10 Reasons Why You Dreamed Your Boyfriend Was Cheating On You

You dream about your boyfriend cheating on you and wake up sweating, infuriated by the guy sleeping next to you. What do such dreams mean?

By Gerald Matiri
10 Reasons Why You Dreamed Your Boyfriend Was Cheating On You

Interpretation On Dreams About A Cheating Boyfriend

Statistics reveal that every girlfriend gets a dream about his boyfriend cheating at least once. Such dreams are so emotionally disturbing that you end up accusing your boyfriend of cheating. According to dream analysts, cheating dreams are associated with issues of your low-esteem or guilt. In case you still have doubts, you can talk to your boyfriend about it, but in a calm manner. If at all there is nothing going on, he will gladly reassure you that you need not worry. You cannot just accuse him of cheating because of a mere dream; it can lead to real issues. If you want to fully understand cheating dreams, you need to interpret them in the context of the current life you are living. Does your boyfriend flirt a lot with girls around you? Then the interpretation is: he is untrustworthy. The problem with cheating dreams is that they seem so real and they evoke moods you would actually have if your boyfriend did cheat. Sometimes, you will feel insecure. Don’t worry because you are not alone; it is among the commonest things in couples’ minds during sleep. Do you want to decode the hidden truth of these dreams? Read on.

The Symbolism Of Cheating Dreams

Dreams are symbolic. In most cases, they don’t carry a literal interpretation yet they can be terrifying, surreal, and mundane. Typically, human beings experience several dreams at night, each lasting for about 20 minutes but most of them are forgotten. However, there are those we never forget, not to mention about your boyfriend cheating on you. If you talk to a therapist or dream analyst, they would tell you that the reasons you wake up with fear are your own insecurities. So, if you wake up from a bad dream, take a deep breath because it is not a literal warning. Normally, a cheating boyfriend in your dreams is a symbolism of lack of attention from your lover. Perhaps he has been overworking that he barely has time for you, or he has found another hobby that he no longer takes time to cuddle with you. A cheating dream can be a symbol of a potential issue in your relationship. It could be an inevitable circumstance like your intimate friend taking a second job to make ends meet. The other interpretation could be that your relationship is hitting a rock. You could also be insecure that your sweet friend is interested in something he doesn’t want to involve you in. No matter the cause of the cheating dreams, it is important that you discuss the issue with your boyfriend and request for his attention and assurance that he still loves you. Even if he is not cheating, it is crucial that he meets your emotional needs which are being brought up in the dreams so you can have sweeter dreams at night. If he is an understanding boyfriend, he will agree to work on the situation to see your moods resume normally.

Cheating Dreams As Prophesy

Occasionally, to some individuals, cheating dreams are warnings. The subconscious mind reflects what the conscious mind has been ignoring. The dreams could be signs that you think your spouse is unfaithful but you choose to overlook the scenario because you can’t handle it. Be very careful before concluding that your dreams are prophetic. Make a critical analysis of the number of places and women that occur in your dreams and stay alert. Don’t accuse your spouse yet; just stay alert of his behavior and record the unexplained things which insinuate his unfaithfulness. As mentioned before, the dreams could be warning signs but can you make a conclusion without a proof? If you think you can confront your sweet friend or spouse, you should present solid evidence. Nonetheless, a dream presents a clear picture of a puzzle where there is suspicion.

1. Cheating dreams reflect your underlying insecurities

If you are in a relationship, it is absolutely normal to have a cheating dream. You might dream about your ex, your spouse hooking up with your best friend, or even yourself cheating on him. So if these dreams don’t automatically infer infidelity, what are they? Cheating dreams have a lot to do with your insecurities. When you go to sleep, your subconscious mind, which is both visual and emotional, starts communicating. It communicates in symbols, reminding you of the things your conscious mind misses. Maybe you are insecure about your age or attractiveness. Your subconscious interpretation could be presented in form of a competition (a younger and sexier woman stealing your boyfriend). Literally, you feel cheated and replaced because you are not getting the attention you need from your man. The dream causes a lot of distress and changes your moods instantaneously. You can’t stop wondering the reasons for such a dream. But if you take a good look at yourself, you might be having a lot of insecurities. Sometimes, you might feel unworthy or as if you are not good enough for your boyfriend. For these reasons, you keep dreaming about your lover cheating on you. Your low self-esteem leads you to think that you don’t measure up to your man’s expectations. Does it seem like your boyfriend has no reasons to be with you? Who does he betray you with- your friend, a younger lady, or a hot celeb? Is this girl somebody you think is by far better than you- prettier, thinner, smarter, richer, happier et al? These are signs you are insecure and you need to deal with this issue first before you cause a conflict in your relationship. Insecurities are confidence killers, so you need to find a way to boost your self-esteem.

