Sweet Things To Say To Your Man To Make Him Fall Hopelessly In Love

Do you want to trigger a loving emotional response in your boyfriend? Learn the sweet words to say to him to make him crazy about you.

By Gerald Matiri
Sweet Things To Say To Your Man To Make Him Fall Hopelessly In Love

Sweet Words That Can Touch Your Boyfriend’s Heart

Are you looking for a way to bring a smile in the face of your boyfriend? There is no better way to do that than saying some sweet words to him that makes his heart melt. One thing that you need to realize about dudes is that they also love to be appreciated by their girlfriends. Every now and then, every lover needs to be appreciated. Your boyfriend expects to hear something sweet from you. This will make him feel that he is doing something right. Considering that he also spends a considerable amount of time trying to please you, he will be on the lookout to see if what he is doing is being appreciated. You already know that words carry particular connotations and we use words all the time, but not so many think about their aftermath. There are words that make people feel good while others invoke stress and disagreements. Why are words so powerful? Whenever you use a word, you are embracing its strength. If you are with your boyfriend, the power of that word hits your brain and body and the mood between you too changes. Words can heal broken hearts or make dreams a reality. They can also do the opposite. And if you have a special someone, they can make him feel completely helpless in your arms. Just like you want to feel special by sweet words from a guy, you must learn how to make him feel the same. Making his heart melt is not as hard as it seems. The key is learning to say the right words and phrases all the time. Women are not the only ones who need assurance with passionate phrases and words. If you want to get the juices flowing in your relationship, there are obsession phrases you need to learn and use them when you are with your boyfriend. These words trigger strong feelings that your adorable boyfriend cannot resist. Obsessive phrases stimulate the erotic part of a man, leaving him wanting more of you. Make sure you use them to create an uncontrollable urge in your man to be with you. The romantic phrases are so powerful that they can make him rearrange his life just for you.

Your Words Should Communicate Clearly

Without effective communication, the relationship between you and your boyfriend may hit a rock. How can he understand that you love him if you don’t communicate with him often? If you want to succeed in making him fall for you, you have to be the facilitator of effective communication. The beginning and the end of winning a guy’s heart is the emotional bond that you build towards him. Be a smart lady and create a strong emotional connection by saying sweet nothings to him at the right moments. The sweet words from your heart will give him an assurance of love. You will learn some secret words to make him fall in love and keep him turned on all the time. Show him your deep feelings to let him see the hidden emotional side of you; he will be attached to you in ways you never thought. Once he becomes addicted to your romantic words, he will start to satisfy your needs without being reminded. You want to motivate him so that he can have a sense of responsibility and go an extra mile. This will depend on the secret words you use at the right moment and place. Find out what sweet words you need to whisper to your guy. The words given are just a head start. You can explore further by incorporating the secrets or romantic attraction.

Sweet Love Phrases For Your Boyfriend

1) I love you

Who doesn’t want to hear this? Studies show that knowing that someone else has romantic feelings for you increase the chances of you falling in love with them. If you really want this adorable guy to get head over heels with you, don’t hesitate to use this love cocktail phrase.

2) Please don’t fall for me

This is an example of reverse psychology. By saying these words to a guy, you will exactly what you did not ask for- he will fall for you. These words will trigger his ‘chase and conquer’ gene. You may or may not say these words on purpose but they will encourage him to pursue you. Pushing him away will keep him coming back. In other words, you will lure him into feeding your desire to be loved.

3) I cannot fathom a life without you

When you are in love with someone, you don’t want to live any other life away from them. Let him know that you have reached this serious stage in life. It will make him feel good.

4) It seems to me like I have known you forever

These words will stimulate emotional attraction in your man’s heart. The statement lets him know that your souls are connected.

5) I need you

This is an attraction spinner. These three words can help a man overcome his insecurities. They put his mind at ease knowing that he is an important person in your life. Try them today and watch him desire you.

