100 Questions To Ask To Get To Know Someone Inside And Out

If you are trying to get to know someone and you have still not figured out how to do so, we have a set of questions that can help.

By Tanaya Nath
100 Questions To Ask To Get To Know Someone Inside And Out

100 Questions To Ask To Get To Know Someone Inside And Out

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Trying to get to know someone can be really nerve-wracking. Hence, it is important that you ask the right questions. If you are meeting a couple for the first time, meeting new people, connecting with your co-workers, or dating someone, it comes in handy if you have some good questions ready. It helps you to get to know the person you are having a conversation with. We have all faced the situation where we really wanted to know someone but had no idea how. Many of us have met someone interesting but had no idea how to break the ice. By asking the right questions, ​you can know a lot of intimate details of someone. It is an art to have others reveal things about them. So that you can all the right questions to someone, here is a categorized list of them. You should know what to ask and when to ask. So, here it goes:

Conversation Starters

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When you are starting at square one, these are the perfect set of questions. They are not too heavy or hilarious in any sense. They are easy, smooth and perfect for knowing someone you have never known in your life. These questions are not introductions; they are just conversation starters. Introduce yourself, be some small talks and then use these questions to spark up your discussion. 1) If you could be one character from the movies who would it be? It will tell you what kind of characters they like and are inspired by. 2) Suppose your life is a movie, what title will you give it? A simple question that tells how they see their life; ​are they happy or not with what their life has offered them. 3) What would you prefer most, a photographic memory or extra IQ points? Now, this one is a little tricky question. Two tough choices, what will they pick? 4) If you could never access the internet again or never fly again, what would it be? A simple question to know if they prefer virtual world or a real one. 5) What’s your idea of an amazing holiday and why? This question will tell a lot about the person’s likes and their idea of fun. You can even plan such a holiday for them some time to impress them and make them happy. 6) What’s the fondest memory of childhood you have? This question will reveal how was that person as a kid. Everyone has some fondest memory of their childhood, know theirs to find out if they were notorious or fun or simple. 7) Exploring a new planet or the deepest part of the ocean, what will you chose and why? This simple question will tell you what kind of adventure they like. Both options are about exploring the unknown terrain. It will tell if the person is more attracted towards the land and the universe or the secrets hidden underwater. 8) What’s your favorite season? Know what season makes the person tick by asking this simple question. 9) What sport do you like and who is your favorite player? Easy enough to know someone's favorite sport, isn’t it? 10) Which one was your favorite cartoon character when you were a child? Everyone has a few favorite cartoon characters, know what was theirs and tell them what’s yours.

The Get To Know Someone Questions

These are the perfect set of questions that can be used for knowing someone. These are simple, just a little personal and they will not even offend them. They are easy to answer and could even get some fun answers as well. So, if you are fishing for some questions for knowing someone better, try these. You both will love them and will have an awesome conversation as well. 1) If you could live in a TV show, a movie or a book, which one it would be? This simple question will let you know what kind of shows they like and what kind of life they wish to have. 2) If you had to give up one of the five senses, which one it would be? Tough question but it will tell you what senses can they manage to live without. 3) If an animal could represent you which one will it be? A simple question but tells a lot. The animal’s character, strength, and weakness, at least some will be almost the same for them. Or there will be one big similarity in the characteristic trait of the both. 4) If you were made the president what will you do? A fun question that will let you know what in the country makes them unhappy and unsatisfied. 5) Suppose you were being sent to a deserted island and you can take only three things, which ones you will take? This simple question will help you to know what three things are very important for their survival in loneliness. 6) What superpower you want and why? Everyone wants some superpower; it is the 'why' that will tell you a lot about them. 7) If you were given the option of time travel, which time frame would you like to go? If they are the past person or the future person, the answer to this simple question will tell you. 8) What is the craziest thing you have done in your life? Go ahead and find out how crazy can they get, if at all. 9) What is home to you and how do you define love? Home and love hold a different meaning for different people. So, know what they mean to the one you are asking this simple question. 10) Which teacher inspired you the most and why? We all have that one teacher who inspired us and gave us the goal in our lives and the​ vision to achieve it.

Questions To Know A Girl

When you are going out with a girl or have taken her out on a date, these questions will help you in knowing her. It will help you in knowing what makes her tick. So, if you are looking for a romantic relationship with her, make sure you pay close attention to her answers. These questions can tell you a lot about her, her hobbies, her interest, her likes and dislikes and her personality. 1) If you could travel to the era’s of 1900, which one would you travel and why? Know what's her favorite era and recreate it to impress her. Easy and simple. 2) Love or money, which are you most likely to fight for and why? This will tell you what is more important to her between both of them and which one she can do without. 3) You prefer red wine or white wine? This question so that you don’t order the wrong one and begin your relationship on the wrong note. 4) What is your idea of a perfect day? Giver her one perfect day and she will fill your life with them. Make her love you more by giving her that one perfect day. 5) Given the chance to travel the world, where would you like to go? That will help you to know her favorite destinations, her dream destinations. 6) What gave you the biggest adrenaline rush? There are different things that get us going, giving us the thrill of life. 7) What are the three qualities that draw you to someone? So to know do you have those qualities and is she drawn to you by any chance. 8) Would you rather spend the night partying or alone doing something you like? Is she a party person or a quiet person. If she loves spending time alone, taking her to a party could be a mistake you don't want to make. 9) What is the most fun thing you have ever done? How fun loving is she, know by this simple questions and make her days even more fun-filled​. 10) What is a family to you? This will tell you a lot about how she perceives the family and how important it is for her.

