Top 10 Tips On How To Make The First Move On A Guy

Do you like a guy and he is not approaching you? Here are some tips on how you can make the first move on him to make him aware that you are interested.

By Jesse
Top 10 Tips On How To Make The First Move On A Guy


The law of nature dictates that guys should make the first move. It’s a common etiquette that when a guy is sexually attracted to a girl, he should approach her. But in this century, things are changing, and women are taking over. These days, girls also make the first moves since they have become fiercely independent and have their minds. However, making the first move can be hard sometimes. It’s difficult for some people to make the first move, especially for guys. A guy would try not to hit on you because he is afraid you will turn him down. Have you ever met a guy showing clear signs that he wants you but when you are expecting him to ask for your number or a date, and then, nothing? That’s the kind of guy you should make a move on. You could wait to see if the guy will make the first move, and it’s all good, but there are many girls out there who stand a chance also so, why waste your opportunity? If you are sexually attracted to that guy, and you imagine sharing some kisses with him, don’t be shy. Instead, make the first move. Your friends will praise you for that. Do you want to know how to make the first move on that guy you like? Below are some tips.

1. Be Bold

One of the primary reasons girls shy away from making the first move on guys they are sexually attracted to it’s because they tell themselves that by doing so they will look so desperate before the guys and their friends. There are many factors that a girl will consider before feeling this way. One of them is the fact that a guy can have many girlfriends, but when a girl dates two or more guys, she will be described as a whore. Also, a girl would think that the guy is too handsome for her and she doesn’t deserve him. Making the first move requires a lot of boldness and courage. If you are the kind of girl who has set your own goals in life and achieved them, then why don’t you use the same approach on him? Walk over to him with a brazenness that will catch his attention, ask him what he will be drinking and buy it for him. Be assured he will like it and pay attention to what you want to say.

2. Be A Body Language Expert

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Take that as a half-joke, because there is no expert in body language. Some people are so good at pretending and are better off in Hollywood. They are the kind of guys that can make you imagine something that doesn’t exist. However, it would be hard for you to read between his non-verbal signs that a guy is showing. You have to be aware that guys are afraid to be rejected and he might be shy to make the first move as well as tell you he is sexually attracted to you. As a woman, you need to be observant and how he behaves when he sees you. Does he smile or look a bit nervous? Does his touch his beard and hair or look at your eyes in a shy manner? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, trust your instincts that the guy has fallen hard for you and he fantasizes kissing you in bed. The only problem is he is quite shy to make the first move. So, first observe him for a while before you decide whether to make the first move on him or not.

3. Communicate With Your Body Language

There is a higher chance that the guy you are sexually thinking of is close to you and sees you often. Whenever you are with him, you can send some signals and note his response before making the first move. Your body language is capable of giving him some hints that you are interested in him. It’s not only you who can be a body language expert, but he can also be. Some guys would get the message if you showed some little flesh or some cleavage. You can also make him know that you are interested by smiling the moment you stare at him. You can drop a dry joke and laugh as he watches you with amazement wondering what’s so funny. He might realize that it’s actually funny that he doesn’t have someone like you, and from his expression, you can make your first move. You can also try ‘mirroring’ his actions, for instance, flirting with him the way he flirts with you.

4. Make The First Move By Playing The Damsel In Distress

He is perhaps not paying attention to you. Is he? You can make the first move to get it. You are probably an independent woman who is very confident but can still create a scenario, and as a gentleman willing to help a woman, he will come to rescue you. Just think: girls can’t do everything; some things genuinely require a guy's help. When you put yourself in a situation requiring his help, you basically bring him close, and that is part of making the first move. You can call him and tell him that your car has a problem and you need his help in fixing it. You can also say to him that you need some help with loading some boxes meant to go somewhere. Moments later you will hear a knock at your door, and the real hero will be ready to save you on anything. With him in your house, just make a move and tell him you are sexually interested in him.

5. Trust Your Intuition And Make The First Move

Girls are naturally shy and perhaps you are saying to yourself that he will reject you, but your inner voice tells you otherwise. You might end up confused by the thoughts but, what do you have to lose if you make the first move on him? Absolutely nothing if you do it right. Sometimes, we unconsciously feel things around us and feel other people’s attitude towards us. That’s okay. We often disregard what our intuition communicates to us and suffer the consequences of the stupid decisions we made. Your intuition can tell you what is right for you and if you listen, you won’t miss on excellent opportunities that are meant to grow into beautiful things. Listen to your inner voice, and if it says “Go for the guy!” be a good girl and don’t argue with it. Make the first move on him and ask him out.

6. Make The First Move By Flirting With Him

You perhaps heard that flirting works in creating relationships, but you were never told that girls could flirt with guys. You probably think it should be vice versa. Well, flirting would really work in your favor if you want to make the first move on the guy you are sexually attracted to. You probably have friends who flirt. You can consider borrowing a leaf from them. The fact of the matter is that guys like to flirt more than girls, but this small fact shouldn’t hold you back. If you don’t have the courage to face him, you can text some flirty messages or tag him on Facebook after posting some flirty memes, and he will understand you are making a move on him. When you meet, be the first one to touch him and don’t be aggressive, just be playful. He might lean for a kiss.

7. Be Yourself and Look Casual

You have accepted the fact that you can make the first move, and now you feel so confident. But, you should also make sure you put your crush at ease by being casual and being yourself. Invite him to a group event or play. If he turns down your invitation, it will be fine, since he won’t know your actual motive. But if he agrees, you can meet him in a casual and relaxing environment. After you have a good time together and you feel that he is a potential boyfriend, then you can take it to the next level and invite him to a romantic dinner or in your house. However, don’t try it if you are unsure about what he feels about you. That doesn’t mean you should give up on him and die with pain in your heart. Try to lead him on.

8. If You Want Him So Badly, Be Direct

Flirting is good like I said above, but it will reach a point where you will need to be direct, especially if the guy is not reading between the lines. A guy can see you are flirting with him but then assume you are searching for jokes for both of you to giggle or smile at, all while you aren’t into him. In this case, being direct helps a lot. It saves time and helps in clearing any misunderstandings. You never know, maybe the guy sits at home wondering whether you like him or not. So why not be direct and kiss his cheek. He will get it.

9. Ask Interesting Questions

Don’t ask about the weather or questions that you know you will get only one answer and the conversation stops. They result in awkward silences. You can talk about your backgrounds and ask about his interests and hobbies and create a discussion out of them. You can also talk about the current events, the books he reads, his favorite movies and how much he knows the cast, and so forth, to keep the conversation alive. After he has mentioned a book or a movie, ask him what he thinks about the ending and suggest some which you should read or watch together. Making him feel close to you is quite a good move.

10. Look Him Straight In The Eyes

When you look him in the eyes, you show him that you're paying attention to him and you're interested. Guys feel connected to girls who pay attention to what they are saying. A guy likes a sexy girl but loves the one who listens to him even when he is talking nonsense. Whenever you maintain an eye contact while having a conversation, you look confident in who you are and show him that he moves you. If you want him, you might not be required to make another move after doing this. It’s enough to bring him closer.

Everyone wants to be loved, including your crush. Unless you don’t care if the guy gets another girl, you should not just sit there and act like you feel nothing. Stand on your feet and make a move. Make the first move, and see how it goes. He might be stuck in his thoughts or just shy. Also, don’t give a damn about what your friends think if they aren’t telling you to face him. Girlfriends can sometimes be discouraging.



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