only be nice and exciting as he will be experiencing something new that he has always looked forward to. Since both of you aren't new to this, it shouldn't be hard to get him to sign on.

On the other hand, if you have never dared him to try anything bold, it might take a while before he agrees to try it at work, someplace he considers serious and important. Slowly build it in his mind, get him to do some small dares while out on grocery runs, on your dates, or when he is out with friends. That way, he is slowly adapting to it and feel less pressured and embarrassed as he might fear a lot of getting caught at work. The best you can do or to lure him into doing it is by doing it yourself. Do some sexual dares together with him to show him that it can be fun and erotic, not necessarily stupid.

Some men are too proud of themselves that they think any sexual dares are stupid. So it's important for you as the wife to do it together with him, instead of just asking him to do it all the time without trying it yourself.

10 Spicy Sexual Dares to Text Your Husband

1. Challenge him to take his clothes off in the toilet and do sexy dances

Who can resist a sexy dance move? Challenge him to take a break at work and head to the bathroom and start stripping! Take off his clothes slowly, play music together if possible, while dancing like there's no tomorrow. He might want to watch some of Magic Mike's moves before this.

This is a fun challenge and not as easy to get caught if he does it in a bathroom stall spacious enough and there aren't that many people. It is one of the easiest dares as you are not expected to be seen and less likely to get caught. Even if someone finds you dancing in the toilet, it's not as embarrassing as he can always pretend to be practicing for something.

2. Eat a banana sexually in the pantry

This is a spicy one. People come and go in the pantry so it's exciting for your husband to try and do that while focusing on not getting caught. Tell him to live stream it if possible. If not, make it a whole performance. If he stops for whatever reasons mid-way. He has to start again.

3. Read a children's book in a sexual tone in his (home) office

Some people like taking coffee in their break, well, some others like to read children's books in a sexual tone. Tell your husband to pick up a kiddy book and read everything as if it's sexy. This will make a good laugh for the wife to see how the husband is trying to keep up a straight face in case other workers overhear how he is reading a children's book out loud.

4. Make some sexual sounds during a meeting casually

Record himself to make some sexy sounds as he would during sex in a meeting and pretend it to be something else. This is very tricky so it depends on how smart he is to play it well. He can either make a joke out of himself and be a master in sexual dares.

5. Find a quiet corner in the office to take a dick pic to you while no one is watching

Make sure there's no security camera first! Then tell him to quickly take a dick pic when no one is watching and snap it to you. Remember, he better be smart about it. If he gets caught, it will take a lot of explaining.

6. Get something from the fridge and do a sexual art with it

Let's hope there's not a whole pineapple in the fridge...And that he has his own room. It is a fun dare as it depends on what options he has available so it will be interesting to see how he improvises.

7. Pretend to be having sex with you in his room

Let him film a one-minute clip pretending to be having sex with you while at work. His imagination has to be wild and he has to be doing a convincing performance. Let's see if his face matches the cum face he makes when he is with you!

8. Send a naked selfie

Where would he find a place to be fully naked at work? Perhaps when he has to work overtime and there's no one left in the office. That's a good dare for when your horny self is waiting desperately at home for him to return.

9. To work in his underwear for 30 minutes

Again, another dare to try when he is working overtime alone. Well, let's hope the security guard won't be making his nightly rounds so early and thoroughly.

10. Give a sex talk

It's always good to learn about sex. Get him to record a sex talk as if he is giving a lecture at Harvard. Pour all his sex knowledge on you and how he is the best at sex. You be the judge, is his knowledge all true, and is he really the master of all?

5 Unusual Sexual Dares to Text Your Husband

11. Pretending to be a vampire

Twilight maybe 10 years ago but vampires will never go out of style. Tell him to be sucking out of the blood of someone and take a sexy pic. Let's see who he picks.

12. Wear your panties to work and take a few pics

Women's panties can be comfortable for men too, you never know!

13. Do a baby talk

Girls tend to be the ones doing baby talk to their husbands but roles are switchable. It is his time to pretend to be a baby and ask for some milk!

14. Having his butt naked while having a conference call

He has to be calling his business partner butt-naked while video-calling you at the same time so you can do tricks to make him laugh. You can see how long he lasts.

15. Have him say something nasty to his colleague as if the colleague were you

Be very careful with this one, make sure the colleague is fun and won't end up suing your husband for sexual harassment.

Do Sexual Dares Arouse My Husband?

Yes. For couples married for a long time, anything that can spice up the sex life is good and fun. Your husband may feel the sparks are long gone but by doing a sexual dare that he has never done before, he will find the fun again.

Make sure you do it right and don't push it if he isn't keen on it. Give it some time and start small. Never get upset at him if he refuses a dare. He has his own concerns too. Start with something he is more comfortable with.

Types Of Photos To Send To Your Husband To Spice Up The Conversation

Naked pictures always help. Make it a reward system where if he performs a dare, he will get spicer photos of you. So as you level up, you will send him pictures nastier or at his request. That way, it feels like both of you are in on the dares so he will be doing these dares in a happier manner.

Start with some bikini photos or some sexy photos in your underwear. As it processes, you can try sending pictures of you pleasuring yourself with a cucumber or a dildo. If your husband reciprocates, send him something of his choice. Ask him what he wants to see. He will feel more involved as it feels like you are a couple and not just him doing silly stuff for you. That way, it will be truly sexy and arousing.

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Sending sexual dares can be challenging if you don't know what to send or where to send it. It can be really tough when your husband is at work all the time and you are missing him a ton. Asking for sexual dares can be a great way to bond with him and makes the marriage interesting.

If you are new to this, make sure you start with these 15 sexual dares to get your husband aroused and can't wait to come home from work.