Spot And Stop These 15 Signs Of Jealousy In Your Relationships

You are not sure why they are treating you like this? It is jealousy. Here is how to spot and stop These 15 signs of jealousy In your relationships.

By Palack
Spot And Stop These 15 Signs Of Jealousy In Your Relationships

Jealousy an important part of a relationship

Many people do not realize that jealousy is a form of control in a relationship and often turns out to be resulting in spoiling the healthy relationship between two people, its signs of insecurity and envy. At first, without many realizations, you will feel like it’s a compliment, but later you will realize that it should be taken out of the relationship as soon as possible. So in the end, most people realize jealousy has nothing to do with being complimented and everything to do with taking control. You can't find a relationship without Jealousy, and it is a part of a relationship. We are envy sometimes because of her lovely hair, or lovely smile. So being jealous is almost a natural part of life for any woman. It can push you to work harder and do better in life. However when you feel jealous towards the person you are in the relationship with, with the person you are dating it is not very great. The main problem behind this is that when you become envy in a relationship, you become more insecure and also controlling. It’s an awful thing to be jealous; unfortunately, even your partner will probably not tolerate it for a long period. Would you want to be jealous and want it to control your relationship? If not, then get rid of it soon as possible, its presence is signs of negativity in life. Sometimes it so happens that your friend cannot protect you from becoming the fatality of the ogre called “Jealousy.” Sometimes it so happens that even that they do not intend to hurt you, unknowingly they end up doing bad things as these are signs of jealous. Jealousy is never a good emotion for a woman. You need to spot on signs someone is jealous of you then you have to make the tough decision whether you want to be in a relationship with them or not. So where is that line between normal, and the type of jealousy that can affect any healthy relationship? Oh, it’s a very thin line. Below are some of the points that will let you spot that if you are crossing the territory of jealousy which is a bad sign.

1. Signs of jealousy are checking his phone often

Checking his or her phone is signs of jealousy. In fact, if you are trying to scroll through his phone every time he is not around is a thing that tells you are envy and this evil deed is also affecting your relationship. This is the deliberate invasion of privacy. If you are so suspicious of a guy that you feel you have to go through his phone, these are the signs there is a major issue in your relationship. Another point is this doesn’t end easily. You either find nothing, or you’ll find something you wish you hadn’t. This act of yours is equivalent to reading someone personal diary without the permission. Take a step back it’s the signs you are going insane. You do not look like a sane person and that your partner deserves something better.

2. You dissect his social media posts

If there is a post on the social media from his side, do you dissect everything about it? These are not good signs of the woman. Social media is not a big insight into someone’s psyche, which means that the post can be just a casual reaction to a person nothing else behind it. You are not going to find out whether he has another girlfriend based on this casual tweet. If you are digging too far into one silly post of his, it means you are pulling at straws. It’s a sign you are trying to grasp more information about the guy in any way possible.

3. Being jealous you flirt with other people to feel better

Sometimes we articulate our lack of confidence in trying to make ourselves feel better. When you are feeling envy in your relationship, you work hard to get the attention of men from outside your relationship which is signs of insecurity. You will find it unfair. Honestly, if you are seeking other people attention because you are feeling jealous and insecure, spot it there is cent percent problem in your relationship. There is no use of looking for solutions outside when the problem you have is inside

4. Always trying to catch him in a lie again signs of insecurity

If you have the feeling that you are trying to catch him in a lie, you are letting your jealousy control your relationship. When you are overtaken by signs of jealousy, catching him in lie becomes something of a chase for you. This is not the way any healthy relationship last, because jealousy will have its way, and you will lose.

5. His co-worker make you feel insecure

It is clear signs of insecurity. Working together with the coworker is just like a daily routine. If your boyfriend is working in a corporate world, he will also be working with the opposite sex- it's plain and simple. Socializing with people around is something we do right from the day we are in school. If just talking about the opposite sex at office fills you with rage and jealousy, these are signs that there is an issue. This reflects that you are not supporting him at work. This is how he makes money for living. Down the road, this is how he supports himself and his family. Do not let your jealousy keep you away from supporting him at work.

