Sweet Love Letter From Your Heart - Sample And Example

Writing love letters is not popular anymore. This technique of showing your love and affection is very special, and here's an example of how to do it right.

By Tashke
Sweet Love Letter From Your Heart - Sample And Example

The art of writing love letters

Writing love letters is not cool anymore. Nowadays, everything is modernized and made into digital form: love is expressed through messages, chats, and posts on social networks. Rare are those who remain faithful to writing by hand. Some of the most beautiful love letters are written by great writers, poets, actors and even by leaders of great armies. In ancient days, it was considered that the words on paper had the same power as when they were spoken in person. That's why wars, important announcements, and many other important things were published using letters. Admit that you'd be surprised if a guy wrote you a love letter. At first, you would probably think that something is wrong with him, but then you would understand the beauty of that gesture - words on paper are a very special way to express love for your loved one. Words on paper are real.

Love letters as lifetime memories

A love letter is a memory for a lifetime that won't disappear when your operating system crashes or the computer breaks down. That little piece of paper can be hidden in a box or in some random book. Every time you feel lonely, you can read it all over again. When you are suffering or just feeling sad, you can take your paper love proof and you'll immediately feel better, for sure. The feeling when you read a love letter is memorable. You will feel like love comes from every single letter you wrote. When we know that someone loves and cares about us, it is way easier to feel better. Even if it is someone with whom we are no longer in touch, knowing that that person has translated his feelings into a love letter can make our day. Perhaps this is not the case with men, but it is a well-known fact that most women secretly want to experience this different and unique way of expressing love. Women are romantic by nature and secretly lust for a passionate lover who will send them roses and love letters with a touch of perfume. Like in a romantic movie, right?

Why don't we write love letters anymore?

Throughout history, we can find many examples of love letters that great lovers wrote for their loved ones. Some of them are protected as invaluable pieces in museums around the world. There is no specific reason as to why we lost that habit of writing love letters. Technology is here to make our life easier, so why don't we use it for these purposes? When you feel the need, sit in front of the computer and pour your soul into words. Maybe it will be hard to start writing, but you will see how words will come easily, especially if you have someone to show your love to. You can write anything you want, every sweet word that comes from your heart. Express everything you feel for that person. Show your loved one what he/she means to you. Maybe we lost the habit of expressing our love through love letters, but it's not too late to go back to it. Be romantic and let your hand express what your heart feels.

Online examples help greatly when writing love letters

You don't have to show your love only on paper. However, the disadvantage of the digital declaration of love is mainly due to a limited number of characters, but this does not really matter in the end. An online love letter is acceptable, but of course, this will only be visible for the person to whom it is intended. The advantage of the Internet is privacy. When you send a love message, a person on the other end of the line of communication can't see you, but he can feel your intention. It is similar to a paper love letter, although the experience is not as memorable. Also, you can find on the Internet many helpful articles, like this one, that will help you to express your love. Those sweet words won't always come by themselves because sometimes you just need some extra online help, so go for it. Lack of inspiration can be compensated and the only thing that matters is the will to write that letter to someone you love.

Paper or keyboard?

Writing love letters full of passion and emotions mostly takes us to some romantic times where that was the only way of communication between two lovers. Everything was different, slower and more emotional. And, of course, there were no mobile phones, Internet, and social networks. Paper letters were the only way of communication. Many will say that the keyboard and monitor have no soul, and it's partly true. When you write with a pencil in your hands, every word on the paper carries a certain emotion, as each one of them makes us feel like our loved one is near. When you know your words are going to make someone happy, your heart and soul will be fulfilled. You can find the inspiration for writing a love letter in everyday things, but also in several poems or love stories. If glorious leaders like Napoleon and Caesar could be romantic and write love letters back then, why won't you do the same?

Write love letters right from your heart

So here we are. You decide to express your love to someone and you don't know how to begin. We'll try to give you some tips and examples here. But remember, no one can express your feelings better than you and no one can write them down for you. If you are not quite good with words, it doesn't matter. The person who loves you will know that your love letter comes from your heart as soon as he reads it. There is no need to overdo them and overfill them with romantic expressions. Just write what you feel, it is as simple as that.

Some useful tips

When you write your own love letter, be sincere and avoid being vulgar. Also, avoid making too many jokes, as love letters should show your affection, not how hilarious you can be. However, it is acceptable to show some kind of joke here and there, especially if your partner loves your sense of humor. Avoid writing verses. If you are not talented for writing letters, how will your poems look like? Like a joke maybe. If you want, you can quote some verses from a love poem written by someone talented. A better solution is to just be original and yourself. Your loved one will appreciate more a dozen of your sincere words than three pages of a love letter copied from the Internet. Your clumsiness with words can sometimes be a good thing. We will show you an example of a love letter. Feel free to use it as a sample of how to write yours. Still, that doesn't mean to copy every letter of it. It will be just for you to see how you can draw the attention of someone you truly love.

