15 Traits All Men Love To See In A Woman

Do you want to be the perfect woman for your partner? Discover the 15 traits that men look for in women and find out how you can improve yourself.

By Amanda Palmer
15 Traits All Men Love To See In A Woman

What makes an ideal woman?

Each man has a different idea of an ideal woman. While good looks are important, men also look for a few other significant traits in finding the woman of their dreams. While there is no perfect formula for an ideal woman, there are some traits that can make a woman distinctively alluring and desirable.

An ideal woman makes a man's life complete

She can have her partner hooked and booked by her forever. She can make him feel happy and live like his queen. A woman so perfect will not only be pampered but will be cherished and celebrated every day of her life by the love of her life. Let's see what it takes to be the perfect woman.

1. Smiling women

While some men are quick to notice the appearance of a woman, it is her smile that actually lures him first in and gets them hooked. A physically attractive woman may get noticed by men quickly but what pulls them closer to a woman is her smile. You do not necessarily need to have the perfect smile, but rather, a smile that is warm, meaningful and sincere. This kind of smile can be your most powerful weapon. Take care of your pearly whites and make sure your breath smells nice always. Do not be cautious about your smile. Do not be stingy with your smile. Smile a lot because it costs nothing. A frowning woman will make men run away from her. A smile is often the first thing that makes a man sexually attracted to a particular woman.

2. Well-groomed women

Men like women who are well-groomed. Women who take care good of their appearance look effortlessly beautiful. Well-manicured nails, suitable and neat looking hairstyle, and crisp and fashionable clothes attract men's attention. No man is attracted to women who look clumsy, unkempt, and careless about their appearance. Women who take some time and effort to look nice and presentable are often appreciated by men. You don't have to spend thousands in the beauty salon every month to look well-groomed. A smart woman is capable of grooming herself at home using simple tools.

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3. A woman with a great body is noticed by men

Make some effort to keep your body in shape. Women who stay in shape takes care of themselves well. Men like women who look all toned up and have a great body. Dress in way which shows your assets. Camouflage the problem areas of your body. Men love women with long legs. Make sure you wear your skirt length just right to showoff your long and slender legs. Men are naturally attracted towards women with large breasts. Wear classy outfits that give a hint of your natural bosom but be careful not to look vulgar. A woman can be sexually or physically attractive to men if she has a great body.

4. Confident women

Let your confidence be seen on your face and in your body language. Insecurity is not on the list of traits that men find attractive in a woman. Men are fond of self-assured women who can challenge them with her personality. Gone are the days when men looked after women in a protective and fatherly way. Women of today run shoulder to shoulder with men. And men love to see this change in their attitude and confidence. Be assertive, show confidence, and lead your life ahead without any inhibitions. Do not depend on your fathers, brothers, boyfriends or husbands to make every little life decision for you.

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5. Intelligent women

Challenge your man intellectually. Today, there is no field that women do not excel in. Engage your man in meaningful conversations about politics, sports, entertainment, and other areas of interest. Show him that you are well-read, and be confident to voice out your opinions. This will impress him, allure him, and fascinate him.

6. Men look for women who are more family oriented

Aside from being modern and ambitious, a woman who is family oriented will always be seen as attractive. Modern women are confident, independent, and assertive. But having a caring heart for the family is a genuine trait that any man will be attracted to. Show him your sensitive side, your love for children, your respect for elders and your domestic values. A man wants a woman who will be the queen of his heart, maker of his home, and a mother to his children. While an ambitious and modern woman might be capable of being his best friend, a woman needs to be 'family material' if she wants the man to marry her. A sexually and physically attractive woman might be good in bed, but a woman with a heart for her family is the real deal.

7. A woman who challenges men intellectually is often liked by men

In any field of knowledge or skill, a woman is considered as equal as men in our world today. Men prefer women who can discuss anything with them. A smart woman who challenges their decisions and comes up with brilliant suggestions and solutions. They like the company of women with whom they can discuss their expertise and seek opinions from.

