Libra Man And Sagittarius Woman: Love & Sex Compatibility

Are you a Sagittarius woman in a relationship with a Libra man? Find out more about your love and sex compatibility in the relationship.

By Amanda Palmer
Libra Man And Sagittarius Woman: Love & Sex Compatibility

The Air and Fire compatibility

The Libra man and Sagittarius woman together make a very compatible pair. In a relationship together, both the partners equally appreciate each other. They have a lot of enthusiasm between them for life and togetherness. They are very positive about everything in their relationship. Although at times, the Libra man feels that his Sagittarius woman is more freedom-loving and the Sagittarius woman, on the other hand, might feel that the Libra man is too unconcerned about important things. The Sagittarius woman loves to think big and the Libra man loves to collaborate. This helps them to build one of the strongest and most compatible pairings of the Zodiac. They are both quite optimistic people and love to complement each other. Ego has no place in their relationship and together they create a charming atmosphere wherever they go.

The Libra man

The Libra man is quite a charmer with a very sweet personality. He has an almost sugary voice which is capable of melting the toughest of hearts. He has sheer magic in his eyes which draws people to him without any particular reason. The Libra man is often considered a problem solver as he has solutions to every problem in this world. He is also a very sharp minded and genuine person who would not boast of things or speak without any proper information. He loves to socialize. This quality of his makes him a very happy person and he is the happiest in a social gathering. The Libra man also has a debonair aura with which he impresses any girl. He is a die-hard romantic and an absolute charmer. The problem with him is that although he manages to cast a good first impression, he cannot take the relationship further in a similar way and instead of ending the relationship; he seems to drag it for as long as he can. He is also a bit indecisive and this issue affects his married life later when he is support to take quick decisions but he needs his time.

The Sagittarius woman

A Sagittarius woman is a very liberal, free-spirited and full of life personality. She is always ready to adventure and to find answers to new philosophies in her life. She has an almost enviable passion and zest for life but she also gets a bit reckless at times leading to frequent problems. But these problems do not lower her morale as she is highly and incurably optimistic in life. The Sagittarius woman has an amazing ability to spring up of difficult situations rather quickly. She does not really rush into a relationship that is very binding and when she does get into one, she gives her all her heart and mind into it rather too soon.

Libra man and Sagittarius woman love compatibility

The Libra man and the Sagittarius woman get together initially to form a deep bond of friendship between them, which gradually converts into a deeper romance. They are very adaptable to each other and various situations in life. They both are quite similar as both have similar qualities, similar goals and similar craving for a change in their lives. Their imagination is often unprecedented. Initially, what attracts the Libra man to the Sagittarius woman is her feminine delicacy and thoughtful approach. He is amazed by her optimistic nature and by how she manages to bring adventures and new horizons into his life. The Sagittarius woman makes the Libra man's life quite entertaining. The Sagittarius woman also does not hold back any direct or honest comments which are taken quite positively by the Libra man and he uses her comments only to come forward in life. But if her words are rather harsh, then he might get offended so she has to use her words carefully else he might get too unresponsive to her. Together, they manage to bring about the best in each other. The Sagittarius woman can get a bit restless at times but the Libra man with his magical persona can calm her mind. The mere presence of the Libra man calms his lady love. He is utterly devoted to her in their love relationship. Both of them have a deep love and outspoken fondness for each other. They both keep no hidden feelings or problems from each other and communication is their strongest element in their love relationship. The Libra man often teaches his lady love to be calm and patient when problems arise. Theirs is a relationship of everlasting love wherein the Libra man finds her stunning always and her hearts skips a beat whenever he is around. Together, they seem like two similar people set off to conquer the world. When in love, the Libra man takes his Sagittarius lady to a dream world. He pampers her and makes her feel special in every moment of their lives together. The Sagittarius woman at times might get a bit insecure about her Libra man in public owing to the amount of attention he receives from the others. Their souls and emotions connect like none other and often they don't need to explain themselves to each other.

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Are they sexually compatible?

The relationship between the Libra man and the Sagittarius woman is very easy-going and if they are good friends then they become even more intense sexual partners. They share a wonderful bond of friendship, easy compatibility, romance and affection and all this only adds to the intensity of their lovemaking. They are both highly compatible sexually and more on a deeper and emotional level. The Libra man also shares the similar passion sexually as that of his Sagittarius woman and he has the ability to make her respond to him sexually in a very passionate manner. While making love, they both go into inner depths of passion making each other's soul ignite with the sound of their throaty whispers. They both get satisfaction and fulfillment sexually from each other. This couple manages to have fun and frolic with each other throughout their lives just like newlyweds. There is extreme excitement, fun, and laughter in the atmosphere throughout their lives. Their downs are taken rather lightly by both of them and they manage to spring out of difficult situations rather too soon. They have clear dreams, happy life, blissful togetherness, fulfillment sexually and deep love between them. Their happiness is almost contagious to anyone who sees them . While in bed, the Libra man gets quite imaginative and loves to please his Sagittarius woman. She ignites sparks in him with her affection, her intense passion and her will to please and pleasure him. Together in bed, they are like fire, each trying to please the other and also satisfying their own deep etched desires.

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Libra man and Sagittarius woman marriage compatibility

When it comes to fights, the Libra man and the Sagittarius woman do have some issues between them. Though not very big and they come out of it rather quickly, but the fights can be really mean. They often fight regarding the issue of indecisiveness. If one or both of them had past lovers or past bad marriages, then these issues continue to create problems in their otherwise happy marriage. The Sagittarius woman, at times, is quite blunt with her comments and does not forgive him easily for his past mistakes, which makes him quite irritable. When he is uncertain about certain situations and cannot come with quick solutions, she gets irritated too. She gets very short-tempered and impulsive on small issues and fights with him a lot. But the best thing about their fights is that they do not stop communicating. Neither gets lost in his own shell and because of this, it is very easy for the married couple to solve their fights quickly. Their arguments most often than not, ends up in lovemaking or laughter. The Libra man is forever seeking his real love, his soulmate and the perfect life partner and the Sagittarius woman is forever on a quest for some new excitement and adventure. When they both get attracted to each other, they realize that the other one has just what they have been looking for all this while. Theirs turn into a mutual quest which is quenched when they both seek each other's company. The Sagittarius woman is a very strong person who is quite restless and has an almost insatiable desire for freedom. She is quite flexible too and happily, agrees to let her Libra man take the lead, provided she does not get to compromise on her freedom. They get along very easily with awesome companionship and compatibility. Both the partners love to flirt and the best partner is none minds the other's harmless flirting with others. They love to challenge each other on friendly notes and have fun just being together with each other. Even though the Sagittarius woman hates being tied down, with her Libra man, she finds ultimate compatibility and an even happier marriage. The couple is quite active, sporty and loves being outdoors. Though the Libra man prefers his homely comforts, the Sagittarius woman manages to persuade him for adventures outside and he does not mind being persuaded by his ladylove. He, in turn, makes her suffer from his endless parties and endless groups of friends. They get along well like fire as they love each other deeply, appreciate each other and are also willing to compromise for each other. Being together, they are so much fun and dynamic that they don't get time to get bored. They have a great chemistry sexually and loads of intellectual conversations to keep them occupied all the time. Though the Libra man gets slightly clingy at times, the freedom-loving Sagittarius woman loves his company and does not mind his clinginess.


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