Sexually Frustrated? 20 Ways That’ll Help Relieve Your Sticky Situation

Are you sexually frustrated? Are you constantly thinking about sex? Here are some 20 ways that will help you relieve your sticky situation.

By Amanda Palmer
Sexually Frustrated? 20 Ways That’ll Help Relieve Your Sticky Situation

Why does one get sexually frustrated?

Sexual frustration is something that most of us go through at some point in our lives. Sometimes, the gap gets too long due to a stressful life, recent breakup or being in a relationship with a partner who has a low libido. But it all bottoms down to a single line, 'You need sex badly, right now and your desired partner is not available'. This can trigger many unhappy hormones in your body. One needs sex on a routine basis. Our DNA has been created in such a way that it needs sex not only to reproduce but also to satisfy our sexual urges. Sex is almost as important as food, clothes, and shelter. When couples get into long-term relationships, sex becomes fairly a routine work and it might get monotonous for one or both the partners. When one partner has a low libido or less interest in sex and the other one craves it, it leads to sexual frustration. Generally, the male partner needs more sex than the female partner. But in some cases, the female partners need it more too. Very few relationships exist in which both the spouses share an energetic and passionate libido at all times. Mismatched libido can also create a lot of problems between couples. Women, generally, after childbirth, depression and subsequent hormonal imbalance face low sexual libidos. Sex is not only a process done to reproduce. Sex is required to keep one happy, healthy and in a sane frame of mind. It releases feel-good hormones in the body. Many times, people don't even realize that their irritability is due to lack of sex in the recent days. Sex reduces stress, boosts the immune system and also increases our self-esteem. Going through a dry spell or lack of sex can make the person depressed, unwanted and unworthy. This is a common problem faced by many people and it really ends up making us unhappy and unpleasant. But there are ways in which it can be dealt. First of all, one needs to analyze the symptoms to conclude for sure that your irritation is directly proportionate to sexual frustration.

Symptoms of being sexually frustrated

A sexually frustrated person at times does not even realize that he is constantly irritated because of absence of sex in his life. He will continue to be unhappy and irritated and the fact that he is sexually frustrated must have not even crossed his mind. The following symptoms are signs of being sexually frustrated:

Difficulty in sleeping

Sleep patterns are often negatively affected in those who are sexually frustrated. Sex helps one to release pent-up energy and feel satiated. In the absence of sex, there is a lot of pent-up energy in the body which disturbs the sleep cycle. There are some people who can sleep well in spite of lack of sex in their lives. This is because they are not sexually frustrated. They have low libidos in general and thus lack of sex does not cause any disturbance in their body.

Restlessness is a sign of being sexually frustrated

When you have a high libido but cannot release your energy through sex, you have a lot of energy in your body. This energy makes you restless and agitated. It is the same feeling which one has after having too much coffee. If you have not had too much coffee and yet are feeling restless, then it might be due to your current dry spell.

Feel less interested in sex

A sexually frustrated person would feel less interested in sex strangely and due to this the reason behind his irritation won't even come to his or her mind. This is one of the strangest signs of being sexually frustrated. It gets alright once the person is in a happy mood again and having sex.

You don't even masturbate enough

It’s not that you feel less interested in sex, but you also don't feel like masturbating. The stress, the pent up energy and the irritation deviates your mind from sex and all the things related to sex.

You are easily annoyed

Being sexually frustrated gets you annoyed quickly and at times you may feel getting irritated for the smallest reason. You are always in a cranky mood and even the pettiest reasons trigger your anger.

You turned on quite easily

Even looking at some silly porn picture or a person in real might get your knees quivering and turn you on. Being sexually frustrated results in you getting turned on quite ridiculously and when you least expect.

Nothing can make you happy

Sexually frustrated people do not get happy or cheered up easily. Only sex can cheer them up.

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You binge eat and drink

Sometimes, the body has a way of dealing with excess stress. In some people, the body resorts to binge eating or stress eating in presence of too much of stress in the body. You end up drinking too much or eating too much junk food. Eating too much sugary or starchy food makes you feel good initially but later on, they will make you feel worse.