6. You are jealous of his family members too is also signs of insecurity

Another big jealousy issue is that you hate him when he talks to his family members. If you let jealousy control your relationship, it takes over you, and you are afraid of losing your man to every single person in your life. It is true you mind fears that your boyfriend is going to leave you for his family members; these are signs of insecurity in you. It’s just that you are trying to control your man, and his very affection for his family members also is not pleasing you.

7. You want every single minute you should be together, or you have jealousy

Wanting to spend every single minute with your boyfriend also means there are signs of being jealous in the relationship and, do not want he should spend even a single minute to him or others. You cannot control his time; he needs space for his own and other family members and coworkers. In an actual situation, if he wants to spend some time with friends or he is working late, your disappointment is not able to control his time instead of spending quality time together. Let him be free and have his own time and space. He needs to spend time with the coworker for a quick refreshment.

8. You spiral if he does not immediately answer you this is signs of envy

If you call and he does not respond you back immediately, you have an absolute meltdown which is signs of insecurity. The truth is he can be doing some things. Maybe he is working, in the meeting or in the middle of the discussion about his project which has a near deadline. You cannot imagine he is a woman co-worker in the corner. Maybe he is with friends and involved in discussion rather than flirting with a hottie.

9. You hate when he speaks highly of someone else

You hate and feel jealousy when he praises anyone but you. You want that he should only love you and ignore rest of the world, that isn’t going to happen. If he compliments his coworker for her intelligence you are furious, don’t be these are signs of you being jealous and want to control him which is not good.

10. You want to be controlling

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If you control the entire tiny incidence happening in your relationship, it is because you just want to control your boyfriend. There are many such small signs when you are trying to control like arranging things your way in your shared apartment, or if your boyfriend is late for dinner, you are losing your cool. If he starts thinking that you are the one controlling everything in the relationship, then he might just feel his role as irrelevant.

11. Jealousy when he has fun without you

Who doesn’t like to have fun all the time but the situations and work pressure sometimes change the situation. In the real world, it’s difficult to be happy all the time. But we certainly should be happy if your boyfriend finds some small portion of fun in his everyday life. You shouldn’t be jealous that he has fun with people in his life, its healthy for the relationship.

12. Signs of jealousy if you stalk anyone who likes his posts

If it so happens that a hot girl or a colleague likes your boyfriend's post, you will endlessly stalk every single detail. You want to find whether she is just following or is flirting with him. Just forget about this. Liking some of the social media does not define you or your thoughts. It’s just a casual remark. And liking a photograph on social media doesn’t mean you are cheating on someone rather these are signs of your lack of self-confidence.

13. Out of jealousy, you make him feel guilty

Jealousy is the feeling which can lead you being controlling and insecure, so you are not happy when he receives a new opportunity in his life. Even if he receives the promotion, you will be jealous of his new secretary that’s the signs of insecurity. Instead, of being insecure try to be excited about his achievement.

14. Pick up on little fights signs of jealousy

You will probably pick up thousand tiny fights like not using the coaster. You will fight about hogging the blanket. You will fight about wet towels on the bed. You will literary fight about dumbest stuff ever all because you want to fight about jealousy of yours. These small fights are the signs of jealousy, and it is going to affect your relationship sooner or later.

15. Question his decision

No matter how satisfied your boyfriend is with the decision he has made, but you envy it. You always are going to bring him down at every turn of your life. You always try to question his ability to make the decision and at the end suggest that he should have done something else. This is all the signs of pure insecurity and envy. Rather be on his side and appreciate the decision he is making. All it can be easily solved if you have a gentle approach rather and have positive thinking. Your boyfriend is not running after many girls, but you have to feel and enjoy it rather having a jealous and insecure feeling about it.