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2. Lack of intimacy between you and your boyfriend

Intimacy is vital in a relationship. One of the main reasons most partners cheat is lack of affection and sexual satisfaction. The dreams could, therefore, hint at the underlying issue that’s not addressed- no intimacy. So, this image represents a lack of an intimate connection and deprivation of physical love. If you have encountered infidelity in your dreams, you might want to consider your bedroom matters- find out what you no longer do as a couple. If you are married, examine the circumstances that are causing your spouse to neglect your sexual needs. Catching your spouse cheating in your dreams is reflective of a desire to make a change. Have you been meeting the conjugal rights of your spouse and does he satisfy you? The change you need is to spice things up in your intimate acts- not just the intercourse but also the emotional connection. If the dreams are about contemplating an affair, you might need to examine your honesty. Are you genuine in the way you express your intimate desires? Are you authentic and could you be betraying your own sexual needs? It is easier to give an interpretation of infidelity but in the real sense, it is the intimacy issues of your relationship.

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3. Cheating dreams: No attention from your boyfriend

Lack of attention from your boyfriend can trigger dreams where he is involved with another girlfriend. Because he no longer cares, you might start to think that he has found another girlfriend who is keeping him busy. He might not even be aware of this when he is busy with his job or his new gym routine. He is innocent but your subconscious mind interprets the time he spends away as having an affair. Many times, the signs of a cheating spouse are not always about hidden messages and calls; they are the actions they portray towards you. If he has neglected you in the past one month, it means that his attention has shifted to something else- a new girlfriend, adventure, video game, his other family, etc. Negligence is a negative sign- things are not going well. Watch his moods when making love to you: is he as excited as he used to be? If he is no longer interested, you have every reason to doubt him no wonder you have been catching him cheating in your dreams. If this describes your situation, take a bold step and talk to your boyfriend when your moods are normal. Discuss the matters you feel he no longer takes care of. If he is your spouse, look for ways you can spend more time together despite the many responsibilities for kids and work.

4. Dreams about cheating indicate an impending disaster

Have you ever had a foreshadow dream? It must have been so vivid and clear because you still remember it up to date. Your subconscious mind can warn you of a potential disaster which is about to hit your relationship. Your conscious mind might not sense any problem with your boyfriend but your subconscious has the ability to read every signal that the mind fails to recognize. So, it compiles all the obscure signs and presents them in dreams. If cheating dreams keep on recurring when you sleep, take it as a warning sign. It is said that if you have a strong sixth sense, your dream might come true. Your subconscious mind is excellent at reading the telltale signs of an unfaithful spouse. You might choose to ignore the idea of a cheating spouse in your conscious mind but you will find the clues when you go to sleep. For instance, you have been overlooking the fact that he stays out after work longer than usual. And even though he shows you clearly that he is a cheater, you decide to remain ignorant because you don’t want to be heartbroken. What happens is that the suppressed thoughts will be awakened in your dreams: you will see him in the arms of another girlfriend! In essence, don’t ignore the warning signs. Your dreams could be giving you crystal clear hints that something wrong is going to happen in future. If you don’t act quickly, your relationship might grow stale.

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5. Your ex-boyfriend cheated on you

It is said that ‘Once bitten, twice shy’. If your ex was unfaithful, it is normal to get suspicious of your current boyfriend even though he is innocent. Sarcastically, you will have dreams of your boyfriend cheating when everything in your relationship is fine. An experience with a cheater can affect your mentality about men and so you will always approach a new relationship with a benefit of the doubt to protect yourself. Your boyfriend could be the most honest guy in town yet you treat him with suspicion. You can’t help it; it’s all the fault of your ex who once betrayed you. Did you know that the past encounters determine your mentality? This is one of the reasons most couples don’t trust each other, they were cheated on in the past. Maybe your unfaithful ex left this huge scar in your heart that you find it hard to trust any boyfriend. The debilitating consequences of past hurts can be manifested in cheating dreams. These fears will begin to emerge as soon as you suspect something bizarre about your boyfriend. But how can you deal with this anxiety? First of all, realize that not all guys are the same. Just because your ex hurt you, doesn’t mean your new boyfriend will do the same to you; stop judging him with a generalized mindset. If you have to form opinions about him, do so with regards to his own actions and not the experience you had with your ex. You better get over the past incidences and forgive your ex so you can move on. Through forgiveness, your heart will heal and so you will be in a position to look at the positive side of your current relationship.

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6. Cheating dreams represent broken promises

So you have been dreaming about your boyfriend cheating on you the whole of last week despite the fact that he is a trustworthy man. Infidelity might not even be your greatest fear yet the adulterous dreams are so apparent that you start getting suspicious. Surprisingly, the dreams could be about you- the promises you have broken. You feel uneasy; there are things about your life you need to change. It is about what’s going on in your life, from breaking promises to the betrayal of trust. Basically, cheating is lying and when you have these dreams, find out if you have been lying to yourself or anyone else. It is especially true if you appeared as the cheater in your dreams. The dreams hint at guilt conscious and self-betrayal. The biggest interpretation is that you have made a compromise on your moral values and beliefs. The cheating might not be about your current relationship but another situation whereby you emerged as dishonest. Having an affair with another man in your dreams might be about your eroded integrity. However, it doesn’t mean that you will stray or that you are in the wrong relationship; it’s a wake-up call that you need to mend promises you’ve broken.