6) You need to work extra hard to win me over

Such a challenge is what your adorable boyfriend wants. Say this to him and he will be begging for your love. A challenge introduces a push-and-pull tension that shows your efforts and how he should reciprocate. It is another way of showing him your value as a woman.

7) I’ll always have your back

One of the reasons people get into relationships is to find encouragement from their significant others. It is comforting for your boyfriend to know that you will support him no matter what. Naturally, your guy expects you to be his helper (you are his better half).

8) My girlfriends are jealous of our relationship

Your boyfriend will be excited to know that his desirability is envied. These words are entertaining to his ears and would never hurt his ego.

9) I feel safe with you

The alpha male has a natural instinct for protecting his woman. He wants to be the one you turn to when you are in danger. He will love to hear you call him his protector because that is what he considers himself. It is an adorable compliment that will warm his heart. Even if you are an independent woman, try to make him feel important to you by uttering these words to him. He will start committing to you alone.

10) I am glad that you can put up with me

This phrase shows that you recognize that you are not the easiest person to get along with and that you appreciate his efforts. It is one of the best messages to send him if you are having an argument.

11) I see a gateway to my ideal world through your eyes

These words have a deeper meaning and can have greater impact if you’re in your initial stages of dating. The sweet phrase communicates your innermost feelings for this amazing guy. It shows that you want to be now and forever.

12) I am your queen

This is an everlasting attraction phrase that assures a man that you are his one and only. These are the best words to tell a boyfriend who seems a bit jealous. It has the power to change what he feels for you instantly.

13) I can’t compare your company to anything else

If you are planning to start a meaningful relationship, start by preferring his company to the rest of your friends. These words show that you want to hang with your guy more than any other people.

14) I love your chivalry

These words will serve two purposes: they represent your appreciation for his gentlemanly behavior and they encourage him to continue with the same spirit.

15) You are the most ambitious man I’ve ever dated

This is a great compliment to his determination and hardworking nature. This light heated message is sweet and perfect for a new relationship.

16) Sweet compliments

What are the things that attract you to your guy? Is it his physique, intelligence, his face, or hilarious nature? Use these as the starting points to compliment your boyfriend. Tell him how exactly his looks makes you feel. Example: “Your shirt is radiant”. Make sure you compliment his accomplishments because it is one thing that men secretly desire.

17) Have you been hitting the gym?

Men are sometimes body-conscious. Nothing can draw your man closer to you knowing that you find him physically attractive. It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t gone to the gym for years; let him know that his body impresses you.

18) I like it when you do this

Telling him that you love what he does is an ego booster. This phrase works well especially when you are making love. It is a way of encouraging him and he can stop worrying about whether he does it the right way or not.

Sweet Words To Turn On Your Boyfriend

19) You are sexy

Let him know that you find him sexy. Knowing how you think of him is a huge turn on. It will also boost his confidence as well as his testosterone levels.

20) Describe something he should do to you

Some girls don’t know to ask directly for romantic things from their guys. Show your man that you adore your sexuality and he’ll be turned on. Don’t hesitate to tell him the romantic stuff you fantasize about the two of you.

21) You turn me on

Knowing that you are aroused by him arouses him too. It means that you are ready for some action. He will love to see that he can pleasure you

