7 Healthy Tips For Effective Communication In A Relationship

Communication is very important for any relationship to succeed. That said, every person needs to learn how to communicate as often as possible.

By Auntrone89
7 Healthy Tips For Effective Communication In A Relationship

Communication in a relationship

It goes without saying that human beings are highly interactive beings and so for you to have a healthy and happy relationship, communication is key. If you aren’t that good when it comes to communication, then you and your partner need to learn some important tips on how to go about communicating better and effectively. The good thing about spouse communication and everything about it is that you can find it readily available. Always make sure that you are taking advantage of the internet so that you can learn. If possible, make sure that you practicing proper communication with your spouse so that in the end, you can both save your relationship without leaving the burden to one of you. But before you learn anything that will boost your communication skills, always try your level best to ensure that you are getting your confidence levels up. Why is this important? Well, you can never be in a position to communicate if you feel like the lesser one in the relationship. Once you have your confidence levels up, then it would be easier to speak up when you feel something is wrong in your relationship. Again, this will require a lot of practice from your side. But if you are in a position where you feel as though your relationship is suffering a great deal, then there is absolutely no way that you are going to sit tight and let your lack of confidence get in the way. You also need to remember the importance of being patient because things like perfect communication in any relationship take time. Once you have accepted that, then things will most certainly work out in your favor.

1. Stay on track with your communication

There are a lot of things that need to be discussed in any relationship. That said, it is very important for you to learn how to stay on track at all times if at all you want to succeed in everything that you get to do. And one way that you can do this is by discussing one problem at a time. If you do this, then you can save your relationship a lot of headache and unnecessary arguments which will most definitely contribute to making all of you happy at the end of the day. That said, you need to start by writing down all of the important issues that you need to talk about before talking about it. And while discussing with your partner, make sure that both your verbal and nonverbal communication complement each other if at all you want to avoid unnecessary conflicts which happen from time to time. Once you have exhaustively finished talking about one issue and have settled or agreed on the way forward, you can go about with the other issues and repeat the same tips with your partner for a better result. Again, a lot of practice has to go into learning how to stay on track while communicating. Remember that lack of doing this will always lead to a lot of confusion. And where there is confusion especially in any relationship, there is always fights which are never healthy in any given relationship. It is, therefore, something that you need to learn how to go about with a lot of patience. If there is always a breach of communication as far as your relationship is concerned, then it wouldn’t hurt to talk to a professional.

2. Communication in any relationship is respectful

Ok, fine. We know that your spouse is lazy or doesn’t pick after himself/herself and that pisses you off. How are you going to communicate it to him for the sake of saving your relationship? That is where effective communication comes into play. You have to remember that your relationship (including your spouse) is more important than a bad behavior, which can be fixed. Respectful communication in your relationship will call for you to just chill for a moment and cool down because we all know that communication while angry doesn’t always have the best outcome. So, once you have cooled down, reach out to your partner and tell him or her how you feel when they do whatever it is that bothers you. This will not only show maturity but will go a long way in preventing a nasty verbal fight because naturally, people don’t always like being told they are wrong. But if you do this in a calm and respectful manner, and have the proper nonverbal cues while communicating, then you will most certainly get what you want. You shouldn’t lack compassion while pointing out your partner’s weakness because, well, some of these situations can be embarrassing. You should always mince your words and be as thorough as possible but always mean what you are saying, which includes standing behind your words one hundred percent. If you do this correctly, then you will most certainly have a happy, healthy relationship at the end of the day. You should also wait for the right time to point out what bothers you so that you avoid a retaliation which is common to the human race especially if the timing is that bad.

3. Listening is part of communication in relationships

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Apart from wanting your spouse to listen, you should always learn to do the same. You can do so by maintaining eye contact with your partner among other vital tips for better and effective communication. Once again, these are some of the many things that you can end up learning either alone or together with your spouse. And once you have gotten it good, the next thing for you to do will be to sit tight and talk and your partner will listen. That is how effective communication happens in any mature and long-lasting relationship. Don’t listen to get points to improve your argument as the point isn’t winning but understanding. If you do this, then you will realize that you aren’t even fighting over petty things ever again because, well, you will be in a position to understand him. You can also pay attention to his/her nonverbal cues to know what bothers him/her and what doesn’t. Still on that listening tip, always make sure that you are seeking clarity especially if something you just said didn’t make any sense at the time. You can also maintain eye contact and nod a little just to show your spouse that you are keen to hear their opinion and that you are taking it with a pinch of salt. For you to be very good at listening, you have to be interested in what your spouse is saying or else it will be all for nothing. Learn how to listen because without it, then all the efforts you put in a bid to improve communication in your relationship will be futile.