8. Men look for women who are ambitious

Men love the company of women who are ambitious. They should have that inner desire to achieve something in life and not merely be the mother of his children. A woman who can handle both family and career are not only appreciated but also preferred by men. The perfect example of today's modern woman is one who can balance her responsibilities both at home and at work.

9. Friendly and sociable women are often admired by men

A "girl-next-door" type of woman is attractive to a lot of men. This woman is friendly, sociable, and has tons of friends. Women who are popular on their social circles will be quite popular among men too. Most men prefer women who are outgoing, fun, and laid back. Women who live their lives to the fullest also appear very attractive to men.

10. Men always look for loving women

A loving look, a loving gesture, and a loving personality. These are the things that will captivate a man. These traits will not only make men like you but the entire world too. Such personality traits are often seen in small gestures in your day to day life. A loving character can be seen through acts of sharing, letting go, and caring for the people around you.

11. Women with strong characters

A strong and dedicated woman who is capable of overcoming difficulties will easily be appreciated and praised by men. They will seek your company and often ask your opinions on various matters. A strong woman is a woman of substance. Some men may be attracted to women who are easily available for a one night stand, but a strong woman with a good character is the one that they will want to spend the rest of their lives with.

12. Women who take charge

Many women have strong leadership qualities in them. They are very capable of take charge of any situation. Men love women who can take charge because they are dependable. They can make important decisions and have good judgment. Timid and gentle woman are rather passé - the modern world desires a woman who is strong enough to take matters in her hands. Take charge of your sexual encounters too and take him completely by surprise. This will put a lot of fun and excitement in your relationship.

13. Men also look for women who have a great sexual appeal

A sexually and physically attractive woman is obviously more attractive to men than those who appear scruffy and untidy. Work on your body and body language to exhibit this wonderful trait. Learn how to take care of your appearance and see how men gravitate towards you.

14. Men love being with women who are humorous

A funny woman who can make her man laugh after a hard day at work will be cherished by him forever. This kind of woman can make the toughest moments of life pass easily. They are happy people and can make others happy. A pessimistic woman can only gain sympathy from her partner but not real love.

15. An understanding woman

Be understanding. Do not be stubborn and learn how to let go of small matters. Learn how to be forgiving and considerate. A woman who understands and shows patience will automatically win her partner's love and attention. On the other hand, a woman who constantly nags her partner will only lose her man's trust and affection.

Being both fun and caring is the winning combination

There are specific traits that will easily keep a man hooked to you forever. Even if you do not have the sexiest body or prettiest face, you can still attract men with these qualities. Sometimes, you just need to be naturally fun and pleasant. Learn how to go with the flow. Enjoy your food and don't be an overly nitpicky eater. Let your hair down and enjoy the little things in life. Pamper him but don't forget to pamper yourself too. Impress him with your cooking skills. Or if you can't cook, try experimenting around the kitchen. Always be ready to take on spontaneous adventures with your man. If your personality is filled with fun and excitement, then your relationship will be fun and exciting as well. Men are also captivated by a woman who are good listeners. It shows that they are patient, understanding, and caring. If you possess these traits, then the man you choose will be very lucky to have you by his side.

Be a woman of the modern world

These above-mentioned traits are the qualities that men of today look in for in their dream woman. Men today prefer to be with women who are independent in life. A woman who is dependent on her husband or boyfriend for every little thing is not the ideal life partner. Men need women who excite them not only physically but also intellectually. If you are a women who possesses these traits, then you probably are looking for the same desirable qualities in men. An ideal woman will always stay by her man's side if he also embodies the traits of an ideal partner.

Are you an ideal woman?

A woman who stands the test of time and stays by her man's side through thick or thin is an ideal woman. While men have different concepts on what an ideal woman is, there are several qualities that are considered universally desirable. These are the characteristics mentioned in the list above. Are you a woman who embodies the traits of an ideal woman? Then lucky you! Men will always fall for you wherever you go.