Cancer Men And Pisces Women: Love & Sex Compatibility

Cancer men & Pisces women - emotions, depths, warmth, expansion, words that describe both signs and it sounds too good to be true.

By Vera Aries
Cancer Men And Pisces Women: Love & Sex Compatibility

When The Moon And Neptune Connect

Cancer is ruled by the moon (emotion), and the Pisces from Jupiter (philosophy) and Neptune (illusion and dreams). When the Moon and Neptune connect, they create a spiritual connection. Both signs radiate gentle, feminine energy. In common, they create an idealistic, almost divine union, in which emphasis is placed on common dreams and partners' illusions. The Pisces woman is also led by Jupiter, the planet of happiness, which adds masculine energy to this combination and represents philosophy, development, and excesses.

The nature of this love combination is Utopia and is sprinkled with emotional intrigue. Emotion, depth, warmth, and development - all this sounds too good to be true right? But not so fast. There are a lot of pros and cons, a lot of upside downs when it comes to this match. It can be a pair made in heaven or a pair made in hell.

Love Compatibility Between Man Cancer And Pisces Woman

Cancer and Pisces belong to the element of Water and tend to share beautiful emotions, falling in love with each other very easily.

The love relationship between a Cancer man and a Pisces woman is a positive union of two great souls. Both signs are tolerant and sympathetic, and the Pisces gets a wave of energy from the ideas that Cancer has. She can open the eyes of her Cancer, to the world of creativity and spirituality. The practicality of the Cancer, in turn, can be a guide to the Pisces woman, which will help her realize her dreams and utopian ideas. Making the Cancer/Pisces pair "celestial" as they are incredibly firm and multi-dimensionally and emotionally connected to each other. Cancer and Pisces are watermarks. Since Water is tangible, the physical person, Cancer, and Pisces have great compatibility. Pisces are born to create human ties, and when it comes together with Cancer, and his intuition and love for others, there is no stronger relationship. As this relationship does not go too far into romantic idealism, Cancer has a stable view of life, and that maintains this link in reality. Cancer understands emotional ambiguities and can help the Pisces woman to stabilize her dreamy nature. In order not to submerge their relationship in an unrealistic romantic idealism, it helps the steady view of the life of the Cancer. This is not about the fact that the Cancer somehow manages to cope with the dreamer's nature of the Pisces.

Although Cancer may disagree with the Pisces unreal nature or the Pisces can interfere with Cancer’s selfishness, this couple can still find a compromise that will help them survive the relationship. Cancer is a cardinal sign, and Pisces is a changeable sign. Although it is intuitive in love, but also in life, Cancer likes to transform all ideas into reality. Pisces, on the other hand, rely more on instinct. They would neglect all plans and never adhere to them, which is contrary to Cancer's nature. The Cancer man needs to give the Pisces woman freedom.

Sextrology : Are This Signs A Sexual Match?

Sextrology draws insight from modern astrology to help people find their perfect sexual matches and explores sexual relationships from an astrological perspective.

Woman Pisces and Man Cancer: This is another divine love affair and lovemaking. A Cancer man and a Pisces woman feel the instantaneous, intuitive blend of their souls that is even more powerful than their phenomenal sexual bond. The first thing Pisces will see with their partner Cancer is his mood. He is one very sensitive soul. She can absorb her emotions and very often reflects his mood. The Cancer man is chatty because finally there is someone who understands him completely. The Pisces woman feels the closeness that overcomes the lovemaking. According to sextrology, when the Cancer man and the Pisces woman begin to fold intimacy in bed, for this couple there will be no problems anymore. They will enjoy sexual encounters and lovemaking near the water and may want to experiment in the waterbed. In connection with this connection, they use lovemaking as a beg from the blind reality of the world, which is unable to understand them in the right way. The Cancer man and Pisces woman live in the intimate world of love bliss, and their life in the real world is reduced to daydreaming.

Both are sensual, very intuitive and art-inspired. The Pisces woman likes to swim through deep emotional waters, while the Cancer man loves the passion and creativity that Pisces woman brings in. There is strong sexual chemistry and potential for a serious, long-term relationship, according to sextrology: the astrology of sex. The Cancer man gains the impression that Pisces woman brings chemistry, stability, and adventure into their lives, while the Pisces woman especially loves the sexual chemistry, social contacts, and stability that man Cancer carries with him.