Example of an introduction to your love letter

Start your letter in the way you usually call your loved one. If you don't use sweet nicknames, don't use them in your love letter. It will sound unnatural and seem unconvincing to a person who knows that you are not a master of romance. Maybe you can use some event that you both took part of, evoke some great memory you two have together or something you both enjoy doing. Maybe your loved one forgot about that, and it would be nice to remind him. Describe all the details you remember, like the color of his clothes or the perfume that he wore. Describe the place and what that memory means to you. In case you're lacking inspiration, find some love poems and just paraphrase them with your own words. Do not copy every word. Give your love letter a piece of originality and something that is your own significant mark.

Example 1: Love letter for someone far from you

"My dearly beloved, As this night gently sinks into infinity, and the clock quietly counts the time, I'm trying here, in the other side of the world, just to be happy by knowing that you exist, although you are very, very far away. Your love gives me strength and these words belong only to you. This night would've been less painful if you at least were near me. But nevermind, my love. As time goes by, there is nothing to do but wait and you will see we will be together again and everything will be as it was before. You know it's hard when you love someone and you cannot feel that love in all of its glory. What can I do now, except for imagining that we are together and counting the seconds until our next meeting? That way, maybe the time will fly faster. All my thoughts are with you. I know you also think about me, and it gives me wings like a butterfly. With those wings, I will fly to you and land on your dreams. I'll kiss you good night, and I will come back to my loneliness again.''

Distance means nothing

"And time flies. It's both good and bad. Bad, because I'm getting sad every second I'm without you. Good, because I'm getting close to you again with every clock beat. I know that you are somewhere out there and that you think of me as much as I think of you. Distance means nothing. Love can travel the whole world just to get to someone who's eager for it. It knows the direction, the route, and nothing can't stop it. My lovely angel... I can hardly wait for time to stop and for this world to exist only for us. I can hardly wait to feel your skin, share your strength and find myself in your eyes. There will always be someone who loves you just the way you are, who wants only you with all your strengths and weaknesses. Someone who won't change your love for anything else. Someone who will listen to you and appreciate every word you say. I know you are the one for me. I know you love me and you know I love you. I know that we have to handle this loneliness and I'm sure our love is going to make it, no matter how hard it might be. Just a little bit more, my sweet love. I know that the distance is nothing but a challenge to our love, but we are going to make it and we are going to laugh at it because our love knows no obstacles."

Example 2: Love letter for your partner

"To you, my significant other, my strength, and my love, If I knew how to use words right, this letter would sound like a love bestseller. But no, I'm not that romantic. I'm trying to make some kind of magic with words and letters, but they just won't come to me. They laugh at me and won't help me express my love. I must be honest with you. This is my first time. No one else before you deserved something like this. No one else was worth my words. I knew I had to wait for someone like you. Someone to spend every moment of my life and besides whom I want to wake up and fall asleep all over again every day for the rest of our lives. I know you feel the same. So many words of love surround me, but none of them will stop to help me find some inspiration. No, I have to do it by myself, but what can I tell you, what words could help me describe this feeling? Just read this letter. Maybe it's not full of nice, romantic words, but it's honest and written with all my heart pouring all my love for you."

To you..

"To you who know all my sorrows and joys, every blink of my eye and every breath I take. To you who recognize the smallest sign of sadness in the corner of my lips, as well as the tiniest grain of happiness in my eyes. To you who know how firm to hold and to warm my hand, just as it should, no less and no more than that. To you who know how much I love when you kiss me a little, just a little, under my ear, gently just to feel your breath. To you, my love, for always being there for me, by my side even if I'm wrong. For supporting me and giving me a purpose. Because it is thanks to you that I'm the best version of myself. What should I write to you, the one that understands all my whims and faults? You know you make my life easier. You make me forget all my problems while encouraging all my successes. You are my brave knight, helping me through my everyday battles. The thought of the two of us keeps me alive because of our mutual desire for our love to flourish and last forever. Be sure I'll try to make every day unforgettable. You will feel loved and taken care of for the rest of your life. Not a single second will be wasted. Is it enough to say I LOVE YOU? No, but it's enough to look at me right in my eyes. I swear I won't blink. I don't want to waste that precious moment blinking and failing to see all of your beauty. Look in every corner, don't miss anything. You'll see every little thing I feel for you. And those words that elude me won't be needed anymore."

One last advice

If you love someone and you consider that person to be special, then give him that special surprise he deserves. Write a love letter. Be sure that he won't expect that even in his wildest dreams. He will certainly be pleasantly surprised. If you want to express your love through a love letter, do it without hesitation. Do not crumble under the pressure of those who say that it is old-fashioned and stupid. After all, what does anyone know about it? It's something intimate, just for you and your loved one. Today, guys seem too cool to write love letters and girls are too busy to read them. Showcasing love is now based on short text messages, emojis, and gifs. Words became unnecessary and that shouldn't be the case. Believe me, the feelings conveyed through sincere, sweet words will never go out of fashion. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to write a love letter to your partner. You can do it without any special reason, as you just need to show that person those little signs of love. It's not always about expensive and pompous gifts because a letter written with a lot of love can sometimes mean more than all the jewelry, flowers and chocolates in the world.

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