4. Good communication in any relationship has timeouts

You need to have timeouts because sometimes people get emotional during arguments — it's just how life always is. Therefore, whether you are winning or losing the argument (which should never be an issue to look out for in an argument), always take a timeout before it gets emotional and therefore messy. You should also keep in mind that you can use your nonverbal cues to make matters worse, for instance, you can smile and before taking a timeout. Try as much as possible to not allow the argument to go overboard because if it does, then there will most certainly be a lot of problems because people tend to say things they don’t mean. You should therefore never lack a timeout since it will result in a healthy communication routine which will, in turn, result in the perfect relationship. It is also very important for you to just kick back and learn tips on how and when to take the timeouts. Don’t also spark arguments for the sake of having fights because it will make your partner tired of you to the point that a timeout won’t even be effective at that moment. You should, therefore, make sure that you aren’t making things worse in your relationship just so you can get to use the timeout just to see if it’s working. Try to do better in your relationship and you will be ok at the end of the day.

5. End any communication positively

Not every argument is going to end with you and your spouse on the same side. It is, therefore, a good thing for you to finish on a positive note because it will go a long way in making your relationship even better. For instance, try and tell your spouse that at least it was a good thing that you vented and expressed his or her feelings. The latter not only shows an impressive level of maturity but will also give you the perfect reason to love your spouse even more while overlooking the problems in your relationship. Effective communication in your relationship will demand that you take time to show some love even after an argument. The latter will only show that you value what you have and it is way better than the petty argument you just hard. That that will not only reassure your spouse of the love you have for them but will help you both to move past the argument. Remember, arguments will always be there, but good and effective communication is what will solve them all without any problems. And for the umpteenth time, always make sure that your nonverbal cues are complementing whatever positive thing you have to say at the end of the disagreement. Lack of that will only make you look like you aren’t serious about what you are saying and needless to say, it won’t help a single bit. Getting to say something as seemingly insignificant as “I still love you though” will go a long way in giving your relationship a chance despite everything that has happened.

6. Don’t talk down to your relationship partner

I don’t have to say that respect is the glue that holds any relationship together. The most important thing for you to ever do is respect your partner. You should not just tell your spouse that you respect him or her but make sure that all of your action you’re your words. That is how a healthy relationship works — end of story. More often than not, your partner will act childish or out of line (it happens to the best of us). If this happens, you need to learn how to be cool about it without really reminding them that they need to grow up. They might be remorseful for what they just did but if you talk down to your partner, then you will destroy any little confidence that they had left and you should, therefore, refrain from doing just that. As stated earlier, you should walk away if you are agitated because people say things they would love to take back when they finally cool off. That being said, it is very important for you to take some time and learn how to communicate to your partner. Talking down to anyone, let alone your partner, should be something that you never do to anyone for that matter. You can start by thinking about the impact your words will do to someone before spewing them and it will go a long way in helping you learn.

7. A good relationship has compromises

Okay, so you and your partner have been arguing over something, but you seem to have hit that “agree to disagree” moment. Don’t start frowning at each other because that will only make things worse. Good communication in any relationship will call for the both of you to agree to disagree. That means that despite having a difference of opinion, you will still respect each other which is all that matters. The latter will also mean that your positive nonverbal cues will match your verbal cues even after you have disagreed. You don’t have to hate each other when you disagree with something which is a great sign of a disagreement. If you seem to be disagreeing with something that is insignificant, you can also throw in the towel and let your spouse win. Remember that you should only get to do this only if the argument is insignificant. Compromising when you feel you are being disrespected isn’t healthy, and you shouldn’t just throw in the towel and feel tormented. That said, you should always look for tips that show lack of respect and if that is the hallmark of your relationship, then, by all means, you need not to compromise. A healthy relationship will demand that you do all in your power to get respect. But again, if you are arguing about whose favorite soccer team is better and the argument starts getting bitter, just concede and let your partner celebrate. That is just one of the many tips that can end up saving your relationship and therefore you should practice it from time to time.


For the umpteenth time, it is always very important for you to make sure that you are getting better at communication if your relationship is to withstand the test of time. The more you and your spouse practice communication, the better and more effective it would be for the both of you. You and your spouse have to be willing to improve your communication skills because just like dance, a relationship does take two to tango. Communication is a very vast field because it happens to include both verbal and nonverbal communication — both of which are important as far as your relationship is concerned. Practicing one and not the other will still introduce difficulties in your relationship, something that should never be the case at any given moment. Again, patience, as well as discipline, is very important as far as proper communication in any relationship is concerned. You cannot be successful when you lack either of the two qualities which will most certainly end up being tragic. So, if you don’t know how to learn how to communicate, then you can always visit a counselor who will be more than willing to come to your aide. And if you don’t have the money or time, then you can just call a parent or an experienced friend and they will help you especially if they are very good when it comes to communication in their respective relationships. Also, make the internet your friend as there is a lot of information just floating around waiting for interested parties to take advantage of it. Do so, whether you're reading blog posts or watching videos on YouTube, and practice what you read to be better.