You often think about all your exes

Being sexually frustrated makes your brain think about all your exes with whom you have enjoyed great sex. Perhaps, it is just the body's way of reminding you that you need sex.

You don't care about your looks anymore

For whom should you groom yourself?

You get irritated with friends' hookups

Everyone who is hooking up irritates you. You get irritated with friends who talk about their hookups or go home with someone. You cancel dates with friends’ last minute and stay away with anything that has got to do something with sex.


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There are some ways in which one can relieve oneself of sexual frustration. By analyzing the above symptoms, you definitely know that you are sexually frustrated.

1. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to release your pent up energy if you are sexually frustrated. It will tire you out and help you manage your stress levels.

2. Masturbate

Masturbating will help you relieve your sexual frustration, though not forever. If you don't want to hook up with a random stranger then masturbation is the best way out. Watch some porn or read something erotic to get you horny. Masturbation is not dirty and masturbation is not only for boys. It is a very nice way to relieve yourself in private when a partner is not available and also helps you maintain a sane frame of mind.

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3. Hook up with someone and have sex

The easiest and obvious way to relieve you is by having sex. Hook up with a random stranger or go in for a one night stand if you don't have someone you can have sex with.

4. Talk to your husband

If you have more libido than your husband and feel depressed because of lack of sex, then you need to talk to your husband directly about your problem. Perhaps, you can fix a day a week when you both make it compulsory to have sex.

5. Talk to your wife

If your wife seems less interested in sex or maybe just too occupied to have sex, then talk to her about your needs. Fix a day every week when you both make out inorder to keep your relation happy and healthy.

6. Take your wife to a sex expert

Women, at times, suffer from low libido or lack of interest after childbirth or due to depression and subsequent hormonal imbalance. Husbands should take their wives to a sex expert or a specialist to cure them of their problems.

7. Have an affair

If you have broken up with your partner due to some problems, then it is not the end of the world. Everyone needs a partner in their lives. Meet people, socialize and get into another relationship soon.

8. Keep yourself busy with a hobby

Keep yourself busy with hobbies. This helps you take away your mind from sex. Hobbies like cycling, dancing and painting can keep you busy as well as occupied.

9. Understand difference in sexual drives

You have got to understand that everyone has different sexual drives. Someone has high and someone has low. You have to understand your partner if he or she has a different sexual drive than yours. If you give priority to your relationship then perhaps, you can adjust according to your partner's needs.

10. Experiment

You can experiment with different ways to turn you on or your partner on for sex. Watching porn or reading something erotic often gets one horny. You can even try with different sex toys available in the market.

11. Ignore someone who makes you horny

If you are sexually aroused by someone and know for sure that you cannot get him or her,then try to ignore that person completely. This will keep your mind off that person and your sexual urges.

12. Take a cold shower

Taking a cold shower when you are horny, shocks your nerves and gets them back to normal!

13. Hang out with friends

Socializing and spending time with someone you like helps to release feel-good hormones. This will keep your sexual frustration at bay and also help you to feel occupied.

14. Learn something new

Try to invest time in learning a new musical instrument or cooking perhaps. This will keep your mind off your sexual urges.

15. Have chocolates

Having chocolates help to curb depression and sexual frustration.

16. Meet sex partners on online dating sites

This too helps if you just want to relieve yourself of your physical needs and sexual tension.

17. Increase physical intimacy with your woman

Talk to your woman and ask her about her sexual fantasies. Perhaps, the lack of communication has led to sexual frustration between you two. Understand her physical urges and needs and try to improve your sex life mutually.

18. Talk to your woman about signs of sexual frustration

If she loves you, she will understand your problem and you both can mutually try to solve it.

19. Check for your signs of sexual frustration

See a therapist if you see signs of sexual frustration in you and if you are unable to deal with it yourself.

20. Lastly have patience

Lastly, have faith in yourself and time. Things will not remain the same always. Eventually, you will meet the woman of your dreams and can get physical with her the way you want to. This will help you relieve your sticky situation soon. You only need to keep your sane frame of mind till then. Atleast, a few of the above mentioned tips will definitely help you out.


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