Marriage And Family Life

Cancer and Pisces are by their nature tolerant and compassionate characters. When it comes to marriage, the Pisces can open the world of creativity and spirituality to the Cancer man. On the other hand, Cancer relationships may have the role of a guide, which will direct the Pisces woman to the realization of its dreamy and utopian ideas. The marriage between these two signs is based on an extremely strong emotional connection. The Cancer man loves comfort home and luxury, and sometimes it will not be able to understand the simplified and minimalist style of life that the Pisces woman likes.

Although the goals are coming in different ways, the common emotional depth of Cancer and Pisces can strengthen their marriage. In marriage, they are devoted to each other building a strong bond. The Cancer man adores the good taste for movies that he Pisces woman has, while she adores his culinary abilities. The Pisces woman admires the sense of managing the money that Cancer has, while he admires the human side of the Pisces woman. The Cancer man is interested in the lush fantasy that the Pisces woman has, while she adores his sense of humor.

Pros And Cons In The Relationship Between A Cancer Man and A Pisces Woman

These two horoscope characters are simply destined to meet and experience a love affair so that it will happen sooner or later. How long this relationship last, is another story. Like every zodiac couple, this one also has its pros and cons. The Cancer man and the Pisces woman mutually feed each other from the energy of their love partner and are very complementary lovers. The best aspect of their relationship is their similar emotional nature. They are well understood and supported by each other, and both can be put into the role of students and in the role of teachers. Harmony, attachment, and empathy are what keeps this relationship very firm. Are there any misunderstandings and problems between this seemingly perfect couple? Certainly yes, since no one is perfect. The "fluttering" way of behaving that the Pisces woman has can sometimes hurt the emotions of the Cancer and cause problems, especially when the Pisces woman will forget that they should have met with the Cancer man or will forget to congratulate his birthday, their anniversary...etc.

On the other hand, the Pisces woman finds that the Cancer man sometimes really suffocates her. Also, the Pisces is tired of the constant warning from the Cancer, that she needs to be more careful with the money spending. Cancer will again be tense from the constant delay of the Pisces. Regardless of these small problems, the Cancer man and Pisces woman are related souls, who enjoy the time that they spend together and can form a strong love relationship. They possess one of the great compatibility between zodiac signs. Cancer will be able to read the mind of Pisces woman, but it also has a tendency to badly evaluate the intuition of the Pisces. That's his huge mistake. Problems can occur when they for some reason become unattractive to each other. Their intuition enables them to be able to read the mind of their partner almost all the time. However, this could also be the place where some problems will arise. To make this relationship thrive, they should try to give each other more space and learn not to focus on the weakness of their partner, since it could just mark the end. However, both will know whether this relationship is a worthwhile struggle. A nonsense Cancer man can make the Pisces woman laugh even when crying. Similarly, the Pisces woman can feel when the Cancer man needs widely comforts.

Cancer should be careful not to hinder the Pisces in her dreams since she will start to suffocate from too many demands. Cancer sincerely understands the emotional ambiguity of the Pisces and can help her stabilize her fantasy nature. Misunderstandings in this love affair can occur if the Pisces woman is tired of absenteeism, while the Cancer man is bothered with the narcissism of the Pisces woman. In any case, this pair is quite simple to reach a compromise.


Having its pros and cons; this relationship can have a future if the Cancer man and Pisces woman find a way to resolve their problems. Intuitive in love and life in general. The Cancer man wants to achieve goals with a well-thought-out idea in mind and a solid plan written on a piece of paper so that he can follow its stages. The Pisces woman, on the other hand, most often in the realization of her goals relies on instinct. Even if the Cancer man, as her loving partner, compiled the paper plan and gave it a ready one, she, metaphorically speaking, is likely to lose it. This means that Cancer man should give the Pisces woman freedom to follow her interests without being scared of his claims and expectations of her. The Pisces woman can show the Cancer man that the successful completion of the work is more important than the initiative itself and that a compromise without a fight can sometimes pay off.


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