15 Nicest Ways To Friendzone A Girl

How to describe the famous "friendzone" area and how to tell a girl nicely that you want her only as a friend? Find out in the text below!

By Tashke
15 Nicest Ways To Friendzone A Girl

What is friendzone

As the word FRIENDZONE implies, it is a comfort and safe zone where you put all girls that like you but that you don't like, simple as that. It is not physically and emotionally possible to be with every girl that shows any kind of affection towards you. And if she can't be your girlfriend, remove the "girl" out of the word so it becomes only "friend." The video below explains inversely this situation because a boy gets friendzoned, but you'll get the point.

1. Be nice to the girl

If you already have to friendzone a girl, make sure this situation wouldn't be unpleasant to her. You will not achieve anything if you humiliate a girl that likes you in front of everyone by telling her you don't want her to be your girlfriend. There are many reasons not to be attracted to someone. It's not all about physical looks. Maybe her personality, friends, behavior, etc., don't suit you. It's not your fault, you can't make up the feeling for that girl. But girls are just like that. No one likes to be friendzoned, especially girls. First of all, because few of them will let you know about their feelings since most women never take the first step. Second of all, because if you turn her down, her first thought will be that you dislike her physically, and we don't have to mention how sensitive girls are about their looks. You need to choose your words carefully. Even if you don't like her at all, everyone deserves respect. Do you know how much courage she needed to have just to admit that she's in love with you? Well, respect that.

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2. Tell her straight up

The main advice is to be honest with her because no one likes to hear lies. So, don't fool that poor girl and tell her immediately that she can only expect a friendship from your side. Depending on how sensitive and how in love she is, be careful about the tone you use to express your thoughts. No matter what, do not be rude to her. Women are prouder than guys. If you make clear to her that you cannot be more than a friend, she will retreat. She'll maybe suffer a bit, but this happens when feelings are not returned. Undoubtedly, you will hurt this girl. But it's better for her to be aware that you two can't be in a relationship. Yes, truth can hurt a lot, but it's still better than living a lie.

3. Don't expect her to be your friend

Friendzoning someone doesn't mean that you two literally have to be friends. There are obvious reasons why you two can't hang around or be friends for life. Since there are feelings by her side, it certainly can't be comfortable for both of you. If this girl understands that she has been friendzoned, she won't bother you. Of course, you can ask her if she wants to be your friend, but don't get offended if she says no. Maybe it's better that way, as you'll avoid many unpleasant situations. She will be much more uncomfortable when you are around, so do not insist on a friendship no matter what. Women are wicked when it comes to love. If you reject her, it can go two ways: either she'll retreat completely or she'll become a psycho. Think about that, you surely don't want to be a friend with someone who can destroy your future relationships.

4. Don't flirt with this girl

Men are impressed when any woman shows interest in them. Many of them will use this opportunity to have a one-night stand with a girl that's madly in love with them. But you're not that kind of a guy, right? The rule of karma says "What you do not want to happen to you, do not do it yourself either." If you do not want her to be your girlfriend, then do not flirt with her. Otherwise, you will be giving her a sign that something may happen between the two of you. Choose your words, be nice but not so nice, because girls always think that if you are nice to them, you like them. If she tries to kiss you or touch you, just slowly move away and tell her you do not see the two of you in a relationship. Try to keep a distance between the two of you. Women in love are prone to misread the signs you send them unconsciously. For example, she'll interpret some kind of harmless joke or compliment as a sign of flirting, and that's when she starts to get her hopes up all over again.

5. Take her feelings into consideration

This means you should avoid flirting with other women when you are out somewhere with a girl that likes you. That will hurt her feelings and you obviously do not want that. If some girl reaches out to you, politely decline, even though I know you would want to dance with her. Whatever you do, do not hurt the girl that likes you. Also, do not ignore her just to talk to other girls. Respect her feelings and don't make her feel bad about that. Be aware that you are not the master of your heart and you can't decide who you to love or not.

6. But feel free to talk about other girls

Of course, you can talk about other girls with her. But do not dare compare her to other girls, no, no, no, that's a big no. No girl wants to feel less wanted. It is okay if you simply are not attracted to the girl that likes you, but you have to try not be a douche and hurt her by saying some nasty stuff. This way, you will show her that you do not share the same feelings. Subtly show interest in another girl in your nearness, but talk about some general things. For example, you can tell her: "I noticed this girl in school, we went to chemistry classes together" or "That blonde over there is my kindergarten crush." Or just make something up, you got the point. By doing this, you will give a girl you do not like a sure hint that you cannot be more than friends with her. Be careful, and choose your words. Women can take revenge, and it's never nice.

7. Tell her about your ex-girlfriend

You friendzoned a girl, and you two are supposed to be friends now. And friends talk about everything, or mostly everything. Read again the paragraph about being friends with a girl that likes you. Be free to talk about your past relationships, but try not to be too pathetic about it. Make sure she knows that you are not ready to jump into another relationship. Also, do not make your ex-girlfriend look bad or say bad things about her, just be nice. Or just say that you miss your ex-girlfriend, it may be painful for her to hear that, but she will eventually give you some advice or help you out. This is also a nice way to friendzone a girl. You don't use bad words, you are just honest with her. Okay, maybe you don't miss your ex, but still, it can be a good excuse to prove the girl that you are definitely not interested in her. Will this hurt her feelings? Pretty sure it will. But she needs to be aware of your rejection, so you need to point that out every time she tries to flirt with you.