Questions To Know A Guy

If you are going out with a guy and you don’t know him well, here are the set of questions that will solve your problem. You will not only know him better but will also learn from each other. These questions can open up new interests and give you a new perspective. So, now know your guy easily by just asking these few right questions. 1) If you had options of working more hours per day but fewer days or working fewer hours per day but more days, which one would you pick? If he is a traveler, he would like more days off, and if he is a homebody, he would love to have more hours off in a day at his hand. 2) What do you think Manliness is to you? This simple question will let you know a lot about his mentality. 3) Are you a leader or a follower? Does he take initiative and is an extrovert or he prefers following a given path and is an introvert. This question will tell you this about him. 4) What motivates you the most? Everyone needs motivation. With this simple question, you will know if a prize motivates him or a goal or something else entirely. 5) What has influenced you the most? Influences play a vital role in shaping one’s life, so know how is his life shaped. 6) If you could be good at playing one sport, which one would you chose? A twisted way of knowing which sports interest him but he isn’t any good at playing. 7) What do you love about this city? His favorite places and things about the city will tell you a lot about his likes and preferences. ​ 8) What drink do you prefer and when? What he drinks and how often he drinks it, it is important to know. 9) While growing up, what was your dream job? Each one of us wanted to be someone when growing up. Know what he wanted to be and if he has achieved his dream of childhood, 10) How would you spend a billion dollars? Would he invest it, spend it on friends and family or himself.

Get To Know Questions For Couples

Whether you are double dating, third-wheeling with another couple or you are one on one with your girlfriend, then these are the questions that you need. These questions will help you in knowing everyone involved a bit more and a little bit better. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you know everything about each other. There is always something more, something new to know about your partner. These questions will help you in connecting with your partner on a deeper level. 1) What makes you the happiest? Make each other happy after you know the secret. 2) In five years, where do you see yourself? Ambition tells a lot about a person. 3) What is the one thing you like about yourself? There is always one quality in ourselves that we are all proud of. 4) What is your idea of a romantic and a sexy date? Take each other on one such date and fall in love even more. 5) Have you ever wished I could read your mind and when? When in a relationship we all have one time or the other wanted our partner to be a mind reader. 6) What is it about me that you absolutely love? Ahh, a little praise won’t hurt. 7) If the world is going to end and we could spend one vacation together where would it be? Plan that dream vacation before the world comes to an end. 8) A small wedding or a large wedding? Ring the bells and plan like it. 9) What is one thing that you have done as a kid that you want your kids to do as well? Traditions are interesting and important. 10) What little things make your day better? Make your partner’s day better every day​ now that you know this little secret.

Random Questions For Knowing Someone

Listed below are a few random questions. These come handy when you are looking for some out-of-the-box kind of questions to ask someone. Use these questions when you would like to know more about someone. These questions will spark up your staling conversation. However, there is no telling where these questions may lead the conversation. If you want to get your creative juices flowing, these are the perfect set of questions. And, if, while asking some of these questions, you get some weird looks, don’t be surprised. 1) What smell do you like the most in the world? This is a simple random question to know someone. 2) What is your most favorite sound? Another random question, the sound of laughter or music or an instrument, it could be anything. 3) Do you still like dressing up for the Halloween? It is just the way of knowing if they still believe in traditions and having fun. 4) What is your favorite time of the day? Morning, evening or night, what is it. 5) Do you have a sweet tooth or you like salty? Some like sweets, some likes spicy and salty. Don’t gift them something opposite. 6) You have found a briefcase full of money on the street, what will you do? A crazy question, will they keep it or report it. 7) Which household chore drives you crazy? Household chores are not everyone’s cup of tea, are they? 8) Given a chance to meet the president for a few minutes, what will you say to him? Praise him, advise him or will give him a piece of mind. 9) Do you like napping in the day time? Some do, some don’t. But sneaking a little nap in the office is fun. 10) What animal do you want​ as a pet? Dogs or cats or rabbits, what pet they like tells a lot about them.

