25 Subtle Signs To Tell If Someone Is Gay

If someone is hiding their orientation, then it might be hard to figure out their real self, but here are some signs to tell if someone is a gay.

By Sanchari
25 Subtle Signs To Tell If Someone Is Gay

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It is not easy to come out in the open and accept one’s sexual orientation even when the outlook of society has changed. There are many out there who have been successful in keeping their preferences under wraps. What if your husband is gay? This is one question that haunts many women when they realize that something is amiss in their relationship, even though everything seems perfect. There is a certain uneasiness between partners that remains unexplained. These confusions raise one question, ‘Is he Gay?’ The wives who come to know about their husband’s sexual orientation feel devastated and cheated, but the fact is that their husband was probably too scared to tell someone about his preferences. He thought he could lead a normal married life with a woman and keep all his feelings and thoughts hidden in the closet. But, what they don’t realize is that when the cat comes out of the hat, they will have to accept the truth anyway, so why not do it beforehand?

Signs that tell someone is gay

If you have had an encounter with gay people in the past, then you will know that there are some common traits through which you can tell that someone is gay. Here we are listing 25 signs that tell whether someone is gay or not.

1. Flirty look to a guy

If you are with a guy who is taking more interest in other men and what they are wearing, then it is one sign to prove that he might be gay. You might think that it is normal to check out what others are wearing every now and then. If it is once or twice, then you are with a straight guy, but if your guy is only checking out men and winks at them in a flirty manner, then it is a clear sign that your guy is gay. When he is complimenting someone and that person doesn't return the compliment by saying something good about his appearance, then he will get upset. If your guy is doing the same thing, then my friend your partner is gay.

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2. Avoids dating a girl

You are trying to hook up your guy friend with this hot chick whom other guys find quite attractive, but he seems reluctant and quite uncomfortable with the idea of dating a girl. There are chances that he is gay and that is the reason he is turning down the idea.

3. Telling a tale late at night

Night time is best suited to carry out any kind of secretive conversation as everybody is off to sleep and the night provides all the privacy that one is looking for. If your husband is gay, then there are chances that he will be texting or chatting with someone behind your back. When you are off to bed, your husband can either be on the internet browsing explicit sites or he is calling up someone special. It is a clear sign of cheating when a husband is keeping secrets and taking calls only when his wife is not around. Talking to someone in a very low voice and hanging up on hearing someone’s voice tells that he is hiding something.

4. He has homophobic attitude

This is a clear sign that tells he hasn’t accepted his sexual orientation yet. He is still dealing with his inner feelings and trying to cope with that. Therefore, he lashes out at the very mention of the word gay or the LGBTQ community.

5. Highly conscious of looks

Generally, men can be associated with being tough and rugged, but gay people will be very particular about their appearance. Gay people don't generally fit the bill of a rough and tough sort, rather they are very particular about cleanliness and looking good. You won’t find a gay person being sweaty or with bad odor because it is just not them. They would love to tweeze their eyebrows, shave off pubic hairs, and can be very particular about the brand of shampoos, moisturizers, and lotions that they are using. A person who is gay ​takes his own sweet time to get ready for a night out and when he is all dressed up he will ask for approval. If someone tells them any negative thing about their looks then they could get highly upset about the whole issue.

6. Someone is just not into you

Though he is making love to you, you could still find something amiss in the act. A gay person shows little or no interest at all to a female body. He doesn't get turned on by your sensual touch and he won’t feel anything when you stroke them in a flirty manner. A gay person could get intimate with you just for the sake of it and that is the reason he shows no enthusiasm during the act.

7. Stays away from PDA

You love to hold his hand in public but if he is gay then he can shun the idea of PDA right away. Gays can be very uncomfortable when you are holding hands or kissing or trying to cuddle with them. They can easily just stand there and won’t reciprocate your feelings.

8. Lack of communication

As husband and wife, you will notice that you have almost stopped telling each other about each other's feelings. He also doesn't seem to be bothered much by it, leading him to not initiate any form of communication.

