How To Initiate Sexting & Make Her Horny For You

Are you shy of verbally expressing your sexual desire? Find out how one can initiate sexting and make your girlfriend horny for you.

By Amanda Palmer
How To Initiate Sexting & Make Her Horny For You

The wonders of sexting

There is a very thin line between initiating sexting and explicit sexting. The former is done to amplify your sexual satisfaction in a relationship and if done wrongly can scare off a new girl you are trying to please. The latter comes when you are more comfortable in a relationship with your girl. Explicit sexting can also be done to bring about a spark in your monotonous sex life. A few years ago, one would have never imagined getting horny over text. As the technology advances, it programs our brains and minds in such a way that we get attached to the new system. Basically, getting horny is all in the mind. Everyone needs mental stimulation to get aroused. One needs to imagine sex and think about nude men and women to get horny. Some get horny by watching porn stuff, some get horny by reading about erotic stuff and some get horny by listening to husky voices. It is all about stimulation of the senses. Sexting essentially belongs to the reading department. When you read, you imagine and you get horny. But everyone's initial self-decided level of explicitness differs. While some girls would not mind you sending explicit sexts too soon into the relationship, there are some women who are very prudish and do not open up to the idea until much later. After you know a little bit about your girlfriend you can initiate sexting to make her horny for you. You have to start on a very less dangerous zone and advance slowly depending on her response. It might take you a few days to get a little more open with your sexts or if you lucky enough you can right away start with some naughty sexts. Sexting is being used by the current generation husband and wife today to add some spark to their marriage. A wife often sends a sext to her husband working in the office to let him know that she is waiting for him in the bedroom. This kind of sexting between a husband and wife not only creates an excitement in their married life but also helps them to connect better. A husband and wife often can send any kind of sexts to each other right from the naughty and teasing ones to the downright explicit ones since they are already very comfortable with each other sexually. Below is a list of some important tips you need to keep in mind while initiating sexting. These tips will guide you so that you do not ruin your relationship while sexting:

Know when to stop to initiate sexting better

A golden rule in sexting is to wait for the right moment to initiate. You can casually text your girl at different times in a day to see how she responds. You get an idea about her routine and also get an idea of when she is most likely to respond best. It could be late in the evening when she has wound up for the day or it could during her lunch break. Send her a casual text asking, 'hi, wassup?' and if she responds by saying, 'Dead tired, off to sleep' or 'My uncle not well, at the hospital' then you obviously know that now is not the time to initiate sexting. If she responds by saying, 'Hi, nothing much, just reading a book' or 'watching TV, getting bored', then probably, you could initiate sexting but only after sending a few casual texts to see her response. Right timing is very important for sexting and as it is obvious that you never know what the other person is doing or thinking at that time, it is always wise to send a casual text first instead of an out of the blue sext saying 'What are you wearing?'

Slow and steady wins the race in sexting

A slow and steady guy always wins the race. Everyone's experience in sexting is different. Sexting can be made fun if you use your wit and sense of humor aptly. If you appear to be a more modern person (as in who is aware of the current trends and pop culture) and if you can make your girlfriend laugh over a few text messages then it is more likely that she will respond better to your sexts. Start by, 'I almost spilled my coffee all over my tee when I saw you walk in the library today wearing that blue dress'. This kind of message is endearingly sweet, an indirect compliment and also very intriguing. It will catch the attention of your lover almost immediately and she might leave all her work and respond better to your texts. If you send a casual text like 'What are you doing' or 'What are you wearing?', there is a 50-50 chance of her responding well or just brushing you off casually saying 'at work'. So, there is a knack in attracting someone's attention and when you are trying to initiate sexting with your new girlfriend you have to be very cautious and yet smart. Also, what is most important is that you do not scare her away with explicit messages initially. You have to go slow and steady. You can text her in the evening saying, 'Have you read 50 Shades of Grey?'. If she responds by saying, 'Yes, it is crap' then you better move on to less dangerous territory as she is not ready for sexting but if she responds by saying 'Yes, isn't it wonderful!' then you get your clue and you can move a little ahead with your sexting with the next message like, 'How about we do the same some day?'

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Send some emojis to initiate effectively

Often when you are sexting, the receiver does not know about your expressions and emotions. If you send a sext saying 'I was thinking about you all day today' with a kiss emoji then your girlfriend knows that you were missing her today, but if you send the same message with a bikini emoji then your girlfriend knows that you wanted to make out today. So, emojis have a lot of impact on your sexts and they are a brilliant add-on to convey your message better. Sexting is also a great way to know your girlfriend's sexual preferences. She might feel shy in telling you what she likes and desires in bed but might be able to convey it to you via sexting. You have to proceed slowly to that level when she feels comfortable enough to let you know whether she likes anal or is a fantasy person. If you send her a sext saying 'The weather is so beautiful, I wish I could band you in the garden right now', if she responds by saying 'Are you mad, sex outside??', then you know that she is not adventurous enough to have sex outside.

Time to ask for pictures

Once you know when your girlfriend would respond your sexts better, you can slowly proceed further with your sexts. You can text her 'What are you wearing right now?'. If she responds by saying 'A lace nightgown', then you get the hint that she is getting horny and you can get a little dirty with your sexts. You can continue with 'Tonight I want to hug you tight without any barrier of a lace nightgown in between'. This sext is dirty and yet endearing. A woman loves to get endearing texts and this one merged with the right amount of sexual teasing can get her really horny for you. Sending dirty sexts is also an art. If you right something like 'I wish I could suck you down there' right before you set the right mood for it, it could scare away your girlfriend or put her off. Slowly send smart sexts and get her in the right mood till you reach that phase when you can send her sexts like 'I want you to touch yourself'. You can now ask for some very sexy pictures of your girlfriend. Send her a sext saying 'Please can you send me a picture of yourself wearing nothing? I will try to make do with a beautiful picture of yours for the night until I get to actually see you in the morning'. She will surely not be able to refuse such a cute request. You have to send dirty requests also tactfully when you are still in the initial phase of your relationship.

Time to send your nudes

If you are proceeding slowly and steadily with your sexts, then you can also send your sexy nude pics to your girlfriend to make her horny. Do not send her a pic of your dick as it looks really gross. You can tease her too by sending your butt pics, your chest and your biceps. You can sext her asking 'Want to see a little bit of your guy?'. You can send her some humorous ones again merged with some dirty intentions like 'Look, your guy just waxed his chest today for you'. This is an emotional sext especially if you know that your girlfriend finds a man's chest very erogenous.

Some golden tips

While the game of sexting goes on, you have to be careful that you both make some mutual rules before initiating it. There is always a risk of your girlfriend's nude pics being seen by some random guy friend of yours. It is not only rude but also very embarrassing for your girl. Make sure you discuss in text or on phone that you both are supposed to delete the sexts after reading them. These tips are essential as they maintain your privacy as well as make your girlfriend feel very secure with you. She will not feel prudish to send sexts to you if she is sure that no other guy ever gets access to them.