Questions To Know Someone Deeply

After you have bonded during the light and fun discussion and shared some good laugh, you could now move onto a few deeper questions. Some of these might sound a bit too personal, so don’t get pushy if the person doesn’t feel comfortable in answering them. Pay close attention to the body language of the person to whom you are asking these questions. And avoid the ones that may seem inappropriate yet. You can save a few of them for later or next meeting. 1) If you could get away with one crime, would you commit it, if yes which one and why? This will let you know if they have contained anger in themselves against someone or something. 2) What is one thing you want to change about yourself and why? One thing that they don’t like about the self could be their weakness. 3) Is there anything that you wouldn’t do under any circumstances? Morals are important in shaping someone’s life. 4) Are you the same childhood self or have you changed a lot? People change all the time. 5) What is that one thing you don’t like being joked about? Never make a joke on the topic they are touchy about. 6) If you had just a week to live, how would you spend it? This simple question will tell you how they would spend their last few days. 7) What is one thing you feel missing in your life? Simple question but tells a lot about the person. 8) What does power means to you? Power is dangerous and how they would use it is an ​important way to know a lot about them. 9) What are three important things you look for in your life partner? Are you the one? 10) What is the oldest thing that you own now? A treasure or a family heirloom that they consider important.

Questions To Know Someone’s Like And Thoughts

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These set of questions will help you in knowing someone's likes, dislikes, their thinking and philosophies. With these, you can figure out how to impress them or if you two will get along well or not. In any relationship, it is important to know what the other likes and thinks. Otherwise, you might end up having a lot of clashes and contradictions. You could save a lot of fighting by not doing what the other partner doesn’t like or not beginning the relationship if you can’t get along with the other’s thinking. 1) Looks or brains, what attracts you the most? Do you have what attracted them? 2) Do you follow any philosophy, if yes, what? This tells a lot about their belief. 3) Are you religious, practical or are you spiritual? This will help you to know if you would go along well. 4) If you had to describe yourself in five words, which ones they would be? Tough job, isn’t it? 5) Are you a bike person or a car person? Take a ride together. 6) What is your dream destination for a vacation? Plan one together and have fun. 7) Would you ever forget, forgive and accept the one who cheated on you? It takes a lot of courage and a huge heart to do that. 8) Free trip or money, what will you choose? It will tell you do they like traveling or money. 9) Are you a morning person or a night person? So, what time can you call them, early morning or late night?​ 10) What is the most valuable thing in your life? Never mess with that valuable thing.

Thought Provoking Questions To Know Someone

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These questions will not only provoke thinking in the one you asked these to, but will also lead to you think of some answers. These will let you know how prepared the person is for an unseen future. You will know what matters to them most. The answers will also tell you how composed the person is when put in an unexpected situation or asked an unexpected question. Through these questions you will also find out their deep desires, what they want, what they love doing and what they regret in life. But make sure you don’t get pushy with these questions. They might not like being put on the spot like this. 1) If you could live forever, what will you do? It will tell you what they like doing in their free time, or if they have something they would love to do with eternity in their hands, something they can’t do now. 2) What do you want your legacy to be? Something of them that they want to be carried further. 3) Who was your hero as a child? Each of us had someone ]. 4) If you could learn to play one musical instrument right away, which one it will be? Their favorite kind of music. 5) Would you chose another profession if you could? It will tell you if they are happy at their job. 6) What is important to you, exploring the world or exploring yourself? Are they the kind of person who spends a lot of time in insights or loves to travel around the world. 7) What is the craziest story or thing you have ever heard? This would be fun​ to know. 8) If it was possible to undo one thing and erase one memory, what would it be? Any regrets? 9) What is one thing you are proud of accomplishing? Know what are their achievements with this one simple question. 10) Have you ever been speechless in life? Try doing that again.

Some Personal Questions

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Personal questions are a dangerous territory to be in. Sometimes you might not get the right personal question to ask, or sometimes you just might get too personal and piss them off. Here we have collected a set of questions that are personal but not intruding. These questions will give you deep insight into someone like what makes them feel uncomfortable their favorites, their fears, etc. But if someone feels hesitant in answering any of these questions, just don’t put. It might spoil your relationship. Accept them with the answers they are ready to give willingly but stay away from the areas of the questions they would rather not answer. 1) Have you ever changed your idea or opinion about something major? Are they stubborn or they can accept the changes? 2) What is the best compliment you have ever received? And see them blush. 3) In what place or situation would you feel out of place in? Know what situations or places they don’t think they belong in. It will tell a lot about them. 4) What’s the dumbest thing you have done and did it turn out well? Just a funny question, ask and laugh. 5) What is one thing that you will never do again? In short, any regrets? 6) If you were a book, what genre would it be? Suspense, thriller, romantic or drama, how they think their life is. 7) Are you addicted to something, what is it? The secret to their world. 8) Is there a song or artist that you really like but never admit? Secretive pleasure o​r too egoistic to admit. 9) Do you have any irrational fears, if yes what? Everyone has fears, but irrational, now that’s something worth knowing. 10) What’s the best and the worst piece of advice you have ever received in life? And then had they taken it or just let it be.

Wrapping It Up

Questions have the power to take your relationship a notch up or bring it down altogether. The right ones can keep your little chit-chat up, ​and the wrongs ones can kill them all together. It’s often hard to pick a question that is right, simple and interesting at the same time. But now, you have a complete list in your hand. So, go ahead. Ask all the right and simple questions and rock the world.


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