Top 20 Signs A Shy Girl Secretly Likes You

Are you confusing certain signs for something else? Does the shy girl like you? Discover with these 20 signs if the shy girl secretly likes you!

By Amanda Palmer
Top 20 Signs A Shy Girl Secretly Likes You

How do shy girls show that they like you?

Some girls are pretty shy when it comes to openly confessing their love for someone. It's got something to do with their personality. They are very difficult to read and predict. They might not even confide in their best friend and it really gets tough to know their real intentions. Obviously, you do not want to make a fool of yourself! How will you know for sure that they like you? What kind of signs should one look in for to make sure of this fact? You know that you will have to make the first move but before that, you need to be pretty sure yourself ,especially if you also have a soft spot for your shy girl. Read on further to know about the top 20 signs a shy girl secretly likes you:

1. Study the shy girl's body language

If a girl likes you and is quite shy, she might get nervous whenever you go close to her. She might suddenly drop things, act clumsily, stammer in her speech, or even blush. This kind of behavior comes naturally whenever a person is nervous. You get pressured to do your best and you end up behaving funny and clumsy. We have all been there at some point in time. If you are good at reading people's faces, it's easy for you to find out from a shy girl's body language that she is nervous about something.

2. If you catch her often staring at you, it could mean that she likes you.

Shy people will always tend to look away when you directly look at them because they are nervous about making eye contact with you, but if you look away or are busy doing something else, they will stare at you. A person stares at someone secretly only when he or she is interested in that person. If you catch the shy girl staring at you a couple of times, it could be a sign that she is interested in you. Sometimes, they might even get bold and try to make a lot of eye contact with you thinking that this would give you the message.

3. Shy girl likes all your statuses but never comments

A shy girl will like all your posts and statuses but never comment as they feel too shy to say something directly. A girl liking all your posts could be a sign that she is interested in you. She would often be the first one to like all your tweets or other social media posts just to show you that she likes whatever you write or think.

4. A shy girl certainly likes you if she does small favors for you.

A shy girl tries to show her liking for you by doing simple things for you like picking up your books, helping you with her notes, or passing an important message to you. They are too shy to make any direct or casual conversation with you but will try to always be there to help you. She would at times go beyond what is needed and help you with everything without even you asking for it.

5. A shy girl might force her friends to start a conversation with you

Shy themselves, you will often find one or more of her friends coming to chat with you. They might have been compelled by her to talk to you. If you see such signs often, you should know that she is interested in you. She wants to talk to you herself but is shy to do so and hence compels her friends to make small talk with you. She might join in the conversation after waiting for them to make the initial move.

6. Frequent blank calls are signs of someone interested in you

If you get frequent blank calls on your landlines, it could be that the shy girl is calling you but is nervous to speak up. Though having landlines is very uncommon thesedays, you might have one at your place, and she might be calling you plenty of times in a day only to hear your voice and never speak up.

7. Anonymous gifts or letters

Do you get anonymous gifts or letters? Maybe someone who is interested in you and likes you is sending you gifts without wanting you to know their name. All sorts of gifts, music albums, cards, and flowers wait on your doorstep every morning. Who is this mystery woman gifting you?

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8. She smiles at you a lot

You can read volumes from the body language of a shy girl. If she smiles at you a lot and especially whenever your eyes meet, it could be a sign that she likes you. Shy girls are not very good at concealing their feelings for someone they like. They are very simple people and very happy to be around someone they like.

9. She will accidentally try to touch you

She won't have the courage to openly convey her feelings to you but will try to accidentally touch you to just start a conversation with you. An accidental touch is like when you are passing each other or trying to pick up something fallen. These will get very frequent if she likes you. Look out for these signs to know if she is interested in you.

10. You will find her talking to everyone but you

Shy girls are just plain nervous to make any conversation with you. She feels that perhaps you will read her mind if she talks to you. You will find the shy girl talking to everyone but you and you should take this as a positive sign of her interest. They also do that because they think that eventually even you will start talking to her.

11. If she likes you, she might get fidgety when you're near her

This is an obvious sign of body language that you must read in shy girls. They don't appear calm and focused and suddenly start behaving clumsily when you go near them. Your presence excites them and makes them nervous. They might play with their hair, pens, phones, and everything that gets in their hands just to ease their nervous mindsets.

12. Does she play with her hair when you're near?

She suddenly starts to play with her hair or carefully arrange her hair when you get close to her. It's a general nervous reaction as many people who touch their hair when they are nervous. She might even arrange her hair because she wants to make sure she is looking fine.

13. Does the shy girl bump into you everywhere?

She may pretend it's simply coincidence, but you're no fool! If she runs into you everywhere, then maybe she purposely hangs out in places she knows you will be going to. These are surefire signs that the shy girl is interested in you.

14. A shy girl shows signs of her interest in you by befriending everyone in your group

She does so thinking that this way perhaps, she could befriend you too. Strangely, you find everyone in your group knowing her quite well except you. Now she is just waiting for you to approach her.

15. She laughs at your all silly jokes

Not everyone laughs at our jokes or antics or the time. But you find this shy girl laughing at all your jokes. Often, she will be the only one laughing real hard at your silly comments or jokes. Does she find you really funny or does she have some other interests?

16. Her friends nudge her or tease her whenever you pass by

Friends often give away your secrets, and if the shy girl's friends tease her or nudge her whenever you pass by it could mean that they all know about her feelings for you. Teasing in a group of friends is quite common and we all have gone through it a couple of times. Read the signs and see if they tease her whenever you pass them or come into a room where she is sitting with her friends.

17. She will talk to you for hours if you initiate a coversation

A shy girl does not initiate a coversation herself but if you do, she talks to you for ages. She shows no signs of ending the conversation as she is enjoying every moment talking to you. She wants to let you know all about herself now that she has got a chance. She might continue talking to you for hours too.

18. Change in her dressing style or hairstyle could be signs of her interest in you

Has she started dressing differently the past few days? Is she doing it for you? Does she want to impress you? A girl who was always seen without makeup and in sweats suddenly starts dressing fashionably definitely has something going on in her mind. Are you the reason for this change?

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19. Complimenting you often is one of the signs of showing interest in you

You find her complimenting you for your work or actions. Though it makes you happy, perhaps you should find the hidden intention behind the praises. A shy girl would try to indirectly convey her liking towards you by showering you with praise.

20. She might ignore you completely

This is also a sign of someone liking you. They are afraid of giving their feelings away and so decide to ignore you completely. Ignoring you could be because she does not like you or could be because she really likes you. If there is no reason for the former then perhaps you should think about the latter!

Everyone has a particular way of expressing their love and concern for someone. While someone may be rather bold and straightforward with their feelings, there are others who are too scared to convey their true feelings. This could be due to their own insecurities. They are often afraid of rejection and hence prefer the other person to make the first move. They will give all sorts of messages via their body language to make the other person to understand. From the above mentioned list of top 20 signs, it's easy to figure out whether a shy girl likes you or not. Look for these signs and if you are interested too then maybe you could make the first move yourself. Or, you could prolong the game for a little while longer knowing the entire time about her interest in you. This will just make you like her more and you will find her ways cute and funny. It could also be possible that you have no such feelings for this person. In this case too, you should go and talk to her and maybe indirectly convey it to her about your feelings for her. This will clear matters up and prevent her from further heartbreak. You might even get a complete denial from her but take it positively. There is no harm in clearing up matters before they are complicated further.