8. Make friendzoned girl feel good

Every girl would be ashamed after a boy has rejected her feelings. Her reputation can decrease, so be careful of what you say about her in front of others. Unless she has spread rumors about how much she likes you, the issue should remain between you. Women like to talk, and that is a fact. It is likely that she has already confided in her friends her feelings about you. Do not make her look bad. If someone asks you about her, you can say something like "she's sweet, but I'm not in a mood for a relationship right now" or simply say that you already have a girlfriend. Do not make fun of her in front of your friends. That's not nice, and a gentleman wouldn't do something like that.

9. Friendzone is a safe zone with friends

If you two are going out alone, it is a date, right? And you don't want to date a girl you are about to friendzone. In this case, the advice is to call some friends to hang out with you. Make yourself more comfortable, but do not make her feel uncomfortable. If you are with your friends and she is also there, make sure to talk to everyone equally. Do something together, talk about anything, but do not ignore her because of others. Yes, you are sitting in two chairs right now, but that's okay. If she's clever enough, she'll get your point - you want her as a friend, end of the story.

10. Don't text her often

You do not like this girl romantically, but you like to talk to her as a friend all day long. Let me stop you there. If you two constantly text, there is a high chance she will get it as a good sign and maybe see it as flirting or that you like her too. Cut it off for a bit. Wait for a while to text her back, try not to send her long paragraphs, but also make sure to be polite. Ask her how she's doing, how her day has been or something about work or other stuff. Try not to be flirty and everything will be okay. Try not to text her first. Why would you do that if you friendzoned her? Maybe the best way is to reduce your contact to a minimum, but if it is necessary (maybe she's your classmate or a colleague), follow the above-mentioned rules and there would be no problems between the two of you. Her feelings for you will fade eventually.

11. Don't pity her

This is the worst thing you can do in this situation. She doesn't need your compassion, but your love. So, if you can't love her back, don't pity her. She didn't do anything wrong, her only "crime" was to fall in love with you. Do not feel guilty or self-conscious because you rejected her. It's better for both of you, to be honest. Also, do not fake your emotions to make her feel better. Most nice guys will do something like that, but it will have the opposite effect. Men are not good liars, and when she realizes that you misguided her this way, it may already be late. When she falls entirely in love with you, you will hurt her more, so you need to friendzone her at the very beginning, for your own good and hers as well.

12. "You're like the sister I never had"

Ouch! Well, this is not something that you want to hear from your crush. But sometimes, it is necessary. If you have a problem with a really persistent girl, you need to be a bit rough, but only with words. Despite sending her obvious signs that you're not interested in having a relationship with her, she still flirts and tries to draw your attention. You need to friendzone her quickly, so tell her this phrase and she'll stop immediately. When you tell her that you see her as a sister, you will definitely let her know that there can be nothing more than a friendship between you two. Every proud woman will not allow herself to chase a man who sees her as a family member. And believe us, in a situation like this, hearing "you're like a sister to me" is not a compliment. This way you will let her know that you are not looking at her from a boyfriend angle, but just as a friend or brother.

13. No touching

You know how it is, whenever you like someone, you use every opportunity to be next to that person. When your crush speaks, you listen to her carefully, and when she talks to you directly, the whole world stops. Well, now you understand how this girl feels when you are next to her. If you have already friendzoned her, do not "warm her feelings up." Just put yourself at a safe distance and in a zone of superficial friendship. Women's brains interpret some small hints differently than men's. For example, if you accidentally touch her arm during a conversation or put a hand on her shoulder, she will interpret it as a sign that you like her. Therefore, do not touch a friendzoned girl!

14. Friendzone her publicly

Ah, Facebook. The cause of many loves, but also many fights. Anyhow, today most of us have accounts on social networks, so it's logical for a girl that likes you to add you as a friend. Okay, accept her request, but make it clear that you want to be just friends. Be aware that she will use every opportunity to be around you and that she might make a lifetime memory with you, like a photo or video, but if it does not appear on Facebook, it's like it did not happen. It may happen that she likes and comments all your posts since you created the account. If she is that weird, be nice. She's not insane (hopefully), just in love. Answer her comments without using love emojis. Forget about cute faces, hearts and kisses. Write her something like "Thank you, my friend," with an emphasis on "friend". Do not like her back, be cool about her posts, songs or love statuses.


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15. Or just step aside

If you can't follow the above-mentioned rules, this is the best advice for you. Step aside from her path completely. Stop any kind of a contact you have, delete her from your Facebook, Instagram, phonebook, etc. Running away is not the best solution, but sometimes is the only one. Sure, we don't suggest you run down the street when you meet face to face. Be polite and wave at her or stop for a couple minutes to talk to her. It won't kill you. Perhaps you shouldn't shut that door entirely, who knows what can happen later.

Is friendzone forever?

That's why we are telling you not to shut this door completely. Maybe your feelings for this girl will change over time. If she is a nice girl, maybe you can give her a chance anytime. But don't put her on standby just because you are not sure whether you'll like her in the future or not. Friendzone has existed forever, it just became a popular term nowadays thanks to the Internet and numerous memes about it. It will also exist forever. There will always be someone who will love us, but we just can't feel the same. Or worse, when we love someone who doesn't love us back.