9. Changes tell a story

Within years you start to notice that there have been drastic changes in his wardrobe and appearance. This happens when he is gradually accepting his orientation and is getting comfortable with the thought of being gay. These can be the beginning steps to telling someone that he is gay.

10. Doesn't get jealous

If your husband is taking no interest in you and does not get jealous about any type of closeness with someone from the opposite gender, then it is because he doesn't think any men will ever be interested in you just like him. It is not because you are lacking something but it has something to do with his sexual preferences. He has never looked at you the way he does when he sees other men. You get the idea, right?

11. Gay adult film site

When you are browsing through pages, you stumble upon gay adult sites. There are chances that it has come across accidentally, but there are chances that your guy is viewing them when you are not around. Recommendation of sites only appears​ when you have been visiting those sites more often.

12. Check your browsing history

Have you ever emphasized the point how your browsing history is always blank, even when you have visited plenty of sites throughout the day! This might have happened because your husband has been watching gay sites all night and deleting the browsing history just to keep his secret safe. If your browsing history is blank every day, then most likely he is not telling you everything.

13. Sleeping on the couch tells the story

Does he prefer sleeping on the couch without any rhymes or reason? If he is doing that, then it means that he is promoting an emotional and physical distance between you and him. This is because he is not interested in you and is making an effort to stay away from you. In a way he is telling you what he can't put in words.

14. Drunk Tales

We all know that when someone is drunk their innermost feelings come out from the closet. It holds true for gay people as well. They are very touchy and explicit in their affection towards men when they are drunk.

15. He doesn't tell you about his guys

Generally, when you are friends with someone you like them to meet your significant other, but he wouldn’t do that. Rather, he would hide things and keep him away from you. If your husband is doing that then he is probably in a relationship with this guy friend.

16. How he talks about men

If you are trying to figure out whether your friend is a gay or not, then listen carefully to how he describes other men. If he is gushing about some quarterback or a male celebrity, then it is a clue, but remember you should not judge or come to a conclusion about your friend on this. He will show more than just basic admiration when it comes to other men and probably start blushing or get tongue-tied while discussing ​them.

17. Love for tartan

It is the most common trend among the gay people. They have this biases for tartans and love to flaunt them on almost every occasion.

18. Constantly waving

It is said that gay men just love to wave a lot as it is a way of seducing others towards them. But, remember this is not a sure shot point to prove that he is a gay. In most cases, you will see that they wave in a certain manner that is quite different from the usual guys.

19. Animals love to follow them

There is no definite explanation for this, but it is seen that animals just love gay people and love to follow them everywhere they go. It might be because the gay people are in general sensitive souls.

20. Instantly arouses at the very sight of another guy

Gay people get excited and all aroused when they see another man around them. They instantly get attracted towards men who are good looking and hot.

21. Gays prefer open-toed shoes

If your guy is wearing open toes shoes that doesn't make him a gay, but generally you will find that a gay person loves to wear open-toed shoes.

22. His walk tells you the story

When he is walking do you find it kinda feminine? While talking a gay person will be using words like ‘queens’ and ‘yas’ and he will have his hands in the posture as if he is holding a purse.

23. Pink is their color

Gay people love to wear pink and will include it in their wardrobe often. He will dress up like a model and can be better at wearing heels than women.

24. Girls are being friend zoned

Most likely you will find gay people hanging around with girls and checking out other men. They love the company of girls, but only as friends and not because they are attracted towards them.

25. His eyes will give the hint

As it's said, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. You will see a twinkle in their eyes and they will shine more if someone of the same gender is passing by in their direction.

Final thoughts

Now that you have the knowledge to figure out a gay person, it is your responsibility to respect them and make them comfortable in their own skin. Not everybody has the courage to accept the truth, so if your friend needs some help to come out in the open and accept his sexuality, then be ready to extend that support to him without judging him.