22) Ask your boyfriend dirty questions

Men are visual beings but they also like to hear their women’s desires and excitements. Knowing what to say to start a dirty talk is extremely important. You also need to identify the best time and place, and be sure that your guy likes the naughty stuff. Know how to dirty chat with your man but do not overdo it. Check out some ground rules to guide you in your sexy conversation. Like a snail, begin the sexy talk slowly with your boyfriend. It could be over the text or in-person. Start with simple and short phrases and test his reaction. If he starts responding positively, push the conversation further. But when he seems a bit uncomfortable, it’s time you tone things down. Are you ready to tell him nasty and sexy stuff? Check out some ideas below. If you don’t want to sound creepy, you can ask a suggestive question that will give him some wild thoughts. You might discover an adorable side of him you never thought. Here is a rundown of 20 questions to provoke a naughty mood. 1. Do you like dirty talks? 2. What is your wildest sexual fantasy? 3. What part of me do you like most? 4. Are you romantic? 5. Do you like making out with clothes on or off? 6. Describe your perfect date night 7. Have you ever watched yourself in the mirror making love to a woman? 8. Are you the captain, Thor, or The Hulk between the sheets? 9. Would you make love to me in public? 10. When did you have your first kiss? 11. What fantasies do you have about me? 12. How do you like it? With lights on or off? 13. What’s your favorite lingerie color? 14. Have you ever had a threesome? 15. Who was the last person you accidentally saw naked? 16. Have you ever bumped into people making love? 17. If you could kiss any part of me now, which one would it be? 18. What’s your favorite sex position? 19. Which is the most romantic place to make love? 20. Do you like a dominating or submissive woman in bed?

Sweet Words To Tell Your Boyfriend Over Text

23) Let him know what you are wearing

Men are visual by nature. His imaginations will run wild if you describe how you are dressed, where you are, and what you are doing. Start by asking him what he is up to so he can ask, “What about you”. Make him go crazy by telling him that you just arrived at your place and are about to take a shower. Describe every cloth you are wearing as you take them off.

24) Tell him something romantic you want to do to him

This is a guaranteed way to arouse your boyfriend. He can’t help but imagine the actions you describe. He will not stop thinking about you. Star with something like this: “I want to see you today, give you a warm hug and lead you to my bedroom. “ OR “I wish you were here with me. I would …………” (Explain something naughty).

25) Send him flirty and sweet messages

The list of sweet things you can say to your boyfriend is endless. If you are feeling a little kinky, why not use some flirty texts? Here are some sexy messages to test your guy. 1. We are better off as friends with sexual tension 2. You look wow today 3. I could invite you at my place but I’m afraid my hands will bother you 4. You are my favorite thing in this world 5. Quit imagining me naked 6. I want to feel your body on me 7. I feel aroused every time you walk into the classroom 8. It feels so hot watching you work out 9. I have been daydreaming about you the whole day 10. Good morning! I’m staying braless the entire day 11. My friends get annoyed because I talk too much about you 12. I like your body 13. My lips, my hands, my hips, your body, tonight 14. I get hot thinking about you 15. I love it when you get angry 16. I feel weak at my knees every time we make eye contact 17. I wish you hold me a little long 18. My body shivers when you play with my hair 19. Can’t wait to see the magic you’ll perform tonight for me 20. I have no words to describe what I feel when you dominate me If your aim is to turn him on through texts, give him a little snapshot of what is coming. You can try some verbal foreplay by describing the sexy moves you have in store for him. Make the texts as intimate and hot as possible. Don’t forget to tell him what turns you on and how you would want him to touch you. That is if you are planning to make love to him. A simple way to dirty talk when hooking up is to direct him what to do to you. Be aggressive and confident and you will surely make him desire you. Show him that you can take charge of things in the bedroom.


To deal successfully with your boyfriend, you need confidence. Later, you will have to be the master of appropriate body language signs. A woman who is brave enough to express herself with sexy words can provoke romantic feelings in a man’s heart. Adorable words will make your man want to explore more of you and he will open up to you in greater ways. He will be enchanted if you are open to him. It is something that boosts his confidence, gives him a sense of belonging, and builds trust. You want him to drop his scary vulnerability. Then whisper those romantic words and watch as magic takes its course. You can say these cute and sweet things to your boyfriend whether you are having dinner with him or even texting him. You can be assured that you will make him blush with excitement. You will make him feel more loved and more appreciated. He will also get more energy to continue doing the good things he has been doing for you. Try these phrases and you will be on your way to adding more romance to your affair.