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7. You don’t trust your boyfriend

Without trust, a relationship may not last. So, when this aspect of love is broken, you start having suspicious moods now and then. These moods lead you to have nightmares about catching your spouse with a new girlfriend. Instead of getting furious, take this as an opportunity to scrutinize your trust issues. Your subconscious mind is picking hints that your man is cheating or is no longer satisfied with you. This is a warning sign that you need to open up your lines of communication before the relationship goes toxic. If the dream is about you cheating, it means you are dishonest to your boyfriend and yourself. Ask yourself if there is anything you are hiding from your guy. Are you having dirty thoughts about you and another friend or have you been contemplating cheating? Watching over your boyfriend or spouse all the time is not possible even if you work in the same office. Times will come when he goes out with friends and you are left home to take care of household chores. Sometimes, you have no option but to have a little faith in your partner; otherwise, you will experience tremendous problems including adulterous dreams in your sleep. There are cases when these dreams are no surprises at all e.g. if your spouse has a history of flirting with women. Maybe he flirts innocently but seeing him actually do it could trigger feelings of jealousy. You will wonder what transpires when you are not around and such thoughts will make you have the cheating dreams, constantly.

8. You can’t live without your boyfriend

You are worried about living a single life and you simply cannot fathom a life without your boyfriend. This is one of the reasons you are having the cheating dreams. You are anxious about your future together and want him to be there for you forever. Perhaps you are too clingy; consider learning how to be independent. If your ex dumped you, it is possible for you to have cheating dreams because your greatest fear is abandonment. The interpretation of your dreams is that you are hoping that your boyfriend will finally declare his eternal commitment to the relationship. However, you have spotted some doubtful signs that leave you unsure about his long-term commitment. As such the insecurities make you have the disturbing dreams. Dealing with the fear of losing an intimate friend is not easy. First, accept that there are factors which are totally out of your control. Secondly, stop being so dependent and learn to live by yourself.

9. Your boyfriend is actually cheating

This is not so common. Sometimes cheating dreams could mean that he is having an affair. Denying signs of infidelity is not a solution to your suspicions about him cheating on you. Unfortunately, these signs are real and when they are right in front of your eyes, stop ignoring the truth because there is so much you can change when you know the truth. Your friends have already told you that you are dealing with a cheater and you still deny it. Would you still refuse to believe he is cheating when the dreams are so vivid? Instead of being naïve, why don’t you try to learn the truth? Even if the rumors are coming from unreliable sources your guts would never lie. Listen to your inner voice and do your investigations- it’s better to deal with the truth than a lie. One of the reasons you could be mistrusting your boyfriend that he cheated on you in the past. It could be very hard for you to get over this heartbreak and this will have huge impacts on your relationship. There is also a chance of dreaming about your boyfriend’s unfaithfulness if a friend told you that he was spotted with a girlfriend at a party. But you must be careful because not every friend wants the best of your relationship. However, do not make any accusations before you uncover the truth. Re-evaluate your boyfriend to see whether he is worthy of your love. Call it quits if you cannot trust him. If he is no longer interested in you, you need not force yourself on him. If your spouse has been giving you lame reasons why he’s coming home late, let him know you are tired of lies. But before you walk away, have a talk with your partner to see if you can work it out. Maybe what you need is to spend more time together and bond.

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10. Cheating dreams are reflections of habitual thoughts

Research shows that good people dream about sweet things most of the times while the evil ones get weird dreams or don’t dream at all. This tells you that dreams are reflections of real life. So, if you put scary ideas in your mind, you are more likely to have nightmares. If you entertain the idea of your spouse cheating on you every day, do not be surprised if you dream about him having a girlfriend who is not you. Simply phrased, thoughts of a cheating partner are reflected in your dreams. He will do the very act you have been thinking about in your dreams. In a similar manner, if you fantasize about having an affair, this idea can be reflected by a cheating partner in your dreams. Be careful with what you think; your relationship might not survive if all you have in your mind is negative thoughts and moods. The best thing you can do is figure out why you keep having the adulterous thoughts. If you are not satisfied with your spouse, try to see if he’s willing to work it out and fulfill your needs. But remember this: it all starts in your head.

Final Words

Why am I having dreams about my spouse cheating?’ It is a frequently asked question on the internet, coming from an anxious and emotionally disturbed individual. The ultimate betrayal in a relationship is having an affair. Insecurity is totally normal amongst all types of couples- the idea that your intimate friend is cheating could be your greatest fear and can be manifested in dreams. Your spouse may or may not be having an affair, but as far as symbolism is concerned, cheating dreams carry connotations concerning your unmet needs or even infidelity. Requesting your boyfriend to meet your needs is challenging and you keep wishing he could just read your mind. Do not make an assumption that he should be able to know what you need and please don’t punish the poor guy when he doesn’t know what to do. While it is hard to ignore the mood you get into as soon as you wake up from a dream of your boyfriend cheating, you should take your time to address first the emotions which led to the dream. Let your guard down and start a mature dialogue with your spouse. As long as you are in a healthy relationship, you have no reasons to panic just because of a cheating dream.