Making Love Letters -- How to Make Her Cute Paragraphs

Show your love and express appreciation for your loved one

By Melissa L.
Making Love Letters -- How to Make Her Cute Paragraphs

How can I describe my partner in a nice way?

The key to making love last is to keep the romance alive in as many different ways as possible. In the olden days, when forced to be separated, couples would communicate with each other through letters. These would be filled with words that reminded their partner of how much the other one cherished, loved, and missed them. While it is true that with the current digital advancements and with technology now ingrained in every part of our lives we have somewhat forgotten the art of letter-writing, that makes it an even more surprising way of expressing your love towards your partner. The question is… how to get started?


The first thing you need to know when writing a love letter is that you should always be sincere. Trying to find big, pompous words to impress your partner won’t do, because they’ll probably see through it and realize you’re not speaking from your heart. Don’t try to impress by being someone you’re not, but rather try to think of your favorite thing about your partner. Do you love how they pay attention to detail? Do they like it when you compliment their looks? Or maybe you usually praise their hard work? Realizing your favorite things about your partner will help you find the right angle to start writing your love letter. 

What can I say to my girlfriend to make her blush?

If your goal is to make your girlfriend blush, then is not so much about the what but about the when: the element of surprise is absolutely key here! The best thing you can do is take her by surprise by talking about topics and mentioning elements that are absolutely unrelated to the situation she’s in at the moment. 

For example, if she’s in the middle of a work meeting, you could text her something like, “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since you left this morning”. Or if, say, you’re at dinner with her parents, you could quietly slip her a note that reads something like, “You look absolutely stunning in that dress, so much that I can’t wait to get you home later tonight…”. Sexy words will definitely make her blush, but it could truly be about any aspect of your relationship. Just make sure she’s taken by surprise (in a good way, of course!). 

What to say to your girlfriend to make her feel special?

It is true that most girls love being called beautiful, but the truest way to a woman’s heart is to pay attention to the things she cares about and talk to her about that. Maybe your girl is a strong career-centered professional, and she loves and cares a lot about her work. One day before she heads out to the office, you can slip her a note that says something like, “The way you’re always showing others how smart you are and taking the lead in the workplace just makes me love you and want you even more”. Most girls are expecting the usual “you’re beautiful”, so this is sure to catch her off guard and make her feel loved and cherished for who she really is.

10 Love Paragraphs for your Partner

So, you’re halfway through this article and still aren’t sure of how to express your love through writing? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you sort this one out. Here are some ideas of sweet paragraphs to make your partner feel loved and cared for:

“I’ve been trying to find the right words to tell you I love you, but perhaps it is better if I put it in writing: that way, you can have my love in front of your eyes forever”.


“You took my breath away from the moment I first saw you, and you’ve been making my heart skip a beat ever since”.


“For so long, I thought I’d known love, but now I realize it was nothing but an illusion, a prelude of what was to come once I found you”.


“When I first started to like you, I felt like we’d never have enough time together, but now that you’re mine, I’m glad we’ve got forever to keep loving each other”.


“My favorite version of myself is the person I’ve become since we’ve been together. You’ve definitely changed me for the better”.


“Love is renewed by constantly choosing each other: choosing to be kind, choosing to be respectful, choosing to keep working at it… and I promise I’ll keep choosing you every day for the rest of my life”.


“I’ve spent enough time on this earth to know one thing for sure: I would much rather live one day with you by my side than spend the whole of eternity without you”.


“If I could write a letter to my past self, I would tell them not to worry: yes, all the heartbreak will be worth it, because one day I will fall in love with the most amazing person on the planet, and our life together will be beyond my wildest dreams”.


“The color of your eyes, the way your lips curl when you smile, the sound of your voice when you call out my name: there’s absolutely nothing about you that I don’t love”.


“The thing I love the most about the way you make me feel is that next to you, I’m free. I can finally be myself with you, without fear of looking dumb or being let down… and that’s something I’ve never felt before”. 


How do I express my feelings to my girlfriend/boyfriend?

Even couples who’ve been together for a long time have a hard time expressing their emotions sometimes, so don’t sweat it! You must remember love isn’t only expressed by words, and everyone has a different love language. Perhaps words are not your favorite way of communicating your feelings, but your partner loves it when you do. If this is the case, then you might have to put in a little extra effort to make them feel your love. For people who aren’t comfortable with words, sometimes writing is better than talking, so expressing yourself through a love letter to your beloved is the best way to go. 


Maybe your partner loves it when you compliment their looks, and you’re absolutely smitten by how gorgeous they are! This is a great combo for starting to communicate your feelings. Think of the things you love about your partner and things you know they’ll love to hear, and pour your heart out. For example, “I’ve been up all night thinking about your beautiful blue eyes…”. Once you start listing all the things you love, new things are just going to keep coming to you, so trust the process. Remember to always be sincere in what you express!

How to surprise my girlfriend in text?

Is your girlfriend a serial texter and you’re sure a lovely surprise is something she’d love? The fun thing about cute, loving texts is that they’re quick, easy to write, and a foolproof way to make your girlfriend smile. Long paragraphs aren’t the best idea when it comes to text, because they take too much time to read and they usually stray away from the fun, quirky attitude we want when it comes to love texts. 


If she’s in the same room as you, you could mention something about the way she looks, or about the situation you’re in: “I don’t think I say it enough, but your legs look absolutely amazing in that skirt <3”, or “That old man you’re talking to is so boring, I’m about to fall asleep. Ditch him and come to me ;)”. If she’s not with you at the moment, text her about something you want to do with her as soon as you guys meet. Keep it sexy and playful: “I’m needing help getting out of this suit. When are you getting home? :)” Don’t forget the emojis!

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There's almost always a way to name and express what you feel


In order to keep your romantic relationship thriving, you need to put in the work, and writing love letters is a wonderful way to do so. Even if you’re not an expert at writing, your partner will definitely appreciate the effort you put into what you wrote. It’s important to keep in mind that you must always be honest and speak from your heart, so that your partner feels truly loved and valued for who they are. You must avoid copying other people’s writing or letters, because a dishonest letter is easy to see through. Take our tips, think it through, practice a little and get to writing your own! We guarantee your partner is going to love it!